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Canada is Dissolved and Free of the Crown

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1 Canada is Dissolved and Free of the Crown on Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:52 pm


March 10, 2013

Canada is Dissolved and Free of the Crown

You are now on your own to govern yourselves according to the laws of
the Universe; to treat others as you yourself expect to be treated. This
is major progress!!!

PUBLIC NOTICE (Click here to download a pdf of this notice.)

Thursday, March 7, 2013


A Legal Notice to all Agents of the so-called Crown of England and Elizabeth Windsor, and to all Canadians

Issued by the Governing Council of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

This PUBLIC NOTICE is issued to the Members of the
Parliament of Canada, the Canadian judiciary, the governmental civil
service, and the active serving members of all Canadian police and
military forces, as well as to all citizens of Canada:

1. On February 25, 2013, a lawfully constituted Common Law Court of
Justice found Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England and Head of State of
Canada and its churches, guilty as charged of Crimes against Humanity in
Canada and of engaging in a Criminal Conspiracy to conceal Genocide.
The same verdict found Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper guilty of
the same offenses.

2. This verdict was based on irrefutable evidence, including
eyewitness accounts of Elizabeth Windsor’s personal involvement in the
forcible abduction and disappearance of ten children from the Kamloops
Indian Residential School on October 10, 1964, while on a state visit to
Canada. Ms. Windsor has never denied or refuted this charge or
evidence, nor did she respond to a Public Summons issued by the Court.

3. The Court’s verdict rests upon the Nuremberg Legal Statutes of
1950 which allow any head of state to be tried for Crimes against
Humanity, as well as the right under Canadian law to hold the Crown
liable for tort offenses committed in Canada.

4. Elizabeth Windsor therefore stands condemned as a convicted felon.
As a fugitive from justice, she is now liable for arrest and
imprisonment under the terms of the Court verdict. A Citizens Arrest
Warrant for the detention of Elizabeth Windsor was in fact issued by the
Court on March 5, 2013, and Ms. Windsor has evaded this Warrant.

5. a) Each of you has taken a public oath of allegiance to Elizabeth
Windsor as the Queen of England. Your oath now constitutes a criminal
act under international law, including Section 25 of the Rome Statute of
the International Criminal Court, which obligates all citizens to
refrain from colluding with authorities engaged in or convicted of
criminal acts.

b) Each of you is obligated therefore to refrain from aiding or
abetting Elizabeth Windsor in evading justice or arrest, including by
continuing to obey her orders or operating under her authority, since to
do so will constitute an obstruction of justice and will make you
subject to arrest.

6. Since no convicted felon can legitimately or legally serve as a
head of state or a constituted authority, all existing legal and
political authority in Canada is dissolved as of Monday, February 25,
2013. Your Oath of Allegiance to Queen Elizabeth and the Crown of
England is consequently nullified and abolished, along with your

7. a) Canada has been rendered as a state without legitimate legal or
political authority. It will remain so until a new and lawful Head of
State can be established along with a Constitution democratically
established by the people of Canada.

b) Until such constitutional authority is established, no existing
Canadian law or statute is enforceable, and any attempt by you or others
to do so will constitute an act of illegal assault and fraud on the
people of Canada.

8. Until a legitimate government is established in Canada, all of its
citizens are urged to conduct themselves under the common law
requirement of peaceable co-existence and equity in their communities,
maintaining law and order. All citizens are required to police and
govern themselves without reference to any existing authorities or laws,
which are nullified, illegitimate and inoperative.

9. Canadian citizens as wholly self-governing men and women are
advised to establish local committees of correspondence to arrange a
National Congress that will draft a new Constitution. This legal
charter, ratified by a popular vote, will establish and maintain a new,
Democratic Republic of Canada.

10. This Constitution must include a new legal framework by which the
church organizations also convicted by the Court – the Vatican and
Catholic, Anglican and United Church - can legitimately and lawfully
operate in Canada, if such further operation is the will of the People.
In accordance with the Verdict of the Court and lawful legitimacy, this
new framework would require a Civil Constitution for the Clergy that
nationalizes the property and wealth of the convicted church
corporations, and regulates their church officials and employees as
licensed public servants.

We are informing the world of these facts and of the new regime now operating in Canada. This same Notice and condition applies to the government and people of England, to whom a separate Notice is being issued.

Copies of the Common Law Court’s Verdict and Citizens Arrest Warrant can be found here – This Notice is issued globally in consultation with the Legal Commission of the ITCCS (Brussels-London-New York)

7 March, 2013



This Document can be used as a Legal Instrument by the signed Bearer
to uphold his or her status as a freeborn man or woman in the territory
of Canada who is not subject to any authority save as a Citizen of a
democratically constituted Republic of Canada

Signature of Citizen



Thanks to:



Superb, if this is real- This is what needs to happen here- And I hope it does, and fast-They need to come here and 'Empty' our garbage cans in the W. 'House'-

Last edited by terbo56 on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:26 am; edited 1 time in total


It is real. It is happening here or at least beginning to.

We are moving forward!! YES!


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