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Out Of Mind » FEEL GOOD ~ BODY & MIND » AMAZING PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS » Activists Attempt Citizens Arrest on Henry Kissinger

Activists Attempt Citizens Arrest on Henry Kissinger

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Activists Attempt Citizens Arrest on Henry Kissinger

By Derrick Broze

March 18, 2013

Henry Kissinger is one of the most controversial statesman the United
States has ever had. Known by some as the greatest diplomat for his
work opening up relations between the Soviet and Chinese governments,
Mr. Kissinger is also called a War Criminal by many others.

Kissinger has evaded questions and legal summons by investigators in
France, Spain, Chile and Argentina. They seek answers about his
involvement in disappearances of citizens in the US and other countries
in regard to Operation Condor. Condor was a campaign of political
repression and terror involving assassination and intelligence
operations implemented in 1975 by the dictatorships of South America.
The former Secretary of State was heavily involved in Operation Condor.

On September 10, 2001, the family of General Schneider initiated a
civil action in federal court in DC, claiming that Kissinger gave the
agreement to murder the general because he had refused to endorse plans
for a military coup in Chile.

November 13, 2002, 11 individuals brought suit against Kissinger for
human rights violations following the coup. They accused him of forced
disappearance, torture, arbitrary detention, and wrongful death. The
suit claims that Kissinger provided practical assistance and
encouragement to the Chilean regime with reckless disregard for the
lives and well-being of the victims and their families.

Both cases were dismissed based on sovereign and diplomatic immunity.

For these reasons and more, activist alliance The Houston Free
Thinkers decided to pay the Asia Society Texas Center a visit upon
learning that Kissinger would be participating in a conversation with
James Baker III. Baker is also a criminal among the ruling class,
however Kissinger really takes the cake for countless murders around the

The cost for admission was between $150-350 to bask in the presence
of Kissinger and Baker. Several members of HFT staked out the center
hours before the event began. Besides confronting the war criminal, we
spoke to guests attending this event about the true nature of Henry

After 4 hours of circling the building, HFT identified the most
likely entry point and hung around like vultures. Around 6:30 pm the
commotion began. The plan was simple: Either attempt to get an
interview, confront Kissinger, or if all else failed stop his car and
attempt a citizens arrest.

As you can see in the video the driver of the vehicle continued to
drive forward with no regard for my life. The Houston Police Department
officers stand by while a war criminal goes free, and museum employees
are overcome with laughter at the sight of the protesters. Despite
this, HFT continued to talk with onlookers.

Henry Kissinger still roams free. These days he only travels with
legal advice, ensuring that more attempts will not be made to arrest
him. After this event we hope Kissinger scratches Houston off his list
of safe places to visit.

Derrick Broze is a founding member of The Houston Free Thinkers and writes for He can be heard on Orion Talk Radio, Local Live Houston and the upcoming Unbound Radio. Find his work at and

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3/18/2013 07:15:00 PM

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That's ok- He'll fuck up eventually, and somebody will take him out- He might kick the bucket soon, who knows? A real bastard, he is-Anyway, he deserves what he'll have comming to him, I'm sure- :x :x

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