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OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap

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1OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap Empty OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap on Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:03 pm


OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap

Thursday, March 7th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Big Brother Consciousness New World Order Secret Societies The Awakening

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  • OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap Oppt_logo1

    by Zen Gardner

    People have been asking me what I thought of the OPPT (One People’s
    Public Trust) movement. I’d hardly noticed it as these types of things
    rarely appeal to me, but I decided to look into it a bit. This is my
    opinion and observations based on what I’ve seen so far which isn’t much
    because actually there isn’t that much to be found. What I share here
    is based on my personal experiences, research and intuition, so take it
    for what you will.

    The purpose of this article is not to explain what it is, which you
    can research for yourself. I’m addressing the subject for those with at
    least a cursory knowledge of this issue who are wondering about the
    nature of this movement.

    I’m not about to tell anyone what to do, but I’d watch my step with
    this OPPT movement. Something doesn’t seem right to me. There are too
    many warning flags going up right out of the gate.

    I can understand people looking for a coalescing movement to express
    in some potentially practical form their desire to effect change, as
    well as to provide a unifying sense of solidarity. I also know human
    nature is prone to looking for cure-all solutions, external sources of
    salvation, dynamic charismatic leaders, and a reason for hope. For many
    this is also a chance to put the burden of personal choice and decision
    making down a bit and rest on some sense of collective force, imagined
    or real.

    It’s a frustrating life watching the world being crushed with
    seemingly so few practical ways we can fight it. That’s how movements
    form, and I understand that. But anyone would be wise to be very careful
    where they throw their weight in this maze of dis-information and
    misdirection infiltrating society, and the alternative research
    community in particular.

    What Is the OPPT?

    Here’s their own description:

    The One People’s Public Trust itself consists of every person on the planet, the planet itself and the Creator.

    The One People’s Trust trustees are a talented group of very skilled
    individuals including legal professionals who, in conjunction with a
    positive group inside the financial system, carried out extensive
    investigations into the massive fraud and theft taking place at the

    After exercising extreme prudence, the OPPT concluded that the
    corporations operating under the guise of the people’s government and
    financial systems were committing treason against the people of this
    planet without the people’s knowing, willing and intentional consent.
    Through a series of REGISTRATIONS of the BE’ing of the one people of
    this planet, the land, airs, seas and every creation thereof and
    therefrom, all unlawful and illegal claims of ownership and actions of
    management and control by the principals, agents and beneficiaries were
    lawfully and legally duly cancelled and foreclosed upon by their own
    free will choice not to remedy the damage they had caused. Source
    I feel hijacked. They roped in me, you, and everyone else on the
    planet…including the Creator…just like that. Where did they get that
    permission? Didn’t get mine. Pretty presumptuous if you ask me.

    OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap Assange_contolop-640x302

    Why I’m Suspect

    I’ve been seeing the increasingly evangelical calls to “OPPT in” to
    this movement around the net and started looking into it. I admit I
    haven’t studied everything although there was quite of bit of looking
    while working on this article and really there’s not much to be found
    besides the hype. I still don’t understand this whole thing, which is
    part of what bothers me. Either there’s not much to understand or
    everything’s deliberately vague.

    I’m judging by how it appears to me and its effect on me, so take it or leave it.

    No doubt there is merit in some of the thinking and mechanisms
    involved, otherwise it wouldn’t have any credibility. Although I’m
    starting to wonder if that’s even true. We’ve seen this non acceptance
    or recognition of the system’s legality or authority before and it has
    worked in many civil cases. Canada has something similar going on with
    the common law court case against the British crown and Canadian leaders
    in the recent genocide trial. They are statements of protest and
    generate public awareness.

    But participation is effective only as long as our outlook and
    understanding of the real problem is fully conscious and we’re not
    reinforcing their system, intentionally or not. I don’t mean to be a
    downer but some systems just aren’t worth saving nor fighting for, or
    even acknowledging. Especially when the real enemy is something way more
    powerful working behind the scenes pushing both sides of every
    conflict. (Think Rothschilds and hold that thought.)

    The weird thing is even as you try to get more information from their
    websites you get directed here and redirected there, with slim pickins
    for information along the way. Look at any “system” public trust
    anywhere and the disclosures and mission statement etc. are up front and
    clear as a bell. They have to be. Then OPPT claims “millions around the
    world” are turning on to it which all the jazzed up followers are
    parroting. Sorry to tell you but one website shows clearly they’ve only
    had 60 thousand hits and the other states 200 thousand. Hardly millions,
    even assuming everyone who visits “joins” or gets behind it, which of
    course is statistically impossible. In fact, it would most likely be a
    small percentage of the total exposure at best.

    So where’s the millions? It smacks of an energy pyramid scheme to be honest.

