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"Information from Source - I Did Not Post it the First Time - But NOW It Must Be Posted to Stop What is Planned "

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Information from Source - I Did Not Post it the First Time - But NOW It Must Be Posted to Stop What is Planned

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Information from Source - I Did Not Post it the First Time - But NOW It Must Be Posted to Stop What is Planned
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 18-Mar-2013 15:37:15

About a month ago I received a message from a member of Gunther's team. This man has contacted me over the years with information that he felt was vital to be posted. He contacted me a month ago with information that was so disturbing to me that I chose NOT to post it. He contacted me again today and told me that the President's trip to Israel could be the way he kills two birds with one stone.
The first time my Source called he told me that the President is obsessed with the legacy of President Lincoln. So obsessed that he has been planning his legacy after his assassination. He is placing ideologues who share his vision for the United Socialist States in his administration. In other words, even without him as President, his vision for AmeriKa will be carried out.
My Source believes that the "Obama" that will be assassinated will be his double. The real Obama will live in the shadows orchestrating his vision for the U.S.S.A. through a few trusted comrades who know he is still alive and who share his vision for our country and then the world.
After telling me this information, my Source asked me:
"Do you believe Obama is capable of this?"
I thought for about a second and then said, "Yes."
As I was thinking about what Obama is capable of doing, I realized that he is a narcissist who believes he knows what is best for the planet; and he will do whatever it takes to put his plan for the USSA and then the world in place. I am going to ask each of you who read this to ask yourselves the same question that my Source asked me...
"Do YOU believe President Obama is capable of orchestrating his own assassination in order to have his agenda 'in toto' put in place in the USSA?"
I doubt if any RMN reader believes his is NOT capable of doing this.
My source called again today. He called for two reasons. He wanted to know why I had not posted his warning to America and he wanted to add more to the "Obama assassination theory."
He said our President hates Israel and wants it wiped off the face of the earth. He also reminded me that for the first 10 years of his life he was raised as a Muslim. My Source said that the leaders of the Muslim world know that President Obama's allegiance is NOT to America or Israel, but to his own ideology which is rooted in Islam and nurtured with socialist/communist rules.
My Source said that a recent poll in Israel states that only 10% of Israelis like our president.
This BBC article links to the article with the 10% figure:
My Source fears that Obama has arranged to kill two birds with one stone...
1. His Double
2. Israel
My thoughts... not anything my Source told me:
If President Obama is killed on his first trip to Israel the nation of Israel will cease to exist. It is possible that the planet will cease to exist if the Israelis use nuclear weapons to combat their attackers.
I hope that by posting this information that people who have their heads screwed on a little better than a narcissist and his trusted ideologues will do whatever it takes to make sure that President Obama is NOT assassinated on his trip to Israel.
I also fear President Obama's desire to emulate the legacy of President Lincoln will lead to President Obama planning his own assassination.
Besides fearing this because my Source told me he wants to follow in Lincoln's footsteps, I fear this because I know that the very law firm that first employed Barack Obama and his wife is the same law firm that manages the Lincoln Trust.
I posted a post in October of 2012. It appears to have been removed from RMNews. Not by RMNews... but by someone else. Here is the message that comes up when I try to access the original post:
Oops! Google Chrome could not connect
Access a cached copy of www.¬rumormillnews.¬com/¬cgi-¬bin/¬archive.¬cgi/¬noframes/¬read/¬255944
Try reloading: www.¬rumormillnews.¬com/¬cgi-¬bin/¬archive.¬cgi/¬noframes/¬read/¬255944
Search on Google:
Here is the google cache of this post:
The above post tells just a fraction of the connection between this law firm and the assassination of President Lincoln. If you want to understand the entire story put these words in a search engine:
sidley austin abel danger lincoln assassination
There is much information and documentation that shows Sidley Austin had links to the Lincoln assassination. Also remember that Chicago is a Rothschild town and has been since it was formed. According to Abel Danger, Sidley Austin not only controls the Lincoln Trust but it controls the Rockefeller Trust. This makes me wonder how many other Trusts it controls.
I believe that Sidley Austin has put the idea in President Obama's head that he can "survive" his assassination by using one of his many aliases. He can watch as his hand picked successors carry out his legacy and paint him as the greatest President the United States has ever had.
However, what if Sidley Austin has other plans for President Obama. Surely Barack Obama wants wants to survive his planned assassination so he can live to see his "legacy" put into the history books. What if Sidley Austin wants him dead to ensure that his egoistic narcissism does not pop up and spoil their plans for the Rothschild takeover of the United States.
To understand what a Rothschild takeover of the USA means all you have to do is study the history of Russia after the elite backed communists took over Russia. You will find mass murder, famine, starvation, cannibalism, torture, forced labor camps, scientific experimentation and more horrors that anyone can ever imagine if you didn't live through it.
Here is a snippet of the information you will find on Abel Danger about what elite backed westerners brought forth in Russia:
Anna Louise Strong (November 24, 1885 – March 29, 1970), cousin of Maurice Strong, was a twentieth-century American journalist and activist, best known for her reporting on and support for communist movements in the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. Anna Louise Strong founded the first English language newspaper in Moscow called The Moscow News.FORENSIC ECONOMICS: Genocidal views: buried in China along with her husband, Russian Joel Shubin, it is alleged, (they) persuaded Stalin to introduce a seed ration turning over forty percent of production to the state. It is further alleged, these peasants and kulaks were starved to death to collect on the insurance underwritten by the insurance company known as Equitable Life of the United States in Chicago.
“Company History: One of the world's largest law firms, Chicago-based Sidley Austin Brown & Wood is a legal powerhouse with several branch offices in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.snip
In their first few years their general practice included collecting debts, litigation, real estate work in the booming city, and writing wills. [Managed the trust funds for an allegedly extorted Mary Lincoln and had her locked up in an asylum to keep her from revealing the role of the Adelphi hit teams and the Playfair Time Lapse Cipher in the assassination of her husband]
--end of quotes---
The President and his family need to read this:
If Sidley Austin "discovered" Barack Obama, due to his long time mentor... Chicago communist Frank Marshal Davis... then President Obama needs to realize that not only will they turn against him... but since they locked Mary Todd Lincoln up in an insane asylum... they will also destroy his family and close friends to keep any and all secrets about their involvement in his assassination from coming out.
This has been one of the most difficult posts I have ever written. I could have turned it into a book with all the other things I know and have published here on RMN... but I refrained from doing this. Let's forget about what I wrote above and just hone in on what my Source said:
1. President Obama is obsessed with President Lincoln and is planning his own assassination so he will go down in the history books just like his hero.2. Only 10% of Israelis approve of President Obama and because of this my Source fears that President Obama will be assassinated while he is in Israel.
3. If this happens the Muslim world will attack Israel.
4. If Israel is attacked they will respond with nuclear bombs and it is possible the entire world will be destroyed.
After reviewing what my Source said, I wonder if this is the reason that we have had so many posts about the Elite leaving the United States and/or going to their underground bunkers?


