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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » Warning from NovemberWhiskey at MIG Wed. Night 03/06/2013

Warning from NovemberWhiskey at MIG Wed. Night 03/06/2013

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Warning from NovemberWhiskey at MIG Wed. Night


[novemberwhiskey] MIG members and fellow investors. Based on information close to the 1600 address. some very negative info is going to come out in every community about your investment in the iqd. for your family's and your sake, do not believe it. We knew that when the time was getting close to a revalue if the iraqi dinar that a lot of misinformation would surface. And surface it is.

Please keep your investment, and when you start seeing this bs, say to yourself "well ain't that something?" . Do not turn in your investment. The last thing our government wants are wealthy, impowered, dedicated, rational thinking citizens. Praying for our country, our troops, me, my family, you, and the dinar community!!

[sammyb] novemberwhiskey can you be more specific?

[novemberwhiskey] sammyb got word of a campaign to get folks to give up their dinar.

[Precious] novemberwhiskey will this campaign be writtten or on tv?
Read More Link on Right
[novemberwhiskey] Precious everywhere, mostly planted by shills in the community.

[Precious] novemberwhiskey that means on our sites too then

[novemberwhiskey] Precious all sites

[sammyb] novemberwhiskey are you aware of the verbage they will use?

[novemberwhiskey] sammyb….. years before it will, …..won't revalue. ect....

[novemberwhiskey] sammyb emotions are high right now, they are/will play on it

[Precious] ok I am counting on all you regulars to keep an eye out and catch those shills lol catch them at their game. We are prepared lol novemberwhiskey



Thanks Yman for the heads up! Beware peeps any talk like that in here will get you in very big trouble


That's right- NanneeRose will kick that 'mudhole' in yer ass, AND stomp it 'til it's dry!!!!


LOL yep... terbo is feeling way better!!! Almost back to normal! :)

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Well,........... :smileyrabbits:


Hhhhaaaahahahahahahahhahaha yayy terbs is back hahahhhaha!!

But seriously, no dodgy talk -.- LOL


Well, can we 'Fordy'talk? I mean, why in Honda can't we be Chevy in the winter instead of so Chrysler hot at the beach, if it gets any warmer, they'll have to 'Prius' off the 'Porsche' in Rio', after we come back from "Santa Fe', after the 'Land Rover' hits an 'Impala' in the Afriggin' Desert- The 'Galaxie' is a different place, when you are in the 'Millinium Falcon', as long as there is no 'Fury' within 'Aries'-No worries, it's an 'International' thing, as long as you are in the XL-7, and just don't look at 'Taurus' on the way by- Elmo


bigclap lol! lol! lol!

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