    I listened to Max Igan’s interview
    with the main organizers of the OPPT movement. From the outset it was
    vague and confusing. If it weren’t for commenters on my site asking
    about it I would have turned it off. It started off with a premise that
    was clearly meant to appeal to one and all in any alternative
    mindset…the political activist to the new-ager:

    “It’s all over. We’ve already won.” Weeeeee.

    Sounds way too familiar. Another full spectrum appeal to the activist
    crowd like other grandiose promises and phenomena we’ve seen come and
    go. What really rubbed me is the elusive, assumptive and patronizing
    wording in this entire interview.

    Legalese Unease

    The American lawyer was the main spokesperson and she couldn’t have
    been more vague and confusing. It was not aimed to educate clearly, but
    rather to snow you under with impressive sounding knowledge and
    so-called inside information.

    I’ve seen professional con men at work and that’s exactly what they do.

    First they grab you with a “big idea” appeal and a vision of some
    wonderful end result they know you’d love to hear. Then they go on to
    give you a not so clear but grand sounding method on how they propose to
    do it. The trick is to do it so seemingly authoritatively and with all
    kinds of complicated language, showy credentials and hearsay
    testimonials to back it up that you get swept up and “taken” by it
    without fully grasping anything.

    It’s classic sales speak and manipulation.

    The kick off is a doozey. “It’s already over” they say. “We’ve
    already won. The PTBs have been served their papers (thanks to their
    perceptive, hard work and ‘inside’ contacts) and we are now free. Now we
    just need to act like it.” And you are swept under their umbrella by
    the very definitions they propose. Isn’t that exactly the complaint
    they’re making of how the PTBs get our permission by overarching
    maritime laws via birth certificates and other automatic contracts?

    And by the way, thanks OPPT for telling us we’re all free, but we
    already knew that. You didn’t need to tell us that and we didn’t need a
    piece of paper filed somewhere to make it “official”. The whole system
    is a lie and you addressing it like you’re going to dissolve it on their
    level is ludicrous. And then to go on to say it’s already done and
    filed in some secret special department is more mind games and

    Worse than that, it smacks of controlled opposition propaganda and manipulation. That’s what worries me.

    And who comes out the saviors? All these knowledgeable insiders with
    all their legal apparatus and most of all whomever they’re connected to,
    all while saying it’s the people’s trust. And where do the followers
    and buyers of this plan all march? Wherever the pied piper leads them.

    OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap Bamacon

    Wanting to believe something doesn’t make it true.

    Disclosure Bombshell

    I’m sure they expected eventual backlash over this next point which
    is why the fancy legalese-spouting American lawyer said it. About 40
    minutes into the interview as she’s bragging about how through her
    qualifications and contacts she was able to attain all this “empowering”
    information on how to dismantle the entire structure, she says “by way
    of disclosure I need to tell you that the man who showed me all of this
    is a trustee with the Rothschilds’ family holdings.” She goes on to say
    this shows “there are many people within the system that want to make
    sure you guys(not we) know what’s going on.”

    WTF? And the interview rolled on like nothing happened.

    That’s how this kind of thing works. People set logic and common
    sense aside because they so want to believe it. And it’s not the first
    time this kind of thing has happened.

    She does this several times, saying “they” and “you guys”, not
    putting herself with her precious One People’s Public Trust followers.
    She’s apparently aloof along with her elite “informers”. She also
    mechanically repeats “God, Yahweh, Allah or Source” every time she
    refers to the spiritual, as if they of course are open to any and all
    interpretations. All of it sounds cold, contrived and rote.

    Although what can you expect, she’s a lawyer. Isn’t that what governments are packed with?

    Where Have I Seen This Movie Before?

    If this doesn’t smack you as FulfordandCo.esque I don’t know what,
    and all those big money disclosures and Drake revelations. “The battle’s
    won, they’re about to all be arrested.” “Come to the White Dragon, the
    GOOD Illuminati will save you.” Now “It’s over. We filed the papers and
    you’re all free!”

    Fulford is actually linked on their website if you want a confirmation.

    Sorry, I don’t buy it. These initial warning signs are way over the
    top and a total turn off as far as I’m concerned, as well as
    disconcerting. Making this kind of appeal to susceptible eager Truth
    seekers can siphon off their attention and energy. And we know what
    happens there. That very energy directing will give power to this
    movement and seeming validity like so many others, i.e. the Obama
    illusion as a prime mainstream example. It becomes self fulfilling as
    has happened to every religion and belief system as the bandwagon fills
    up with buyers in investors.

    The substance no longer matters, the energy is there to justify whatever central control dictates.

    OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap Dollar-seal

    And 1776?

    Besides the stylized Merkaba which can taken all kinds of ways, why
    put 1776 in their logo? I thought this was an international,
    non-boundaried expression of personal freedom? What’s with referring to
    more restricting documents?

    Besides an obvious emotional appeal to Constitutionalists in the US
    and others around the world who see that as a founding document or
    concept to be emulated, we all know how that birthing date was chosen.
    It’s the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati, the true founders of just
    about anything in the world power structure. That’s also how the number
    of 13 initial states was decided which adorns the flag to this day and
    the famous dollar bill, as well as how myriad other cryptic messages
    were embedded.

