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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » UFO DISCLOSURE, ISS, MUFON, SETI & NASA » Friendly Aliens Seek Earth Allies, Will Protect Small Countries That Join Them, Capital Of World Will Be In China Says Professor

Friendly Aliens Seek Earth Allies, Will Protect Small Countries That Join Them, Capital Of World Will Be In China Says Professor

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Friendly Aliens Seek Earth Allies, Will Protect Small
Countries That Join Them, Capital Of World Will Be In China Says
Friday, February 22, 2013 6:15

(Before It's News)

Author Michael Dargaville tells us the following:

The aliens and ETs who are surrounding this planet in spaceships called the Galactic Federation have
now declared they will give full military protection to smaller
countries who join this extraordinary organization working for good.

This was recently announced by a major Galactic Federation alien in
what is a most important new change and development for this planet.

The world lives under a huge lie that the “established” fascist media
is denying by omission – that this planet is being surrounded by
spaceships of galactic human aliens from other star nations within our

These aliens want a world government based on peace, love and
socialism and have now pledged their support behind any small or
possibly medium-sized government and country who supports them

It had recently been hoped the Indian Government would make a full
alien announcement, maybe even around the 2012 magical time mark, but
this has been cancelled by that government through corruption.

These amazing beautiful aliens who have saved this planet from a
certain destruction are now urging all the small governments of the
world to join the Galactic Federation and bring the heaven on earth that
they want.

Image: Galactic Federation of Light on Facebook

This would mean that the bigger giant countries such as the USA,
India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, China and others could not threaten or
attack any of these smaller countries who join the Galactic Federation.
But it really critically puts huge pressure on the USA who has
relentlessly attacked smaller weaker nations around the world for the
past 50 years and have killed directly or indirectly more than 60
million people worldwide. Currently the USA has military bases
everywhere on this planet causing massive world disharmony. This new
situation radically changes this.

This new radical change would bring a new world peace and a
truthfulness unseen in the history of the planet as all the larger
governments are currently not telling the alien and ET truth, mainly out
of fear and gross corruption.

The Galactic Federation is made up of 60% human aliens and are now in
space ships surrounding this planet demanding a world socialist
spiritual government based on peace and love. In the worldwide New Age
movement millions of people from many different spiritual groups -
Buddhist, Hindu and other New Age sects and religions - follow the
Galactic Federation..

China’s Sichuan has been suggested as the location for the world’s
first world government capital because it is centrally located for the
two major governments of the world - China and India - to co-operate yet
at the same time gives a central focus for all other governments, big
or small. China and India are now in full military control of this
planet because the Galactic Federation aliens can stop any nuclear
weapons from the USA or Russia . However, aliens have now stressed that
in fact the smaller countries of the world cannot be invaded by any
country if they start to support the Galactic Federation.

On Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 UFO conspirators were given yet more evidence to
feed their theories, when several flights at Chongqing’s Jiangbei
International Airport were diverted from landing due to an unidentified
object in the sky. At least four flights were diverted to the nearby
Chengdu Airport, reports claim.

The alien agenda is a very real agenda virtually totally excluded by
the “official” fascist western media but always implied. An example of
this was the recent exposure by many former USA air force officers that
alien spaceships have been closing American nuclear missile sites for
the past 30 years. Recently Galactic Federation alien spaceships have
closed many airports in China and are claiming there will be many more
closures until the Chinese Government makes an ET announcement.

News announcement of Chongqing airport shutdown in 2010

In the worldwide New Age movement millions believe in the entire
alien agenda with countless writers around the world such as David Icke, Sheldon Nidle, Babara Maciniak, Jelaila,
to many, many others, having outlined what is happening. Many of these
writers exposed the USA Government's deal with the little grey aliens,
on which Hollywood 's most famous film ET was based upon.. The American
involvement with the grey aliens has created a culture of secrecy so
high that other governments do not know how to deal with it.

