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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » Two comments from John at the White Hats blog....

Two comments from John at the White Hats blog....

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Two comments by John over at the White Hats blog....looks like we have another delay of some kind

johnMarch 3, 2013 at 3:14 PM

When you start quoting that childlike Lizard fantasy, dis-functionals like Icke come out with it's time to sign off on you. Interesting that Nat Rothschild needed to scrape up funds from the market for Glencore, with such fantasy funds behind them. The GS is now delayed again by the Cabal and Sr games,as you will find on Monday. Dismantling the Cabal is a major task. Your country, with respect, created this screw up. Not us. You clearly have no idea how London works or who is real. Broker street talk. Rothschild's wish they had such power. The City of London Corporation, is an Oligopoly of many interests. Banking, Insurance,Real Estate,Church interests etc. A Real Estate and Community Province Governing Board. Yet with such alleged power, they took 6 months to get the St Paul's Cathedral protesters cleared? They control and police standards within the Square Mile. Our countries deficit was fine pre Sub Primes. Thanks to Wall Street we and the world now have a real problem, but its being phased out. Why are we now the Bad Guys on the GS? Who is blocking? We owe you what for your gambles on the Dinars? Go ask your Lizard Hunter Icke. Shape shift and limbo under the Treasury door to get your cut. Sorry, with that Lizard hype I just re assessed you. I treated you as possibly credible before. We owe you what Lizard man? Fly back to the Cuckoos nest, Icke will fix it. Please, do your own thing, we Sir, owe YOU nothing. Lizards? Where does the US find them?

johnMarch 3, 2013 at 9:21 PM

Key Updates.
As of late Sunday evening, the moves anticipated for the Dinars on Monday have not succeeded. Boehner, Lew, Le Guarde, the Chinese and others are all acting in unison for the common good. Up against them are the perpetual Cabal and their minions, all dancing on a chain of control.
Clearly, the Texan, Zionist and Chicago Mafias have no interest in the common good of America and in predatory collusion with the ruthless Zionists,will not dismantle their choke hold on your lifelines and stability unless forced.
China will now reposition itself and assess its options. Now, Obama has lost all face with them. In China, face is everything. Lose that and your word and credibility is no good. Then you are a man of straw. Worthless, on a par with a dog, but not as worth eating!
The question now is how many more days they will allow O to re position and honor what is due. We feel, for all of you.
The GS parties have not yet been stood down, but the RVs have. China has a number of options. Calm reason will apply, but one option is to withdraw funds and fold a major US Bank as a warning shot. An opening shot long overdue. Just one will cause a major run on Wall Street. Way beyond Os Pay Grade or capability to handle. Another is to simply underwrite the Dinars with Chinas own currency, a move probably acceptable to the Iraqis as Kuwait is doing a half way deal on the same terms right now rather than risk all with the US prevaricating.That hands Iraq to China on a plate. Pay up or Shut Up as a move.
This is not a good start to the week and will depress the markets. Jack Lew has already, allegedly, received unwelcome "messages" from the usual cronies.
A BUSH -FIRE to stop these BUSH WHACKERS is long overdue. Again,Texans knew how to deal with their horse thieves.When will they deal with a group who are stealing their nation?
It will now take until Wednesday to reposition. How long will Chinas patience last? Once the perception of face loss is achieved, all credibility is impaired.
The Fed is now in deep collusion with Japans criminal Bank fixers to create more Ponzi fixes, but China will not stand by neutered. This is a proud nation of old cultures re emerging. America does not realize China can take the 20% Fiscal cliff drop to fold America. It's spent the last decade re positioning its markets for this eventuality if called. They know its coming.
Boehner is trying for all of you. As is Lew. Your enemy is within. These will be deeply trying times for America. If China calls, an implosion will follow. As with Russia when Regan collapsed the Ruble and no one saw it coming. No one can judge Chinas next move now.
At your helm, you have an illegal, with false papers,a White hating wife who despises America, his Commie Iranian Chicago Handler,with Mob ,Soros and Sr links, and the Zionist Mafia who are a locust infestation devouring all in their path. How lucky do you feel?
Where is reason in such a festering pot of dis-functionals? We seem to have hit Ground Hog Day. All parties can only now watch and see what now. At least it's still all to play for and not yet folded but a White Knuckle ride ahead. Good luck, all of you. You need a break. Pity its not a few Texan and Zionist marauders necks. Dark days. Good parties and Patriots are focused for you all trying to reason it through.


An implosion of the US economy is whats in store. It has to. It will just be a slow slow death.....that is unless we get to knowledgeable... The truth about how our system works is out and the masses are not only reading it but believing it. My quess would be 50% of the public know somethjing is wrong and 3% know what it is.....and growing. I would guess that a major disaster is around the corner. one of epic proportions......The courts are siding with us, Wall St is riding high.....EVEN WHEN YOU VOTE FOR THE OTHER SIDE, YOU STILL VOTE FOR US..........DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM. THEY OWN ALL MEDIA AND ALL INFORMATION COMING OUT. IF THEY DONT WANT IT OUT, IT DOESNT COME OUT......IF YOU KNOW TO MUCH, GO PUBLIC WITH IT, YOU DISSAPPEAR....We have been promised over and over again about the knights on white horses coming to our rescue, the dinar is here....over and over, yet nothing.....think guys think......Where is the truth......How much power do they really have.....How much truth do we really have......I can promise you this......As Jack Nickelson said, "YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH"........


