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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » What An Open Mind Can Learn – Proof Of 700+ Elite Resignations, Mass Arrests, Retirements – 9 March 2013

What An Open Mind Can Learn – Proof Of 700+ Elite Resignations, Mass Arrests, Retirements – 9 March 2013

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What An Open Mind Can Learn – Proof Of 700+ Elite Resignations, Mass Arrests, Retirements – 9 March 2013

Posted on March 9, 2013 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

This list seriously never ends.  But, humanity, here you go.  My service to you at this point in time….
It will be updated, the number will go up as I (and others– anyone’s welcome, please no duplicate data, search before you add, also please no false data) research more and as more elite leave their posts.

My primary reason for starting this huge list was to see whether the
galactic federation really are credible, and I saw this as one way to do
that.  Over the last two years, they’ve been claiming that elite are
leaving their posts…. and I wasn’t seeing proof.  Well.  I found proof.
But, galactic federation “believer” or not, you should really look at
this document.  It’ll open your eyes and leave you questioning… is this
normal?  so many elite leaving their posts?

Here’s the public, editable, excel sheet:
Please read my notes before editing or sorting it.

This is a link for an excel sheet full of 700+ elite arrests,
retirements, and resignations.  It’s what I came up with so far (as of
3/3/2013).  I say 700+ because it’s slightly over 700, but if you look
closely, a few of them say 30 arrests (example) in one line, without
specifying names.  Besides, I expect the world will add onto this list,
so 700 won’t be 700 anymore.  It used to be 500.

Most of the ones without links came with links, but then I messed up
the data and had to start over with links.   However, if something
doesn’t have a link or the link doesn’t work, you can easily google it.
 I tried to test all of the links just to make sure, so I don’t think
you’ll have any problems with the ones that have links.  Although,
sometimes websites take their articles down.

Be aware that many people might just be CEOs, designers, or
university deans (etc.) by coincidence, just because they earned that
spot and wanted it.  They might not be a “dark cabal” or “illuminati”
member. And if that is you, and you’re on this list, I sincerely apologize.
That being said, also keep in mind that MANY of them are dark, and they
seem rather guilty.  There is no way to know whether a person in a
prestige position is “elite” or not.
Especially keep in mind that there are MANY elite who have resigned who
were connected to banks and governments, investigations, etc.

If you think someone is definitely not elite, go ahead and delete
them.  Or, maybe this would work better for you- save my document to
your computer and make your own list with less or different people.  I
won’t be offended
 Even if you take out people like school principals, whoever… you’ll
still have an impressive list to prove to yourself and the world.

Also keep in mind that elite are in every area of society, in order
to keep everything how they want it.  Remember the Illuminati structure
of control?

Okay, so, here’s the document once again.

Mass arrests, retirements, and resignations DOCUMENT:

Notice that the public is allowed to edit it, and it is available for
public eye.  But please be respectful, mature, and professional…..
Please, please, please do not add false information.

1. Please don’t edit the way it’s sorted (which I’m about to resort
back to original organization, so pause your editing and remember what
info you’re editing you are for a second.), as that makes it confusing
and more easily messed up, with data scrambled everywhere, saying that
so and so from this country resigned on this date, when so and so is
actually from another country, and resigned on a different date.  I have
a lot of problems with it getting reorganized.  I don’t want
information to get scrambled.  So thanks.
2. Also please don’t discredit the page by putting in false information.
 Only put in information that is for sure correct, with credible links.
 Make sure your news links actually say what you’re saying they do
(example would be an article saying person resigning vs. person should
resign, arrested vs. arrest warrant vs. want to arrest).

I researched this topic by getting a jump start from others’ lists
(thank you!) and then also searching “CEO resigns” with a brand,
company, or country, over and over, with different roles (CEO, CIO, COO,
CMO, CTO, president, executive, board member, chairman, PR, PM, prime
minister, dean, judge, vice president, journalist, etc.)…. Literally
every company or organization of power that I could think of.  Many are
so-so, like a journalist or a schoolboard member, while others are
downright obviously elite, such as leaders of fast food restaurants,
pharmaceutical testing companies, the FDA, youtube, etc.

I also thought this site was very helpful:
I’ve gone down the list, starting at the type, and just used that
information for leads on google.  Right now, I stopped at the chamber of
commerce in Athens, TX and haven’t done any of the ones below that.
Along with that, top on my list is updating my bankers, because I don’t have anything near 500 bankers, and this person has 600+.  So I’d appreciate help with that, too.

I also occasionally search google news for resign, retire, and arrested to see recent events.

