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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Solution - Federally Deputize Groups of Police & Sheriff's Officers to Arrest DC CONS

Solution - Federally Deputize Groups of Police & Sheriff's Officers to Arrest DC CONS

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Solution - Federally Deputize Groups of Police & Sheriff's Officers to Arrest DC CONS

Solution - Federally Deputize Groups of Police & Sheriff's Officers to Arrest DC CONS
Posted By: Infoeditor [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 4-Mar-2013 22:44:27
In Response To: Israeli Artificial U.S. Depression - Dov Zakheim, DHS, Hollow Points and Tanks - Worse than Pearl Harbor (Infoeditor)

Solution - Federally Deputize Groups of Police & Sheriff's Officers to Arrest DC CONS
In the event there is not enough money in the US budget to hire special teams of federal officers for the explicit purpose of rounding up the DC CON gangs of corruption, a possible solution could be to federally deputize groups of police officers and sheriff's deputies to assist in the arrest and transporting of persons believed to have been involved in or assisting the involvement in The 911 WTC-Pentagon Attacks, and anyone who is suspected of transporting the stolen funds either physically or by wire transfer, etc., etc..
The various jurisdictions where the deputized officers are to be drawn from can be issued bonds or federal vouchers of IOU for payment of salaries and expenses of officers until the missing, stolen TRILLIONS can be replaced.
Congress could find a way to issue a call for officers and volunteer ex-U.S. military personnel to come and help get this done before the next shoe drops.
2. Also, the immediate arrest of a perpetrator, Obama/Soetoro, needs to be effected somewhere in between all those lavish, glamorous vacations the taxpayers are getting stuck for. This perpetrator should be required to show proof of his identity at the trial. Failing the proof that he has not two natural born U.S. parents he should be prosecuted accordingly for fraud and a host of other charges which have taken up an unbelievable amount of time from Americans.
These emergency measures need to be implemented immediately, especially since the so-called DHS does not appear to be acting in the best patriotic interests of the U.S., and does not compliment other law enforcement agencies in the U.S.. Such an effort described here needs to go outside of the unlawful DHS, outside the complacent FBI, outside the criminal and biased D.O.J., and proceed in a Constitutional configuration.
Otherwise, can someone tell me why a tiny little country is allowed to kick and beat the hell out of The United States of America?
Posted in addition to below article
: Israeli Artificial U.S. Depression - Dov Zakheim, DHS, Hollow
: Points and Tanks - Worse than Pearl Harbor
: Isn't it probable that if the 911 WTC-Pentagon Attacks enabled
: the thefts of $TRILLIONS, those same perpetrators have an
: interest in keeping the stolen loot?
: Notice how DHS, Department of Homeland Security, is an
: unlawful (Unconstitutional) creation supposedly enabled by
: the 911 WTC & Pentagon Attacks. It all fits together.
: Israel is written up time and again from different sources
: as most responsible for the attacks, and, the post by ws88
: at:
: reminds us: "Susan Lindauer, CIA 9/11 whistleblower (see
: youtube) said the amount stolen at the Pentagon was over $9
: TRILLION. Rumsfeld announced only $2.3 TRILLION of the
: "missing funds". Dov Zakheim, an Israeli
: dual-citizen, was the Pentagon Comptroller during 9/11. He
: owned a remote control for airplanes business. There was
: NEVER any investigation, interrogation, jail, etc. for
: Zakheim.
: 911
: DOV ZAKHEIM, his son, and other dual-citizen Israelis were
: Romney's TOP ADVISORS. Israeli dual-citizens are also
: Presidential and Pentagon "ADVISORS"; they
: comprise the think-tanks that ADVISE, THEY run DHS buying
: all those hollow-point bullets and armored vehicles, and
: they OWN all the newspapers and media. Israel's
: dual-citizens are EVERYWHERE as U.S. advisors. AMERICAN
: patriot "ADVISORS" seem to be MISSING!"
: So Zakheim and all the dual Israeli and AIPAC bums have a high
: interest in using those 1.5 billion hollow point bullets to
: create as much chaos as possible in order to simply keep
: the money they've allegedly stolen.
: Yet we wonder why they cannot be brought to justice when it's
: been published that even the FBI guys tremble in fear of
: these Israeli Mossad agents and operatives. Remember the
: little FBI guy, Ivens, who was first reported missing, then
: suddenly reported suicidal and with a firearm, then
: reported dead, found in the mountains, etc.. One might
: wonder if he had information like the late Phil Marshall
: and other murder victims had on 911 Attacks.
: There was one post or only a few posts that claimed he
: attempted to contact personnel, I think, at Russian
: Embassy, although I don't have that article immediately at
: hand. Unless our government had been hijacked from within
: why would he have gone outside the U.S. chain of command?
: Also, unless our government had been hijacked, why wouldn't
: Zakheim, his son and all related operatives have been
: detained rather permanently until the funds are recovered?
: Also, why would DHS still be operative, and Ohbombya still be
: in the so-called White House unless our government had been
: hijacked from within?
: I would warn citizens that even before the deaths of former
: Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband who were listed as
: suicide-homicide, etc., that there are proportiionately way
: more suicides in the U.S. since 911 Attacks than would
: appear to be believeable.
: Lately, another 911 Truther was murdered with both his
: children and it was blamed on him as suicide-homicides.
: That was Phil Marshall.
: VIDEO - Shades of Mena reaching Ca.? Marshall & family
: deaths as black ops murders
: This entire matter appears to be worse than any Pearl Harbor
: because it is drawing out into an artificially created
: Israeli inflicted full blown depression with millions out
: of work and illegal immigrants roaming about while DHS sees
: to their release when they are picked up.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:40 AM


IF this is to take place, they'd better get their sorry asses in gear, then, huh? WTF?

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