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Stresses of Realignment are Currently Experienced by Many…

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Stresses of Realignment are Currently Experienced by Many…


of realignment of human energetic structures with upgrading Gaia grids
are currently experienced by many in the Hue-manity upgrade path. This
was anticipated, and is being dealt with at Higher Levels. Details need
not be known at this time.

Those with physical manifestations such as aches, general discomfort,
unease with 3D earth tasks, may follow inner Higher Guidance
(Intuition) for instructions to deal with these. All such physical
manifestations are temporary.

This realignment process continues for several months. Polar
realignments occur in this same period, which adds another component to
this energetic stress.

Resulting from this, however, is a strengthening in “humanity
general” ascension grids, as well as DNA upgrade for all, on ascension
timeline or not.

Attention to, and honoring of, physical signals is helpful at this time.

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Herb Lady

Thanks again!

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