I wasn’t sure about 2010, 2009 ones.. because honestly I don’t know
when the elite got the memo that they needed to quit.  So if I thought
it was pretty important and rare, I included it, but overall tried to
limit the list to 2011, 2012 & 2013.

I made Vatican a country…. because it’s kind of worldwide, and I didn’t know what to put.  So that’s where it the pope is.

If you can’t find a name, just search –control F– the name.  Sometimes people have nicknames, Mike vs Michael.

The formatting on the data sheet is like so:
Approximate Date |  Country |  Role/company  | name of person |
resigned, arrested, retired? any extra details like an investigation
etc. | link/proof.

I would appreciate if the dates were in this format: 5/31/2013 for meaning may, 31, 2013
If dates are in multiple formats, excel will have a hard time sorting.
 I can fix the dates if they are messed up.  Sometimes, if excel doesn’t
understand what you typed, it puts in ridiculous numbers like the year

Below is the list of things (keywords & links & leads) that I
had seen or thought of, but not gotten to… because of my tendonitis
& fatigue…  Anyone is welcome to continue researching.  I would love
that.  Group efforts always work amazingly!

If you would like to continue researching and adding to my list or
making your own list, remember to not have duplicates.  Before you add
something, search their name, and then search their company, just to
make sure that person isn’t already on the list.

If you would like to see the excel sheet organized differently (for
example, by column A (dates) instead of column B (countries)), you need
to click the top left corner between A and 1, which means select all,
then right click the selected area, and then say sort range, identifying
what you want it to be sorted by.  But please don’t reorganize the
sheet unless you’re putting it back to normal, like how you found it.
To make it look nice, the way you found it: select all, right click, sort A, select all, right click, sort B.
Please remember that if you want to sort, you have to select all. One
time, I was sorting, and I selected column A and sorted by column A
only… without selecting all.. and it messed up the entire thing, where
the date was with the wrong data, things like that.  This is the reason
that some of the data does not have links– because I sorted wrong and it
made everything a mess, and then I had to start over.

You could also help by looking through the excel sheet and
finding data that does not have links.. then googling the data, and
adding the links.  People appreciate links as proof. If you can’t find a
link to prove the data, and you’ve searched high and low, feel
free to delete the data. Or if you feel nervous about that, you can put
“cannot find link” or something similar in the link section.

Please share the news!!  Mass resignations are real.  They’re happening now.  This is intended to be proof for the skeptics.
What does this mean?  A new world is being built!
And the galactic federation.. when they were talking about mass
arrests.. they very well may have been right all along.  This makes me
take them more seriously.  But hey, that’s just my interpretation.
 Galactic federation or not, elite leaving.. is real.  Curiosity about
the galactic federation is what compelled me to start a huge list, and
to see where it could go, how many elite were really leaving their
posts, and if what the galactic federation says/said was/is true.
And I think it is.  But that’s yours to judge.

Signed, and thank you for the help if you do help,
yours truly,
Ps. I don’t need any credit.  Community effort is going on here.
I am not worried about being plagiarized,  nor were the people who made
lists before me.

I can be contacted at
Two wonderfully helpful sites:  (PPS. search chamber of commerce & illuminati on google)

Don’t forget to look at the comments/questions!

New to the galactic federation, don’t know what predictions and news announcements I’m talking about?
Here’s a sample message from them:

LIST of things I wanted to research but haven’t yet:
australia:   adami CEO ivanhoe Chief rugby league player airservices CEO south mp
alcohol companies
tobacco companies
office max office depot
Eli Lilly and Company (which is a global pharmaceuticalcompany and one of the world’s largest corporations)
military, army, national guard
US national library of medicine resigns

clothing brands/stores
Ortho McNeil Neurologics, a subsidiary of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals

researcher arrest: cdc mit chronic fatigue ayurvedic cfs york university  holocaust harvard indian ayurvedic

patent system
Bank of America board member retire
Miller’s Bowlin resigns, Adami is the new CEO.(Miller Brewing co., John Bowlin)
video games
other IT executives who recently changed jobs as well: Gerbereux David, Berezniker Vladimir, Evans Jason, Cott Ray, Krebs Martin, Green Sharon,Hale Richard, Dohrn Joe, Loschert Matthew, Shanmugham Mahendran, Kevin Bradyradio
senior members of bush administration

school district board
pornographer producer resign
textbook author
dr. pepper
Church’s Chicken
tempur pedic international
discovery foods
private equity firm Friedman Fleischer & Lowe

tanning salon
post service
GlaxoSmithKline – vaccines and vaccine makers
windermere real estate
tj max
NRA ceo
wells fargo
Carls junior
al queda
courts – supreme court
cpac resign
intelligence agencies in other countries
EPA’s and FDA’s in other countries / link to original article

Thanks to:

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