I doubt it- The reason the 'elite' are hauling ass out of the country is because the Gov. and the feds have found out what their plan is, and therefore are leaving the country, in droves, bankers, lawyers, capatalist cronies, , as they know that their time, and, the jig is up- They will be apprehended in time-They can scurry away, but in the end they cannot hide-Now, only if Obama will haul ass out of the country, and stay out, along with all his followers in the clan-


Last Thursday there were at least a dozen presidential helicopters hovering over Argonne National Labs near Joliet Illinois. I have a friend that works there and told e of this.
Argonne is a nuclear reactor facility.
These copters never landed that he knew of but buzzed the place all day. He said that the last time this happened O actually visited the plant.
Now this has nothing at all to do with the above post but it has been bugging me since I was told of this and I have searched all the media outlets to no avail. No word at all.
I just get the feeling that something big is brewing.
Do I think O will have himself assassinated? Possibly. I have thought he would be removed even before he took office the first time. I am surprised he has made it thus far. Remember the hologram video from last week? Maybe he already has been replaced.



Purpleskyz, either way, it can't be fast enough for all of us, him being replaced, I mean-......We have the 'Black' copters flying over head, but it is a rare occurance, and the last one I have seen was 2-3 months ago, but it probably doesn't mean that there won't be more flyovers, and we don't have them often enough to make any great deal of difference- Our house is under a landing flight path for three different small airports -Leesburg airport, for small planes,and Sheriff's office copters, and Newsteams, Eustis Municipal Airfield, for copters and small planes, and Zellwood, for old novelty planes{ BI-planes, old P51 Mustangs} small copters and small aircraft, all within 5-9 miles apart from each other- :affraid: :affraid: 🇦🇸

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