    You don’t screw with numbers and symbolism and think we’re not going to notice.

    Are The PTBs Trying to Harvest Alternative Thinkers?

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for the books.

    This Perfect Day by Ira Levin is an amazing tale that may
    give us a hint at what these guys are up to. Besides derailing whatever
    else has been supra-consciously formulating according to a much higher
    power and skimming or steering the energy of the alternative movement
    into an alternative solution of their choice and direction, what if
    there’s something even more insidious afoot?

    Here’s a short summary of the futuristic (pre-programming?) book, This Perfect Day (1970), by Ira Levin. And so you know what a massive insider Levin was, he also wrote The Boys from Brazil, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Stepford Wives. Whoa.

    Enjoy the ride–you’ll recognize a lot of the Controllers’ current and projected handiwork in here:

    Plot Backstory (partial):

    The story is set in a seemingly perfect global society whose genesis is vague: Christ , Marx , Wood and Wei led us to this perfect day” is what school children learn to chant.

    Uniformity is the defining feature; there is only one language and all ethnic groups have been eugenically merged into one race called “The Family”. There are only four personal names for men (Bob, Jesus, Karl and Li) and four for women (Anna, Mary, Peace and Yin). Instead of surnames , individuals are distinguished by a nine-character alphanumeric code, their “nameber” (a neologism from “name” and “number”), e.g. WL35S7497. Everyone eats “totalcakes”, drinks “cokes”, wears exactly the same thing and is satisfied – every day.

    The world is managed by a central computer
    called UniComp which has been programmed to keep every single human on
    the surface of the earth in check. People are continually drugged by
    means of monthly treatments (delivered via transdermal spray or jet injector )
    so that they will remain satisfied and cooperative “Family members”.
    They are told where to live, when to eat, whom to marry, when to
    reproduce, and for which job they will be trained. Everyone is assigned a
    counselor who acts somewhat like a mentor, confessor, and parole agent;
    violations against ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ by themselves and others
    are expected to be reported at a weekly confession .

    Everyone wears a permanent identifying bracelet which interfaces with access points that act as scanners
    which tell the “Family members” where they are allowed to go and what
    they are allowed to do. Around the age of 62, every person dies,
    presumably from an overdose of the treatment liquids; almost anything in
    them is poisonous if an excess dose is given. Now and then, someone
    dies at 61 or 63, so no one is too suspicious of the regularity. Even
    opposition against such a life by those few who happen to be resistant
    to the drugs, or those who purposely change their behavior to avoid
    strong doses of some of the drugs in the monthly treatment, and who
    consequently wake up to a day which for them turns out to be anything
    but perfect, is dealt with by the programmers of UniComp.

    These long-lived men and women, in their underground hideaway, constitute the real, albeit invisible, world government. They live in absolute luxury and choose their own members through a form of meritocracy .
    In part, people who choose, through evasion and modifying their own
    behavior, to leave the main Family are subtly re-directed to “nature
    preserves” of imperfect life on islands. These, however, have been put
    in place by the programmers as a place to isolate trouble-making Family
    members. The top minds among the outcasts are further manipulated into
    joining the programmers to help them maintain the equilibrium in the
    “perfect” world of UniComp and The Family. (emphasis mine)

    Just Disengage

    Clever way to recruit the brightest minds by seeing who can navigate
    their way out of the matrix and then be there to congratulate and enlist
    them. That’s virtually how it already works now in the secret societies
    and agencies. Potential candidates are groomed, watched and harvested
    as they make their way up through the ranks. That’s how they fill their
    positions. Nothing new really.

    But this book is a heck of a good metaphor for how they could also do
    the same to the alternative movement, or pick off unsuspecting

    Something to think about.

    Choose your passageways carefully if you’re going to engage the beast.

    Better yet, transcend the whole game. Disconnect and stop complying
    with any of their machinations. These movements are designed to draw you
    back into the matrix mechanisms which all lead to the New World Order
    they think they’re so cleverly sliding into place.

    The way to starve the beast is to stop feeding it.

    OPPT or Co-opted? Look Before You Leap Religion-was-invented-when-the-first-con-man-met-the-first-fool-mark-twain-580x640


    Think about it. Don’t be fooled or tooled by anyone…including me.
    Think for yourself and investigate carefully. Don’t join or trust
    anything just because others have either. Be sovereign and conscious.

    Remember, meteoric rising movements with little or no opposition are
    almost always planted. Otherwise they would get nowhere and in a hurry.

    Investigate and stay conscious. Don’t let your emotions run away with
    you. We are having an amazing effect on world consciousness and
    behavior and it’s growing exponentially, whatever methods of expression
    you use. Just be sure something you invest your heart and energy in
    isn’t a diversion.

    And don’t despair. Be encouraged.

    Love, Zen


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