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Celebrate Your Financial Freedom as Golden Love Abundance!

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Ashtar: Celebrate Your Financial Freedom as Golden Love Abundance!

Ashtar Teleconference - February 21, 2012

"Well, greetings, Beloved Family! Is everybody ready to celebrate tonight? Yes, this is a huge moment. Events are finally coming forth that there can be no mistake in anyone’s Heart or mind, or discernment, that that which we have spoken of all of these years is finally coming to pass. We are so grateful to you, Beloved Ones, because you have created the opportunity for all of this to take place!

"Yes, there seemingly is some chaos going on, but if you hold yourself in your own Divine Light you will not be inconvenienced or made unduly uncomfortable by all of these events. You know that the way must be cleared, and it is being cleared, even in some cases, in choices that are quite extreme. As an example, there was a bank person, an official of the bank of Japan, he was in one of their branches in the country of India, and he chose, or perhaps was given some help, some inspiration, shall we say, to hang himself rather than face what he knew was coming.

"There are incidences where, when they have the capability, the dark hats among the bankers, the corporate controllers and so on, are causing key people who have key information which is going to make them look even worse when they are put on trial, when they have the ability to do so they would rather terminate their physicalities than have them show up to tell all that they know. This is an ongoing thing. It’s been going on ever since the Annunaki first came, you know - cover-ups, lies, deception. Doing anything, even the extreme act of murder, to keep one’s own rear end in the clear, so to speak.

"But that is over, it is over! The Truth is coming out in, oh, so many ways. The one thing that we know that we can observe, or rather, we can share with you from our observations, is that these ones who have been wearing the dark hats and have been trying to be the controllers of everything, and so on and so on - they have overstepped. They have, for all of their cunning and covering up capabilities, their lies, and so on, they have left themselves uncovered. They have always left behind them a trail. The trail is composed of people who know, and many of these people are even now in hiding or are being protected by us and the White Knights - those in human bodies who are working with us, and the Truth of that is that most of them are star seeds anyway, but they are wearing the human bodies because they can move about more freely on the planet.

"There are protections in place of an energetic nature as well, and we would only point to the most well known of the whistleblowers, and there are whistleblowers, as they are called in every country, and people who have dedicated themselves to bringing forward truths. You’ve heard the names of Beloved Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, Obama himself. It is what you can think of as a miracle of Love that they are still alive in their physicalities. There are others who are not, but these ones are protected, they have been protected and they will be protected. They have a mission and contract to stay in their bodies and complete their missions, which is actually, in the greatest, most broad description, Ascension Preparation; that is, to facilitate Ascension Preparation for all of Planet Earth, not just the state or country from which they come.

"All of you in the countries outside the United States have similar beings, some of them have left their bodies to work for this Ascension Preparation and its successful outcome from the other side of what remains of the veil, and some are still here. Makes no difference, We Are One with all of them and One with all of the Lightworkers upon the Planet. You, Beloved Ones, are the ones that are making all of this possible because you have risen in your consciousness to the point where we actually are virtually unrestricted in the interventions that we can do!!!

"In other words, these arrests, are what there is a great deal of focus on right now, and rightfully so, because it is such a beautiful indicator of everything that’s happening to prepare for the next step, which is your financial independence. And when you are financially independent you will be able to just say 'NO' to all of the other aspects of the programs, dogmas and boxes that these ones have put you into all of these eons of time.

"And it is so that you will be able to look up and breathe and see the sky, and connect with the Divinity that You Are, connect with the totality of the Universe, recognize who you really are and really go at warp speed upon your Ascension path. Whatever there is that you feel there is for you to do you can be sure that this new Financial Freedom, which is coming, will pave the way. We do not want to emphasize the importance of money, but we will say this: This is pure, this is precious metals! There is a big difference between that and the paper with all of its attachments that have been in use in society around the World.

"There are no hidden agendas behind this gold. There is Saint Germain, there are the White Knights, there are the wealthy visionaries, there are the other planets who have contributed to this vast treasure trove, and it’s all done out of Love, compassionate Love, and forgiving, which is non-judgmental Love. It is all to say thank you to all of you who have been here so many times in so many lifetimes and in so many identities. It is Gratitude in expression, it is Compassion in expression, it is Forgiveness in expression and it is all Love-based! This money that is coming is coming from the source of Love, and that makes a huge difference because the energy of it is so much higher, the vibrational energy is so much higher than all of this paper, which has been so manipulated so as to manipulate you!!!

