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 MUSTLISTEN:GOOD NEWS! We have posted Unraveling the Updates on YouTube

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PostSubject: MUSTLISTEN:GOOD NEWS! We have posted Unraveling the Updates on YouTube   Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:39 pm

GOOD NEWS! We have posted Unraveling the Updates on YouTube.

Unraveling the Updates YouTube Video
Here's some comments from our Free Webinar attendees:
Thank you Sheldan & Colleen for the free webinar. I am a subscriber to your webinars but this one was especially excellent - especially for the newcomers to the circle. I hope you do more freebies because the NEXT time I will definitely send it around to friends. I was glad to hear you tell about your childhood - this is meaningful and carries a lot of weight. Thank you both for all of your hard work in putting these webinars together and presenting them. Much love and blessings to you. Selamat Ja!
Sheldan, I really enjoyed Sunday's webinar, especially the story about your growing up. I am really looking forward to disclosure, and our up and coming peace and abundance for all. Is this webinar made into a recording that can be shared on Facebook?
Thank YOU, Sheldan, for all you share to prepare us. Over time we have grown more comfortable with the less familiar. Your efforts help our understanding and break down fears and steritypical responses. Blessings an love to all life...

Dratzo! Colleen
Just a "thank you" to you and Sheldon for the best webinar yet. It was so informative and uplifting and one that can easily be shared. I understand that it will be posted on You Tube so thank you again!
I will be sharing it.

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MUSTLISTEN:GOOD NEWS! We have posted Unraveling the Updates on YouTube
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