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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Company » Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo-Synchronicity?

Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo-Synchronicity?

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Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo-Synchronicity?

by David Wilcock

February 28, 2013, 4:44 pm

On the same day Pope Benedict resigned, lightning struck the Vatican.
This was a powerful geo-synchronicity event -- easy to understand, and
with profound implications -- once you see it in context.


Although the changes still seem to be moving at glacially-slow speeds,
we are continuing to see signs of very positive developments.

This doesn't surprise me -- as we live in a conscious, living universe. The Source Field Investigations is where I made my case.

I am working non-stop to finish the first draft of the sequel right now
-- but I had to stop for a minute to report on these incredible

Human life is not an anomaly reserved to one planet. The universe is
literally teeming with life -- everywhere and anywhere it can grow.

Once this becomes known and accepted on a widespread level, it is
arguably going to be the biggest shift in perspective in our own
recorded history.

DNA is written into the laws of quantum mechanics. There is enough
scientific proof that this has now become an indisputable fact.


I first became aware of this concept of energetic DNA-forming waves
when I found the Law of One material in 1996 -- and it utterly changed
my life.

Now that I am cranking on my new book deadline, and very close to the
finish line, I am highly immersed in the Law of One material again --
and it feels great.

The Law of One philosophy lets us know that all is well. The things
that are happening on earth are part of a grand illusion that is
intended to help us all grow into more loving and honorable people.

The signs continue to get more and more interesting, and provocative, telling us big stuff is coming soon.

Recently we had another geo-synchronicity -- a manifestation of
synchronicity on a worldwide scale. This one was a lot bigger than the
Super Bowl blackout.

It seems appropriate that this article happens to be the 1,111th piece
of content we've posted to Divine Cosmos -- if you look at the link.


Lightning struck the Vatican on the same day that Pope Benedict spontaneously resigned.

Considering how decrepit Pope John Paul II looked in the final years of
his life, no one believed this was actually due to health reasons. And
then lightning struck.


The media is openly tracking the story -- and sees that we are not being told the truth.

In fact, it is being openly discussed that a "secret gay group" has been running the show -- with murderous effectiveness.

I guess that's one way to describe the Cabal. Fair enough.

Pope Benedict Resigned Partly Because of Secret Gay Group

Was the pope under the influence of a secretive "gay lobby" within the Vatican itself?

That's the claim put forth by Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

On Thursday, the popular paper published an article alleging that Pope
Benedict XVI's decision to resign this month was partly prompted by a
report that accused Vatican officials of being under the influence of several internal lobbies, reportedly including a gay one.

The Irish Times reports that Benedict commissioned the report after the Vatileaks scandal broke last year.
The report, written by a trio of cardinals, concluded that "various
lobbies within the Holy See were consistently breaking" the sixth and seventh commandments, "thou shalt not commit adultery" and "thou shalt not steal."

(The sixth commandment referencing adultery has historically been tied to the Catholic Church's doctrine banning homosexuality.)….

Scandalous revelations involving the Vatican and gay sex have been
published by La Repubblica before. In 2010, the newspaper revealed
wiretaps and police documents that showed a Vatican chorister and an
elite papal usher had been involved with a gay prostitutes ring. Both men were dismissed from their duties, the Telegraph notes.

La Repubblica's allegations are only the latest in a string of theories relating to the pope's sudden departure, which has prompted rampant speculation.

Benedict himself has further confused matters with his Ash Wednesday homily, in which he referenced vague internal "divisions."

“I am thinking in particular of the sins against the unity of the church, of the divisions in the body of the church," Benedict said, according to the Washington Post.


It was quite stunning to see this huge lightning bolt strike the Vatican on the same day.

And... someone was there to photograph it, in the ideal location, right as it happened.

Furthermore, it didn't strike "just any old place."

It hit the literal equivalent of the eye at the top of the triangle.

In this case, that would be the very peak of the main dome of the main building in the Vatican -- namely St. Peter's.

In Law of One terms, lightning is one of the "archetypes" in the mind of the Galaxy -- which is called the Logos.

Even mainstream media had to question whether this was "a sign from God" -- as we see in the above Daily Mail caption.

When seen in full context, this event is extremely, extremely interesting.


On the very same day that The Source Field Investigations came out -- August 23, 2011 -- the entire East Coast of the United States shook with a very strange 5.5 earthquake.

People all over the East Coast felt a sickening, churning movement of
the ground under their feet -- causing widespread fear and concern.

This same earthquake literally cracked the capstone of the Washington Monument -- right where the All-Seeing Eye would be.


Insider sources revealed that the black-ops world had been thrown into a
total panic -- once we understand what caused the earthquake.

On this very day, they found out -- once and for all -- that their underground bases were NOT safe havens of refuge.

These bases were originally built so they could hide out underground
after nuking the surface of the earth -- to reduce population, which has
long been one of their main goals.

The two most important bases -- the classic Denver Airport base as well
as the one right near DC, called "Crystal City" -- in which all top
politicians had lavish facilities ready to flee to at a moment's notice
-- were spontaneously destroyed.

In the case of Crystal City, the destructive force was so powerful that the entire East Coast shook.


I first wrote this up in September 2011. Then a host of other bases
were destroyed soon afterwards -- and this triggered a comprehensive
follow-up article.

Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed

Disclosure Imminent? Part II -- Many More Bases Destroyed

I was profoundly inspired by these events. I knew my insiders well
enough to be clear that these events really did happen. It was an
incredible intervention by higher forces that seemed to have our best
interests at heart.

Only three months after these bases were destroyed, I got drawn into
the Financial Tyranny investigation -- thanks to extensive dream
guidance encouraging me to pursue it.


Additionally, the underground base destructions were bigger and more
dramatic examples of an apparent battle between positive ET humans and
the Cabal that had already become publicly visible the year before.

A massive string of bizarre EMP-type equipment failures occurred --
beginning right AFTER the date where I had been told, in advance, that a
positive faction in China had delivered an ultimatum to the Cabal.

For this same reason I titled the series "China's October Surprise." All of this is critically valuable context.

The Super Bowl blackout I wrote about in the previous update was a perfect continuation of this type of strategy.

Disclosure, "The Event" and China's October Surprise -- Part I

China's October Surprise Part II: Earth's Quarantine Has Lifted

China's October Surprise Part III: The Fight for Disclosure

China's October Surprise Part IV: Live Radio Show


So again, the Washington Monument capstone cracked on the same day that
they lost Crystal City -- their best place of refuge if they ever
created a huge disaster.

Insider testimony has since revealed that a total of at least 28 bases
have been wiped out. Each of these bases could hold 65,000 personnel --
or more.

Apparently the method of destruction was perfected so that earthquakes did not continue to happen -- or were only minimal.

In each case, staff and equipment were "portaled" out in advance, to an
unknown location. No radioactivity was used. The air pressure inside
the base would suddenly, massively increase, causing everything to break
apart inside.

The damage is so extensive, in each of these cases, that rebuilding is
literally the equivalent of starting over from scratch -- and the Cabal
is now out of money, thanks to a focused, worldwide resistance effort.

Unfortunately, we don't know the exact number of bases this has
happened to -- because the flow of information completely dried up as of
early spring 2012.

Nonetheless, the cracking of the capstone of the Washington Monument was a very intriguing geo-synchronicity.


Once I heard what all the top insiders were telling me, I realized that this crack was not an accident -- it was by design.

I dramatized this event with a Photoshopped image of lightning striking
the monument -- and put it out beginning on September 16, 2011.

I had no idea, at the time, that this would have a real-world counterpart -- on the capstone of the Vatican.

And not just any day -- but the very day that Pope Benedict suddenly and mysteriously resigned.


The 22-part Major Arcana of the Tarot apparently goes back to Atlantean
times, and was given to us by ETs to reveal the patterns of the mind we
all share.

Each card represents a cluster of experiences that we all go through -- and we must go through -- as evolving souls.

Lightning is one of the 22 archetypes. In modern form it is the
Lightning-Struck Tower, Tower of Destruction or just "The Tower."

If you're doing a Tarot spread for yourself, you really don't want to
see The Tower come up. It's arguably the most intense and difficult card
that can appear.

The lightning represents Divine energy coming into physical manifestation.

This Divine energy manifests, seemingly out of nowhere, to collapse the towers of materialism that we build.


The king and queen you see plunging to their deaths in the card were negative, Cabal-type dictators.

This archetype means that ALL efforts to enslave humanity must
ultimately be destroyed -- by direct, blatant Divine Intervention.

I saw this same symbol happen with the Washington Monument capstone event -- even though no literal lightning struck.

The fact that this occurred on the same day we released The Source Field Investigations -- which was a treasure-chest of planet-healing science suppressed by the Cabal -- was very interesting.

Now we've had this Vatican event -- where the lightning was quite literal, not metaphorical.


I have heard from insiders that Anonymous is not just a bunch of kids.
The alliance of nations I've been speaking to you about -- now over 150
in total -- is providing direct support.

This includes patriotic aspects of the US military.

Computer hacking has become a mission-critical aspect of their oath to
protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all
enemies, foreign and domestic.

As you may remember, Anonymous recently hacked the Federal Reserve --
and released all kinds of secure information. There is apparently much
more data where that came from.

Furthermore, hacking has completely wiped out Cabal bank accounts -- leaving them without money, in free fall.


The insider chatter is that Anonymous presented the Vatican with
similarly damning information. It was literally the "offer you cannot

Had this offer not been taken, unbelievably damaging information would have been made public -- including video.

What we are seeing, in short, is a gradual process of change.
Everything is being done slowly, so as not to upset the public too much.

However, the symbol of lightning -- once seen in context -- is a
powerful indication that Benedict's resignation is a very positive


Freedom may seem impossible. The challenge may seem far too great.

However, freedom is also a choice -- and it begins in your daily life.
We can choose love, laughter, joy and good cheer. We need not live in

The new physics tells us that the more we do this in our own lives, the more quickly the world will follow.

Over 50 documented scientific studies have been conducted on the
Meditation Effect -- in which 7000 people meditating reduced world
terrorism by 72 percent.

Even so, that's just the beginning.

The science is real -- and this latest geo-synchronicity is a very
compelling intervention into our "consensus reality". It is a harbinger
of much greater positive events to follow.

The world we are heading into is so fantastic that most people's imagination is not even capable of envisioning it.

Thanks to:


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