ABC Reports on UFO shutting down Chinese airport

Watch More News Videos at ABC

At the beginning of this century the USA 's official release of information in this area is called the Disclosure Project led
by an American medical doctor called Dr Steve Greer. Their public
website has 400 former USA generals, CIA spies and soldiers publicly
testifying to working with the little grey aliens. The fact that these
former military officials have come forward and are now declaring they
worked with grey aliens is the most declarative outline of a country’s
deep involvement with aliens from other star nations. When their program
was first announced every grey fascist media outlet made announcements
and then – poof – nothing again.

A vicious worldwide information war is now happening with the major
fascist media newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post,
London Times, London Guardian, BBC, Associated Press, to many, many
others, deliberately suppressing any alien information. This information
war is utterly unflinching in its procurement of lies, deceit and
deception. Even shitty two bit local media newspapers and rags follow
the official government line although, of course, thousands of excellent
small local village and town newspapers scattered around the western
world, report the full truth. Usually these newspapers are owned

Yet the alternative, counter culture and New Age media has countless
newspapers, magazines, zines, journals, websites, pirate radio stations
and internet TV stations, churning out the truth. Thus, an information
war unseen in the history the planet is now taking place.

As the crazy fascist control systems such as the western allied
governments and especially the American Government continue to work
closely with the American Illuminati billionaire families that control
most financial infrastructures around the world, a plea from the
Galactic Federation has been made for the smaller governments of the
world to make announcements, joining the federation and get military
support from Galactic Federation spaceships which would stop nuclear
missiles and other weapons of mass destruction hurting these countries.
This gives the smaller countries total strength.

The Chinese Government now clearly realizes it is in control of this
planet with its military might and the biggest army on the planet and
it is also aware now that the Galactic Federation will protect smaller
governments and countries. Smaller countries are now being urged to take
advantage of this unique offer, join the Galactic Federation, and
retain their unique sovereignty..

UFO over Chongqing. A UFO was spotted above Jiangbei International Airport, in the city of Chongqing, on August 18th.

The Chinese could destroy America in one week in a land war and the
Americans would be utterly helpless to use nuclear weapons because the
friendly aliens surrounding this planet would stop them. Thus, Beijing
is currently the defacto world capital and President Xi Jinping is the
most powerful man in the world.

In New Age theory millions believe that we earth humans were
originally part of the Galactic Federation and that earth was in fact a
Galactic Federation colony. The first humans who developed in the galaxy
was on the Vega star system nearly seven million years ago. They were a
primate who were developed by powerful creator forces and then
developed to a very high sentient level and then developed space
technologies and started exploring and colonizing the Milky Way Galaxy.

Credit: NASA

Earth was first colonized about 2 million BC by the Galactic
Federation in a civilization called Hybornea. This was destroyed by
negative aliens called Reptoids, lizard or snake looking type aliens who
can shape shift into human form but not their pupils. The Galactic
Federation has been in a giant galactic war with these aliens for four
million years. These reptoid aliens have attacked thousands of galactic
human planets across the galaxy causing havoc and we are just the latest
round in this terrible war.


When Hybornia was destroyed about 1 million BC another advanced
human colony was started called Lemuria. Atlantis was a colony within
Lemuria. Both of these famous earth civilizations in our history were
advanced but both were destroyed, with Atlantis finishing around
30,000BC. This is our true history, believed by millions in thousands
upon thousands of different alien and New Age groups scattered around
the world, but always denied in the “official” fascist tightarse media. I
have had direct encounters with aliens for more than 13 years and was
sent to work in China to help the people of this country understand the
truth of the New Age.

