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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » Brother William Discloses the Horrible, Immoral State the Pope’s American Military

Brother William Discloses the Horrible, Immoral State the Pope’s American Military

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Brother William Discloses the Horrible, Immoral State the Pope’s American Military
By admin / January 31, 2012

USS Maine: Blown up by Jesuit agents in Havana Harbor; Begins Spanish-American War, 1898; Subsequent Treaty protects every piece of Roman Catholic Church property in American Empire

Dear Brother William,
Thank you for your most excellent missive below.
Personally, I believe war will be declared on Shia Iran AFTER Prince Hall Rite Freemason Barry Davis Obama is returned to office, AFTER Republican candidate Knight of Malta Newt Gingrich is defeated (further angering all Whites in general due to election fraud), and then AFTER the USS Enterprise is sunk in the Persian Gulf. (The formula for igniting war on a targeted enemy includes two components: a Democratic US president and a planned naval incident.) The sinking of the USS Enterprise will be blamed on Iran (when the real culprit is the pope’s Office of Naval Intelligence having planted a few bombs on the carrier as was done to the USS Arizona and the USS Indianapolis) due to Iranian fighter flyovers dropping a few bombs and strafing the deck with machine gun fire.
Thus, Satan’s Jesuit Order, controlling the International Vatican Empire with all attendant knightly orders, is slowly moving its US/EU military colossus into position to begin the war on Shia Iran. Israel cannot be blamed, as it is the pope’s “Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem” intended survive this war and subsequently prosper including the building of the Third Hebrew Temple. Thus, it appears that 2013 is the year for the attack on Iran.
Lord bless,
Brother Eric

Dear Brother Eric,
I was interested this past week when you actually mentioned troops being deployed to Kuwait, because my unit, 1st Brigade, 4th ID is going to Kuwait in February 2013, makes me think that they are planning to start the war with Iran at the end of 2012 perhaps? The chain of command says it’s we’re going to act as a reserve force incase anything hits up in Iraq again, but I know that’s a lie; it’s to prepare for the invasion of Iran, possibly through Iraq, some of my NCO’s even mentioned that.
I’m continuing to pray and occasionally fast (I’m going to do it more often now) for God to help me get out of the Army. I love listening to your shows when you talk about Great Christian Military leaders like Cromwell, Stonewall Jackson, George Washington and Andrew Jackson. It saddens me to see today that the leaders of the Military today from the highest General to the newest team leader (E-4) are mostly power hungry and sex driven and live on getting drunk every weekend. All those great Christian leaders always had respect for the lower enlisted men who in return actually respected their leaders and prayed with them for victory and would give their lives in a heartbeat to protect them. Today, I see NO leader that I would be willing to lay my life down for, and very few that I actually respect. As long as this country is led by anti-Christian leaders, and anti-Christian Military leaders, this country will never win a war again, and I hate to see it, but for everything this country has done for the past 150 years, we deserve what is coming to this nation: it’s all judgement for our sins.
Also an interesting piece of information I remembered when I listened to your latest interview with the Count about why Iran is called Iran and not Persia. I read somewhere before that during World War II, when Hitler was making allies with the Sunni Muslim Arabs in the Middle East (which were made into a Muslim SS division that were used to persecute millions of Jews and Orthodox Serbs in Eastern Europe I believe) I read Hitler actually renamed Persia “Iran” since ‘Iran” is ‘Aryan” in Arabic and the whole Nazi Aryan belief system comes from Indo-Persia. I can’t say that it’s completely true, but it does seem likely.
Anyways keep up the great work Brother!
Brother in Christ,
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Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:38 AM

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