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Out Of Mind » FEEL GOOD ~ BODY & MIND » HOLISTIC HEALING & MEDICAL INFO » "SUGAR is so detrimental to one's health, that one should not even serve it to ones worst enemy!" referring to a cake made of refined wheat and SUGAR!!!

"SUGAR is so detrimental to one's health, that one should not even serve it to ones worst enemy!" referring to a cake made of refined wheat and SUGAR!!!

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Whole (HEALTH) Truth

Hi Friend,

Until now it was always a vital substance that was probably missing and holding you back. HEALTH KEY #6 is different. It is something that you should avoid like the plague, but I must admit that's not easy at all, I know probably best.

If the "devil" had only ONE thing he could do to destroy more lives, create long term suffering and KILL more people than with anything else, then this was it.

Below the checklist that something that devastating would have to fulfill...

it looks totally harmless
originates from nature
it's highly seductive
it's also addictive
it tastes extremely well
it's as good for some as and for most the 2nd best thing than sex
it is very pleasing to consume
it's meanwhile "everywhere"
if it's given as present you're a "friend"
kids reward parents with a smile
it can be added to almost anything making it "irresistible"
it's more devastating than firearms and all the wars that took place
it's a silent killer
for those that can't resist it's absolute deadly
it slowly destroys one organ/tissue after the other
it alters the brain
it’s so evil that its damage is very hard to trace back
it contains something needed by the body thus "masking" it
it kills in slow motion over decades
the ones that are "hooked" protect it as being harmless
mothers bring it home to make their kids happy ("silence" them)
it never fails as gift
it has its "own" celebration dates
it costs very little, everyone can afford it
it's marketed and sold as a natural thing
it actually falls in the class of tobacco and alcohol, but is freely available even to the smallest innocent kids
it is found everywhere in the world including meanwhile remote rural areas
mothers give it their infants without knowing what "BAD" they're doing
even during pregnancy mothers harm their babies without being warned, quite the opposite, irreversibly without knowing... "creating" their kids "addiction"
it makes aggressive
it makes depressive
it's the reason/cause for "hyperactivity", besides many other symptoms/diseaeses
it robs the ability to concentrate and think conclusively
wars were fought and many killed to control it

What an ingenious EVIL was created, enabling one person to figure out how to make it available on large scale, with this WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION!

Nothing else, in a matter of only ~200 years (US, CA) was so detrimental to their populations health than this EVIL...

You can guess/know already what it is by now... S U G A R !!!

Impossible you say, that's not THAT harmful... or is it?

So let's find out together...

Let's take a closer look at what BIG SUGAR is doing...

"Sugar is natural, it's found in most plants and in fruit, it's good for you and not harmful in any way, come on?". Great isn't it. Don't they meet the criteria for lying almost perfectly.

Now let's look at the facts. What they are referring to is NOT what they are selling to you as table sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or syrups, adding more recently Agave syrup "hidden" in the many names and forms they are selling SUGAR to you, in almost anything you digest.

Even added to cigarettes to make them more addictive and make it easier for kids to make the transformation, sensing the SUGAR!!! Going so far even placing the treats vending machines close/next to the cigarette vending machines in some countries!

Now to be able to destroy these LIES, we must at first get the definitions right on what we are talking about/referring to.

There are only 3 dietary mono sugars... No, the word sugar is not a description at all, almost anything sweet, or tasting sweet after chewing it, can be meant by it, right.

Hence correct only 3... Monosaccharides (Mono=1 Molecule) relevant to human nutrition exist.

Do you know them all?

Everyone knows the first 2, being Glucose and Fructose, but what about the 3rd... Lactose? No!

Isn't it interesting that with so many eating and drinking SUGAR DAILY and the SUGAR information organizations promoting SUGAR since decades, most consumers don't even know that?! That would have been the job of the SUGAR Association (SA), etc., if they were meant to really inform you what you're eating/enters your body, right?

Simply, because it is not intended that you know how to distinguish all the many sugars found in nature and find out what you are actually getting, labeled as "natural" SUGAR. Cover-up... increasing sales is their main job!

The right answer to the question above is... Galactose, being the 3rd dietary Monosaccharide (1).

And Lactose is a Disaccharide (Di=2 Molecules), formed by Glucose + Galactose.

What they are selling you is/was mainly table SUGAR = Sucrose, a Disaccharide (Glocose + Fructose) that in this final refined form is neither found in cane nor beats, nor nature! This is a totally purified isolate devoid of all the associated nutrients, especially lots of fiber found in cane and beats. Hence man-made SUGAR. All caps is how I refer to ALL man-made sugars.

Hence what they are selling to you is NOT natural at all and toxic to your liver and the kidneys as "any" non-natural isolate is, besides SUGAR's many devastating effects on your body, we will cover in more detail below.

Already in 1949 an experiment was done feeding rats either alcohol or table sugar =, Sucrose. Analyzing the livers of all rats, it was to the observers indistinguishable what liver one was looking at, comparing the severe damage done, 20% vs. 26% fatty liver tissue in every rat and fibrosis = pre-Cirrhosis equally spread in every 2nd rat!