Well 'Top', that may be very true... However good or bad though, we MUST learn to deal in Truth. In order to do that, we have to know the Truth so that we can take the steps we each desire according to our own free will. It's a process and I'm not sayin its gonna be pretty, but when your in the crapper, what makes you think getting out is going to be any less crapy?
Keeping the Truth hidden is what has allowed our present situation to occur. jus' sayin.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


More comments from John today.....

johnMarch 4, 2013 at 5:22 AM

A nation who can still collate humor in crisis, will find its own feet again in time. A good sign of character.
are dark days, but also a Global phenomenon as the Axis of Power shifts
from the West to Asia. We are effectively re assembling the road maps
to wealth, its creation and retention.
The quality of Leadership,
their experience and maturity is the key, to underpin the stable
Judgment Calls needed. In one, we have the problem. Just that.
can a President who grew up between Kenya and Indonesia,adversely
influenced between successive Alcoholic fathers, communist influences,
and a seriously unstable and dysfunctional mother,be a base of
stability? He was funded by Arabs for Occidental College as a Foreign
student.For which his grades are sealed. He was funded for his Chicago
home as a Union Organizer by colorful crime figures, and railroaded into
the Senate by Chicago handlers, a role for which he took the money but
rarely turned up.No alliances were built, nor experience gained. His
whole life has been funded and managed by others. The Founding Fathers
focused on determining the extreme importance of only Natural Born
Americans as President to ensure empathy with the true demands of the
role and empathy with the nation, its needs and culture. They knew and
sought to avoid any candidate able to be coerced, bought or blackmailed
if allowed to hold the role on a leash beholden to less benevolent
interests. As has happened now. In the White House, we have a Prima
Donna dysfunctional, way out of his depth, a White hating wife, and the
Iranian Chicago Socialist Slum Lady with a serious racial chip.
Effectively America now has 3 unsuitable Queens usurping power, running
WH Policy. But, the humors good on the street. At a time like now,
experienced Global allies are needed to work together for common good.
As we have seen with the constructive site comments of many.

johnMarch 4, 2013 at 6:27 AM

is a turbulent week. Mike Mullen gave a breakfast speech in London this
morning with the Atlantic Alliance Committee on Defense issues. He and
others are deeply concerned about the Fiscal Cliff implications for
security and Global risks. No Money, No Honey. Real issues are building.
Stable Global security needs to be attained by stable wealth creation. Paying our collective ways.
needs to be created, and used wisely for collective nations, not
suborned by Cabal predators. Releasing the long overdue GS, and
re-balancing the RV's is a key fundamental step. It's way beyond the
interests of a few speculators and the Whhaaaas of visible smacked arses
not getting their Windfall freebies daily. No one begrudges a lucky hit
for any of you. But whining Numpties from a few, are just noise on the
system, while we all tackle the real issues, and Diplomacy is ever
needed to avoid Global conflict.The big picture is complex in a fast
changing world.
Sensitive, highly complex issues with cross
dependencies and risks, underpinning many systems and structures,all
needing fixes to move.
We have the very future systems needed ready
to help stabilize our societies working together. But releasing those
funds proves ever harder as the Cabal usurpers have current Fiscal
control. Machiavellian forces are working against us all. Stepping to
the future, needs the release of the owed funds of the past. Catch 22.
Cabalist's and cohort Bankers don't want to give them back.
future can be good. But first, we need to cut loose the dead wood.
Global Political Leaders are nowadays, a pretty mediocre bunch. It's a
common phenomenon not just US. New voices are slowly emerging to fill
the vacuum. Frustration will bring change. America has talent who will
step up. As does Europe. We just may have a bumpy ride getting there.
Moses, allegedly, got lost in the Wilderness for 60 years, roaming to
find a land to squat in and illegally occupy. Now we don't need the
land, just a consensus.
So much can be achieved once the GS are
achieved. The Dinars will follow. Hopefully,China will maintain a stable
presence this week. These are the real issues. The Global big picture.
Once the GS are released, the US and Europe can really build.Taxes
accrued will fix the deficit and we can then focus on maxing out the
Bank markets for Global good, not Cabal greed. New Orders are in the
wings,just waiting release. The Cabal knows we will refuse them access
once the GS are released and that is the battle of succession
raging.Transition. Good for bad. Once it does get sorted, good luck to
the Dinar speculators.Use it well. It may help many of you fund a whole
new life and hopefully some businesses to employ others. From
change,will come opportunity. Parasites are not renowned for letting go.
But, whatever anti Biotic it takes, we will discharge them and their
grip. The spotlights on them now exposes the perpe -Traitors! A play on
words but suitable!
Monday, a week to go of jungle tracking and
skirmishes flushing them out as they burrow in daily. Boehner on side
with Lew and Le Guarde is a big help. It's bringing out the best in a
lot of people. The Cabal is crumbling as its claws get broken daily.
Daylight is filtering in.


Well Truth being the key, I guess the question then is, how truthfully accurate is this post?
I can't say as I have as much difficulty believing that Le Guarde is a good guy, as I do either Boehner or Lew, given what I know of their histories.
As for our current administration.... a topic for another post.
Suffice it to say, The Truth NEEDS to be brought out in the open, for all to see.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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