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2-21-13 The Big Call: Thursday Evening Recording Link and Replay #. Replay 1-559-726-1159, 123456#.

2-21-13 Blaino: Watch for some news and updates later this evening! All is not as it seems, then it is, THEN...Clarification later!

2-21-13 Great Bank Story: This is the truth with NO exaggeration--- I finally got a friend into the IQD. He is a farmer with some assets. Keeps to himself. He has made 3 trips down to the local branch of a big 4 bank in the last week to talk to them about opening an account. Not once did he mention the IQD. His cover story was along the lines of "sold some properties, good investments, going to get a great return real soon." On the forth trip in (today) the high up wealth manager was in this branch.

She saw him and pushed her coworkers out of the way as she made a beeline to him. She told him that she got a call about him coming in today and she wanted to be here for him. She started talking to him in the 5 & 10 million range like it was no big deal and an every day conversation. Started talking about a 10-14% return if he lets her work his $$$. So he opens his account with a couple hundred bucks. She starts to show that she is all excited and a little giddy and he's thinking (only showed her a couple hundred dollars).

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD. He stands up as they shake hands. She tells him, "I can waive all fees for 90 days but you don't have to worry about that, as you will have your dinars cashed in way before then." I'm not kidding. She also said for him to send in his other dinarian friends. WOOOOOOOOOW. I'm going to try to find her tomorrow. Will give an update. I am so excited.

Folks you don't have to believe me but this is true word for word. I am so excited.

Herb Lady

Here's hoping that she's right!

Thanks YM!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:

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