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We May Need to Brace Ourselves for Some of What’s Ahead Plus Kay Griggs Interviews that you ALL must see!

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We May Need to Brace Ourselves for Some of What’s Ahead

Posted by Steve Beckow on March 4, 2013 / Comments Off

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We May Need to Brace Ourselves for Some of What’s Ahead Plus Kay Griggs Interviews that you ALL must see! Kay-Grioggs-345One brave individual

I have to confess that my knees are shaking thinking of the phase of things that we may be inching towards.

Some of you may have listened to Kay Griggs’ video, which Poof
mentioned. If you did, you’re probably in a state of shock hearing how
people like Lee Harvey Oswald, Jeffrey Dhamer, and many others like them
are all tied together as part of a U.S. Army program to train
assassins. (Oswald did not assassinate Kennedy, as far as I’m aware, but
he was part of an assassins’ program, according to Kay.)

You’re probably in shock learning how many former top administration
officials like Caspar Weinberger and Henry Kissinger are knee deep in …
well, shall we say, despicable deeds?

You may be dazed at hearing how casual the assassination of foreign
citizens is, of the incredible power that rests in the hands of what Kay
calls the evil men at the head of the military bureaucracy. (Not all
men at the head of the military bureaucracy are evil; some are white
knights whose mission it is to restore balance and reform the military.)

[Kay's interview can be heard at]
Anyone who’s read the memoirs of Svali, the former Illuminati
trainer, on how the cabal are (or perhaps were) behind snuff flicks,
pedophilia, and every other form of unspeakable trend in our society
will know some of what Kay talks about.

Kay is to be honored for giving us her testimony. She braves her own
death every day to keep warning us of these matters. It’s a wonder she’s
still alive. Really.

And it’s also necessary for some people to watch her video – not all
of us, by any means. But enough of us that we don’t remain with our
heads in the sand over what she risks her life to bring to our

But the really distressing thought is that, at some time in the
future, we’ll need as a society to hear about the monstrous things the
Illuminati have done so that we never succumb again to being willing or
unwilling accomplices in what they brought forth into the world. And I
don’t look forward to that time.

I’m not going to review what Svali said in earlier times. You can read some of it here if you have the intestinal fortitude: . I have no idea if Svali survived giving her testimony. As far as I’m aware, she hasn’t been heard from in years.

I haven’t been willing to write about these topics and I still hope I
don’t have to. But I do need to warn you that revelations of a very
disheartening and shocking nature will come to light some day, and we
may be nearing it.

Why must these things be revealed? Jesus said through John Smallman:
“All this has to be revealed publicly to help people understand the
reason that massive changes in the way you live on Earth are essential
to the general well-being. … The time for willful dismissal of the best
interests of humanity, by those who have taken unto themselves the right
and the power to make and put into effect policies and practices whose
scandalous intent is hidden from public view, is at an end.” (1)

SaLuSa explains that “it is necessary that you know how you have been
duped, and you have no reason to feel guilty about it as the dark Ones
have wielded great power in the past.” (2) “You will in good time learn
the truth about the agenda of the dark Ones,” he tells us. (3)

Without knowing these things, how will the general public understand
why our star brothers and sisters are here and what they’ve come to do?
Most people won’t understand it and will jump to an unjustified
conclusion that they are here to take us over.

They’re not. They’ve rescued us from the Illuminati. Without them we
couldn’t have done it – or not for a thousand years and billions of
deaths. Only revealing what the Illuminati were up to and how far they
would go to seize control of the planet (murdering all but 500 million
of us in a World War III that was planned to start with bombing Iran)
will awaken the mass of the people to the reason why the galactics are

Look at how many people to this day don’t see what’s behind American and Israeli threats to bomb Iran?

The Pleiaidian Council through Wes Annac said last year: ” You are
now to find in the immediate period ahead many disclosures and
revelations that we Lovingly ask you to prepare yourselves for. ”

“The truths that have been given through
channels have been only a small fraction of the overall truths that you
are going to be given, and the plan for your world in general is that
each and every one of you are to take up the work required to begin
healing your beautiful world in the mass, effective ways that have been
needed.” (4)

Matthew Ward says that “the shocking truths that will be coming forth … will cause considerable unrest.” (5)

We’ve been forewarned.

I have to confess that when I hear SaLuSa say that “we look to you to
lift people up,” (6) I feel a bit woozy. If we really get what he’s
saying, he’s telling us that it will fall to us lightworkers to explain
and interpret to the large numbers of people who’ll be shocked into
awakening what is being discussed and what the situation is. There won’t
be any room at that time for us to say, “We’re shocked as well. We
haven’t had time to react ourselves. How can we lead you when we’re as
knocked over by these revelations as you are?”

So again these are all reasons to prepare ourselves and to find new
sources of strength within ourselves to weather what lies ahead … no,
not to weather it; to lead others through the thick of it. Tough

So I’m just saying this now to put us on notice and to warn us of
what may lie ahead. No one wants to listen to the grisley things that
Kay Griggs has to say and I’m sure Kay would never have chosen the life
she was forced to live if, at a soul level, she was not prepared to make
that sacrifice for humanity. No one revels in being the bearer of such
bad news.

But we need to hear it if we are ever to turn our back on the glitzy,
superficial lifestyle we’ve been leading so far which hides from our
view the really nasty things the Illuminati have been doing behind
closed doors and out of the public view.


(1) Jesus through John Smallman, Oct. 18, 2012, at

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(4) The Pleiadian High Council through Wes Annac, July 6, 2012, at

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(6) SaLuSa, Feb. 1, 2013.

Thanks to:

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