The Galactic Federation destroyed a Reptoid base on the moon in the
year 2000 which used psychotronic weapons on the planet which was
causing a lot of wars and disharmony and which destroyed the former
Soviet Union in the late 1980s. Psychotronic weapons are used by
governments around the world in a gross human rights abuse never
revealed by the fascist media. These weapons use electro-magnetic
frequencies to change brain wave patterns and can change the way people

The reptoid moon base could cause wars and disharmony anywhere in
the world. Anyway, the Galactic Federation destroyed this reptoid base
in the Year 2000 and provisionally brought in the New Age by virtually
saving our planet. Prior to this the likely event would have been
nuclear destruction. That had been our planet’s future had not the
Galactic Federation intervened. It was what the reptoids had hoped for.

Recent great disappointment occurred when it was realized the
corrupt Indian government was not going to make a formal alien
announcement yet a wonderful new geo-political opportunity now exists
for all the frail, weak and small countries of the world to now shine
and tell the truth in the face of the voiceless fascism from their big
brother and sister nations. If those smaller countries start living in
the truth, adopting positive infrastructures based on peace, love,
friendship, equity, equality (ie, no privatized water and massive
other privatization measures that decimate their cultures) truth,
justice, freedom and socialism, then those countries will be totally
protected by the most powerful aliens in the Universe. Galactic
Federation aliens have the ability to repel any army on this planet who
comes near these smaller countries..

Thus, a new world geo-politics based on truth and freedom and
genuine hope now exists so that these smaller countries can now engender
the true principles of the New Age. It means those countries willing to
give their support to these aliens will never again have to worry about
negative fascist policies given to them by such fascist institutions
such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund which is used
as an organ of the USA to put through negative policies.

Currently 40,000 children die every day as a result of World Bank
and IMF illegal loan repayments to these smaller countries yet this new
alien announcement would mean that these countries could now join the
Galactic Federation and start saving these children from the certain
death and ravages hoisted on them by the billionaire families that
control these international banking bodies. These billionaires called
the Illuminati have caused massive world disharmony and dictate policies
of government. They Include the Walton family, owners of Walmart, the
Murdoch family, owners of 20th century Fox, the Rothchilds, the
Rockefellers (Chase Manhatten Bank and Exxon Oil), the Duponts. Bill
Gates, Warren Buffett plus many others. 400 billionaires control and run
America and keep their wealth as a collective and have vast control
around the world. Aliens have said they caused September 11 in New York
and have started many wars.

But now this new edict from the Galactic Federation would mean that
these smaller governments would be able to avoid Illuminati fascism and
control and to start genuinely working to save their own people’s lives
and to lift their living standards. This will herald in a new world, a
world based on genuine freedom and economic prosperity. Currently world
super capitalism run by these billionaire families and the governments
that support them has caused massive disharmony that is destroying the
fabric of families and societies around the world. New technologies such
as the hydrogen engine, which is what the Galactic Federation aliens
want, could start to be implemented quickly now that these smaller
counties can be protected.

The world stands on the brink of extraordinary times. Never before
in our contemporary human history has the choices we face been so stark.
We either start working for peace, truth and love, which will only
benefit every citizen, or we maintain the current status quo that
brought us to the brink of world destruction. The Galactic Federation
are in dialogue with governments so the change will start happening,
giving the small and weak a voice that will change every level of

Michael Dargaville is a well known and legendary underground punk
performer and writer based in China where he has been for the past 16
years. He has worked as a street artist and also widely as a professor
in universities across China , having lived in nearly every province. He
is a poet, performance punk poet, singer, publisher, physicist,
philosopher, novelist, journalist and New Age advocate who has done
three masters degrees in physics and philosophy and extensive work
towards a PhD in quantum theory and eastern religions. Before China,
Michael was a famous performance punk poet and singer in Australia and
England and has traveled and performed widely in many other countries.
He has published more than 50 books of poetry, five novels and books of
journalism and philosophy. He currently performs across China and other
Asian countries and also recently toured countries in Oceania . For the
past 30 years he has performed around the world as a punk singer and
poet and has performed with some of the world’s leading punk bands. His
journalism has been read by more than 100 million people worldwide.

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