This devastating damage done to the liver was accomplished in 180 days. The study showed another unexpected fact, the joints of rats also from the Sucrose group, showed striking deformities around and in the Synovial area (where the joints join) and the cartilage as well.

British Medical Journal (BMJ): "LIVER DAMAGE PRODUCED BY FEEDING ALCOHOL OR SUGAR..." (From the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research, University of Toronto)

The confusion games BIG SUGAR plays are also brilliant, talking about carbs, sugars, natural, glucose and life "saving" interchangeably and indeed this non-natural isolate can also be called a carb. They use the word sugar meaning everything that tastes sweet incl. honey and fruit, always knowing that what they are selling to you, has hardly anything to do with those and is detrimental to your health.

Their Sucrose = refined Glucose and Fructose, hence has totally different effects on the body, as when you were trying to chew a sugar cane or beat. And if you would, you could hardly ingest a small table spoon full of sugar that way, before feeling full.

But a small boy drinking his cacao in the morning and/or his kid’s cereal gets WAY MORE SUGAR as start into his school day?! In fact the cacao drink being actually all SUGAR crystals powdered with minute quantities of chocolate powder added to color the SUGAR brown. You're actually giving your kids almost nothing else but SUGAR! Nevertheless being advertised as healthy and even promoting his learning, but resulting in the exact opposite. A tragedy of giant scale!

The result the kids concentration after ~2 hours drops and they can hardly follow what's going on in class. He's so easily distracted. ADD a "new" disease? NO! "just" the result of the blood sugar drops between SUGAR meals he's/kids are suffering from, nothing else.

Guess what bank-rolled scientists came up with those to that date unknown terms, surfacing in the last decades... ADD, ADHD, etc. To cover up what they know... nothing but the massive side effects of SUGAR. But by creating new "diseases"; "it's not SUGAR, it's a specific disease and that can have many causes... "We're even supporting research to help these kids!?"

NO SUGAR = NO ADD or ADHD, period. Try it out and be amazed! kid or adult!

Get them off SUGAR and within 2 weeks concentration is back and the grades go up and school is enjoyed/more. Bring back only the SUGAR and watch how they fall back to the old "odd" behavior.

But it's going to be a fierce fight, 3 days with withdrawal symptoms (headache, aggressive, yelling, and then crying. etc.). Getting past the 3rd day is half the battle. After a week you have already won, 14 days, no more desire for treats/that sweetness, but just 1 cacao or only 1 ice cream or 1 cookie at a friend's house and it's ALL back. You can start at square ONE, that's how addictive SUGAR really is and they know that very well!

In adults the same thing... need more coffee and/or SUGAR and/or energy drink to maintain concentration, but all being due to the SUGAR withdrawal.

These daily constant surges of SUGAR and drops below baseline BS-levels several times per day, finally lead to insulin resistance and then guaranteed to Diabetes Type 2. The overweight/obesity is THE consequence NOT the cause of it!

There is enough evidence to prove that without SUGAR there would NOT be one person with Diabetes, incl. type 1 over the many generations. "All" studies that prove otherwise were bankrolled and funded directly or indirectly by BIG SUGAR, following their mission; "NEVER allow the scientific consensus that SUGAR is unhealthy or causes any disease incl. tooth decay".

Hence you can hear even some dentists saying; "No sugar has nothing to do with the explosion of cavities in toddlers, this has to be further researched what actually causes this dramatic increase, a "gene defect" may cause it? This is a tragedy, the poor kids."

I know you will not like this and I used to "love" SUGAR too and still have my problems with a very occasional ice cream and I also admit, dark 80% chocolate once per week. And To be honest with you, dark chocolate with more than 80-90%, I can't get down.

BAD news if you consume SUGAR daily... German scientist have recently found out, that when you consume it for more than ~2 decades a "SUGAR region" in the brain grows larger and then your will, to stop eating SUGAR or getting past that donuts stand or anything that sells SUGAR/treats is without help, impossible! At that stage you are drawn in, you can NOT even resist any longer. Your brain forces you to get your regular dose!

This recent study shocked even me. Adaptation of brain tissue, beside "only" cell receptor down regulation occuring in everyone much faster than that, but actual neuro-plasticity, an area in your brain growing, making you "linked" to SUGAR! UH!

Bottom-line... either "yes" SUGAR or NO SUGAR and the latter is mandatory to get HEALTHY and being able to achieve your FULL genetic potential. Or you are a person as an ex alcoholic or ex smoker, that can cut back to 2-3 cigarettes per day and 1 or 2 glasses per week and CONTROL IT and STAY at that level and NOT fall back... NEVER?

If that's you, then only for those extraordinary unreal uberhuman, that I'm not, in moderation, for all others... a NO-GO!

Replacing all SUGAR with organic fruit incl. dried and raw organic honey and baking with honey and whole grains as alternative, if at all, plus frozen fruit (i.e. berries) instead of ice cream, is the ONLY way that's NOT detrimental for most.

