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Mini Solar System Entering Our’s, Says Astrophysicist Jim McCanney

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Published on Feb 18, 2013

Jim McCanney Is Breaking This Story Open For Planet Earth… can you say ‘hero’? I can… it’s time for our planet to collectively think ‘outside the box’…. that’s where the truth often now is. This material is more relevant than ever.

FEBRUARY 17, 2013 BREAKING NIBIRU/PLANET X NEWS – Mini Solar System Entering Ours, Says Astrophysicist Jim McCanney (Connected With Australian Learmonth Observatory)

More Nibiru Planet X Research


What the Pentagon/US military knows of PX?

Apparently, there’s a mini “solar system” of companion comets, meteorites and space dust inbound with Planet X… arriving by the end of June. More details in the following post.
Following is a note from Australia to Mark Hazelwood’s news list, regarding increased activity at Learmonth Observatory (Project Wormwood). In case you’ve yet to read about the significance of this joint US/Aussie project, the article below this note is posted on Mark’s website at .

Christopher Rudy
————- recent report in Australia follows:
I spend a lot of time in Western Australia and my friend who lives at Exmouth called me just a minute ago. He said that the locals in the town are all curious about the increase in people, traffic, aircraft etc. travelling to and from the Learmonth (Project Wormwood) Observatory, which is approx. 30 miles down the road. He estimates the people and goods and traffic has tripled over the last 10 days. Much of this has been via the Exmouth airport.
There have been some military brass amongst them. It is a similar situation in the town of Carnarvon. Of course, there is no official acknowledgment of anything out of the ordinary. I have asked him to discretely sniff around more and I will keep this group informed.
Best regards to all
Keith in Australia

————————— article follows:

From: Mark Hazelwood’s web site at

Project Wormwood Learmonth Solar Observatory

Planet X, its entourage being inbound, and its potential effects during passage are blatantly being revealed by our own US military/Pentagon studies and actions.

If you were one of the heads of the US military, had knowledge of Nibiru (Planet X’s name from ancient Sumerians) and what direction it was coming in from, and wanted to study the incoming Planet X you’d go down to the southern hemisphere, say in Australia, and start a observatory project there with their government.

Now being US military you’d want to know everything you could about what you have to defend against. Defending the US is your goal. But, you are working with another government, so you might say that the project has to do with planetary defense of these incoming objects instead. In addition, if you were being rather honest about what was being studied you might name the projectProject Wormwood (Planet X’s name from the bible).

This may be one of the most obviously revealing government urls that I’ve ever seen bar none, especially when combined with what The Observer put out about the Pentagon a few days back.…

Now click on the “Description” button and look next to a picture of the observatory equipment that has the caption below, which reads:
Telescope, mount, cameras and associated equipment arrived at Learmonth Solar Observatory and were initially set up in 2003.

“The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water – the name of the star is Wormwood.” – Revelation8:10-11

How about that? They are being as clear as a bell as to what they are studying down there! Project Wormwood.


Project Wormwood

Learmonth Solar Observatory…

Thanks to:

loe 126

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