"So it is time to celebrate Financial Freedom! Another way of stating that is that it’s time to celebrate Abundance and the Freedom to express yourselves in a manner in which you want to express, such as maybe you want to quit your J-O-B- job and paint pretty pictures. Whatever it is that you choose to do, the World is waiting for you to do it. This Freedom will give you the means to be secure in your homes, to have enough to eat, to take a little trip somewhere if you choose to travel, and because it comes from Love it gives you the Freedom to pay it forward in any manner and with any particular perspective that you choose. Maybe you want to help children that have no families. Perhaps you will go someplace where there are many of these children – orphans, you call them, just think of them as Love and perhaps you will share your Love with them, and some of your loving resources.

"Perhaps there are other things that you would like to do. There will be opportunities to invest in all of the new technologies if you choose to do that. These technologies are coming forward. Your own scientists know a lot more now than they did even five years ago, and they are starting to understand what is happening in the Universe and what is happening on Planet Earth, and it can’t be kept hidden any longer!

"You just heard Beloved Masters, Tara and Rama, speak of the publication of a portal - that’s huge! And it was on national TV, how about that? These things are going to become daily news events - and it isn’t that you need to watch the news on TV because there are still some Foxy ones out there who are trying to persuade you otherwise - but you can get it on the internet, you can get it from your friends, your emails that come around, and there are plenty of You Tubies on every topic. You could spend your entirety of your days and nights learning more and more about these things that are there for you to know about, but we don’t recommend that either.

"Just be aware of what is happening in the greatest sense; in other words, the summary of it all. Because, as we say, there will be more and more information coming out everyday. The description of standing on the head of the pin is most accurate, there is not much more to go. Now, of course, we ask you, as always, to continue to hold the high vibrational energies to the very utmost of your abilities. Beloved Sananda has begun, what you call, a pilot program, to facilitate this to those who are called to join with that, and it will be available worldwide when the broadcasting capabilities are enhanced. This is one of the many advantages that will be coming with the gold. You can call it Golden Love. And of course there are other, what you call, precious metals, involved. Just think – the very term ‘precious,’ does that not carry the energy of Love?

“So, again, it is to focus upon, not so much what your bank account says, how many zeros – that’s what these greedy ones have been focusing on, 'Well I have ten zeros in my bank account…Oh, well I just moved mine up to eleven zeros,' or whatever. It’s not a competition, it’s not about stealing from you, it’s about giving to you what you have coming, it is your Divine Birthright and it is for you to enjoy and to celebrate and to know that you have absolutely every right to receive and to determine for yourselves what you will do with it. No government is going to come and take it away from you. No behind-the-scenes shuffling is going to happen to the computers so that they direct the money away from your accounts and into some other one in Dubai, or whatever. That’s over!

"We want you to feel the Freedom that brings, Freedom to be in charge, Freedom to accept, Freedom to allow others to accept without any kind of jealousy or greed or fear, Freedom from someone who has more than you that can hire somebody or pay somebody to tell you lies or to trick you into losing what you have. That’s over - it’s being done now! They’re trying – oh yes, those Koch brothers are really stepping it up in Wisconsin, but as more and more Truth comes out those people in Wisconsin are going to be giving their response to the Koch brothers and the others who are still trying to purchase what they want, at the expense of everyone else.

"You see, there is a difference. High dimensional lifestyle is all about the Golden Rule, it’s all about the teachings of Sananda and the other ones who came purely to teach. It’s all about treating everyone else in the World, and seeing them, as being One With You and treating them the way that you, yourself want to be treated. Of course, it means you need to recognize your own Divinity and then you will recognize theirs. It does not work if you say, ‘Well, they’re more worthy than I am,’ or, ‘I’m more worthy than they are.’ That’s unequal, that’s out of balance, and that’s 3D.

"The higher dimensional lifestyle says that everyone is equally loved, and everyone is equally loving, and everyone deserves, by their own Divine Birthright, Happiness and Joy, and Peace and Freedom, and yes, Abundance! Yes, let’s hear it for Abundance! This is a biggie, and it’s a big issue, and it has kept the World on edge. Why should one or two percent on Earth have all the Abundance and everybody else have none, you see?

