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Montague Keen - February 24, 2013

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1 Montague Keen - February 24, 2013 on Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:32 pm


Montague Keen - February 24, 2013

Montague Keen - February 24, 2013


(T H Huxley)

This is what I humbly ask of all of you today. Look at everything that
you have, up until now, just accepted as fact. Check for yourselves the
so-called facts and you will find to your astonishment that you have
been duped into believing whatever your controllers told you were
facts. There are studies going on all over your world, checking "facts"
and they are finding the correct answers. DNA is proving beyond doubt
that claims that were made that a certain "race" originated in the
East, are totally untrue. The facts refute such a claim.

Search for truth ! See it as a great adventure that will release you
from slavery. It will also help create a better world for humanity.
Look at your world today. Know that everything you see must change,
nothing can stay the same. This is a great opportunity to create a just
and honest society, with everything based on fact, not fiction. You
will reconnect with your spiritual side and learn who you truly are, in
the process. Then, our two worlds can connect once more. There is so
much that awaits you. How long it will take is entirely up to you. Are
you prepared to do the research necessary to bring this about?

Withdraw from those who have destroyed your world and brought humanity
to its knees. They deliberately raise the cost of living to keep you in
fear, and thereby, under their control.

Ireland has taken a step forward and is asking for your support to help
create a better world for all. Together, you can achieve great things.
All you need is the will and the belief that you can, and will,
succeed. The timing is right.

You are spirit in a human body. This fact is conveniently ignored by
those who control you. Take time to dwell on this fact, learn who you
really are, and what you are capable of. Take back your power. You are
part of the whole, All That Is, and ever could be. You have been in a
state of mass hypnosis for 2000 years; it is time to awaken from it.
When you look on your fellow man with love in your heart, you will know
that you are awake. Then, you cannot be part of any war machine and the
propaganda that is all part of the game that you see being played out
in your world. This game serves to keep you in fear and poverty.

I ask that in solitude you get to know yourselves. It may take a little
time to really open up to yourselves. You have had many lives. When you
can bring forward all that you have learned in each life, you will be
in a position to create the perfect world.

Sadly, many people continue to make the same mistakes, over and over
again, because they do not take the time to reflect. Refuse to take on
board the limitations imposed on you.

It takes courage to expose truth. Are you up to it? You do have a
choice. The Dark Ones cannot fight everyone. If all of you came
together and stood for truth, then the truth would surely triumph. It
is not an easy path, as my dear wife knows only too well. You have to
cope with all the blockages that are imposed, but you learn to pick
yourself up, again and again, to continue to go forward. The Dark Ones
seek out any weakness. They use everything at their disposal to destroy
truth. They use implants and sound technology, scalar energy, the
djinn, and so much more, to protect themselves from being exposed.

You must keep yourselves grounded and protected and know what you are
up against and deal with it. Veronica is coping at the moment, with
what was done (and is still being done), to someone who is important to
our mission. What has been done to him may cause alarm to many of you.
He is in confusion, he needs help. It is as though he is disconnected.
Please send love to lift him out of the darkness. He has an important
role to play in the return of the light to your world. This is the
reason he returned to Earth. With your help, he will become strong and
committed, once again. Because he is young, he thought he was

Come together and support each other, for you are all in this together.
This really is an 'us and them' situation: the light and the dark.

Connect with your guides: your guardian angels who are specially there
for you. Ask for help, get to know them as friends.

When I passed to spirit, I asked Veronica's guardian angel, Albert, for
permission to work with Veronica, as there is a protocol to follow in
the spirit world, just as there is on Earth. Albert showed himself to
Veronica, long before I came into her life. Then, many years later, he
came through in séance, when we were both present. You are living in
difficult but exciting times, and you need guidance.

There will be another abdication soon. They need to leave the sinking
ship. Their control system is falling apart. I always told you that the
Vatican is at the top of the pyramid, and that when it falls, all will
fall within it. Many were skeptical when I wrote that the Vatican would
fall. It took a little time, but now you can see it falling apart
before your eyes. It is responsible for so much destruction and
suffering, while all the time preaching love and forgiveness.

Did the Vatican ever preach truth? Was there anything honest in what
they have forced on mankind? It is time for the Light of Truth to shine
brightly on the Vatican.

J Edgar Hoover, said . . .


This is exactly what you are having to face. The Cabal was so sure that
you would never wake up and see clearly this conspiracy. They attack
all those who try to open your eyes to it. David Icke has devoted his
life to this cause and there are so many others, all over your world,
who urge you to seek the truth.

The truth will set you free. Remember that the truth is there, before
you, HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. Think of this as you journey to
enlightenment and freedom. Send love and light to each other. Come
together as never before and nothing can stop you.

My dear, you are trying to cope with so much. I know it is not easy to
pick yourself up each time. You are protective of those in your team
and you know that you will succeed. That's my girl !

Always, your adoring Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation


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