But the health benefit of quitting SUGAR for good, is HUGE, most can't even imagine. Just 2 weeks "dry" and you will have better concentration/focus, more energy, lose weight easily, eating much less and your "stiffness" and especially joint flexibility and movement will dramatically improve.

If you have Asthma and/or Allergies, they will improve, because without SUGAR in the life of that person, they would have ZERO allergies! No SUGAR during pregnancy and afterwards = NO allergies or Asthma, and BIG SUGAR knows that also.

BIG SUGAR actually treats you as a "PIG". Every master knows adding SUGAR to the fodder of pigs makes them gain weight fast and overeat (FAT), SUGAR is a known fattener in farming, dead cheep and very effective!

Does BIG SUGAR know that... of course, but then you buy more and more and get more and more overweight and crave more and more SUGAR... Caching!!!

They also hold shares of BIG FOOD and make HUGE profits selling indirectly Low Cal., mostly low fat products, making it even more difficult for you to resist SUGAR, because the less animal/fat the less satiated and the more hungry you are. Especially when falling for their spread mantra, to eat 5 or more small meals per day.

Since you eat SUGAR, "everyone" does and they know that, the more often you eat, even small portions, the more often you will be forced to eat more calories. The less often you eat the less calories you will gain, makes sense right... from their perspective, perfectly! That body builder myth that with 5 or even 8 small meals/snacks, the latter mostly with lots of added SUGAR in disguise, today being High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), etc. or Maltose, or Dextrose, Maple syrup, Agave syrup. The latter sounding like healthy alternatives, but being the most harmful meanwhile. All fits perfectly, in fattening you like "PIG's", that's how they view/treat you in reality and how they in decades "KILL" you!

Simple formula: the more SUGAR you eat on a daily basis, the more symptoms/diseases you get/have and the SOONER you DIE! NO other substance known to man has such devastating combined detrimental effects on your body than SUGAR has. Absolutely nothing... unless it kills you right away!

Even smoking less than a pack per day, dependent on how much SUGAR that other person consumes, is not as harmful as "eating" SUGAR in regard to total IMPACT on the body! But don't get me wrong, don't smoke either!

The list how SUGAR does all this harm, is too long to fit here, but in the next email, I will go into more detail and do my best trying to convince you, that those few minutes of taste bud pleasure, that can in many ways be compensated for, through healthy good tasting alternatives, is NOT worth the severe side affects you will guaranteed sooner or later suffer from.

You can exercise as often/much/hard as you want. You can NOT make all good what SUGAR does to your health, that's simply impossible.

How fast SUGAR removal works... check this out...

Constipation: SUGAR slows down bowel movement, is a strong/muscle relaxant/"weakener". 2 weeks off SUGAR... GONE!

Acid re-flux: increased acidity in your stomach, plus relaxing the muscle of your stomach that prevents that normally from happening, 1 week off SUGAR... GONE!

Stiffness in your joints, especially in the morning, 14 days off SUGAR... much better, 3 months... GONE!

Heavy breathing, sticky mucous, 14 days off SUGAR much better 3-7 months... GONE!

I'll continue this long list in my next email/article, but just do a search on "sugar a toxin".

A MD in Germany, after being sued by the German SUGAR dynasty, Suedzucker Gmbh (controlling 1/3 of the global production at that time) and he winning based on all the evidence he presented incl. the "supreme court" ruling, is allowed to state in Germany. "SUGAR is a TOXIN and NOT a nutrient!

If that's legally true in Germany it's TRUE... everywhere!

And this is what he had to say about how bad SUGAR is to your health... after all the evidence he had compiled... for his bestselling book "Man-Made SUGAR a disease Maker" [my "translation" of the German title]

"SUGAR is so detrimental to one's health, that one should not even serve it to ones worst enemy!" referring to a cake made of refined wheat and SUGAR!!!

Nothing comes close... as to what a TOXIN SUGAR IS, than his quote.

The sooner you start freeing yourself from the SUGAR addiction, the faster you will lose all your excess pounds, gain back your health and improve your energy, plus much more.

I'll show you ways how to make this as doable as possible.

If you have comments, feedback so far or want to ask something related, just hit reply and do it :)

In my next email/article I will share with you, for those that can't get off or simply do not want to get off SUGAR and/or alcoholic beverages, besides red wine, how to prevent "any" damage to at least your liver.

Alex Rucker

Whole(HEALTH)Truth (live soon...)

P.S. Never before it was so easy to help change the world. In just minutes... few clicks of your mouse/taps of your fingers, helping thousands' from unnecessarily suffering from the side effects of SUGAR, daily... decades!

P.P.S. Without the need of any election/authority to give you permission or rely on/wait for... making it happen... So please do help "us". Many thanks!

All these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, this product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The information provided is not to be viewed as medical advice. It is for informational purposes only. If you have a disease or condition, or if you are going to start a new diet, exercise or supplement program, ideally see your medical professional first.


Whoa what a read thanks Yman I am cross eyed now LOL!


It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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