"This inequality has created wars on a global scale, right on down to two individuals – right on down to one individual, making war upon himself or herself. Anybody who says, 'I can’t, I can’t be free, I don’t deserve Abundance,' anybody who is in self-judgment, anybody who is not grateful to himself or herself for simply being alive, that is inequality also - that is out of balance! And so it is that even as you celebrate and you start to breathe and feel the Joy, it is to remember to keep yourself in balance and to simply know without question, without any qualms or equivocations whatsoever, that you deserve all of the Abundance that is flowing to you.

"If you could see it – consider yourself as standing in what has been a very dry riverbed, and all of a sudden the waters of Abundance come in - you’ve been praying for it, or saying mantras for it, or doing sacred rituals to have the river flow again, and all of a sudden you look out ahead of you. Now, it’s not a huge overwhelming, drowning kind of torrent, it is simply a beautiful, beautiful flow of clear, pure water.

"And if you’re standing on the riverbank right now, go ahead, get in. You won’t drown in it, it’s not that high, it’s not going to bury you, it is simply going to come and wet the ground which has been so dry, and perhaps your whole body is crying out because it too has been so dry or dehydrated. By simply standing in the precious water – go ahead you can dip your hand into it, you can drink it, you can splash in it, you can splash each other in happy, joyful play. It is the river of Abundance, Beloved Ones, and it is flowing again! Go ahead jump in, bathe in it, enjoy it and know that it will flow to you as beautifully and effortlessly as that river.

"Now, that’s a pretty joyful vision for you! Perhaps some of you will even dream or have visions of it! Well, if you do send them on in, we would love for you to share. So remember this is what has been promised. No matter how unhappy, how wretched you have felt in this lifetime, or in others, no matter what you have done, or expressed, or felt, it’s over!!! What is there for you now is your own creation, what is there for you now is the Freedom to create your lifestyle - how you want it to be, where you want it to be, with whom you want it to be and in whatever expressions you choose. We are speaking of this knowing that you, Beloved Family, are High-Heart beings already, that you recognize this Light in yourselves and in each other, and that you understand about the high dimensional lifestyle, attitude and expression.

"It’s not about vengeance, this taking away from those who have been stealing it all these eons of time, and redistributing it – no it’s not communism, it’s about everyone enjoying, finally, that which is your Divine Birthright. The Abundance of the Golden Love is a part of your Divine Birthright and we promise you that it will make it easier for you to make whatever changes, if any, you want to make in your lifestyle in this moment in order to further your preparations for Ascension. That, Beloved Ones, is the only reason that this river is going to flow to you. It is to facilitate your Ascension!

"It’s not about getting even, it’s not about making somebody pay for what they have done in the past. It’s not about punishment, or any of those kinds of fear-based events or emotions or expressions. It’s all about you and helping you to get even further along your Ascension paths. It is not about anything except that, so be joyful, feel that Freedom, bathe in that river, splash about, see the sunlight sparking on the water, see the trees along the bank and the flowers swaying gently in the breeze, see your faithful doggy or kitty cat, from this or any other lifetime! It is all about Love and it’s all about being in Joy!

"We simply say to you, remember Who You Really Are, and remember that this is yet another expression of Love coming to you, because it is time, as you measure it, for you to receive that which has been ordained and that which has been rightfully and honorably yours. Because You Are Who You Are, and because you are indeed Divine. Even if you are down in the dumpies and feeling somewhat lost, or not sure, just go within, consult with your guidance team if you choose, and start seeing yourself in that river and open up to how it is that you want to be in enjoyment of this Abundance, which is even now flowing to you.

"Indeed it is time to celebrate, and it is time to be in the spiritual connection of what this does for you, and with you. This is a Divine Occurrence on Planet Earth - it is bringing it into balance and harmony, it is giving you opportunities that you have not yet enjoyed. And that, together with all of the wonderful methods and technologies and Freedoms from dogmas and lies, and all of the other things that have, let’s face it, kept planet Earth in 3D - they are all ordained, they are all right here, and it is for you to accept and allow this whole wondrous package to come into your beings, that you may begin to create the visions of whatever it is that you choose to do with this new Freedom!

"We thank you, we invite you to lift up, get in high vibes, connect within the totality of your beings and with each other and feel the Grace* that all of this brings to you. And so it is. Salut."
* Ashtar's message was followed by "Amazing Grace," sung by Judy Collins.

Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, February 21, 2012. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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