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Crystal Cities in NDE’s

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1Crystal Cities in NDE’s  Empty Crystal Cities in NDE’s on Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:28 am



Crystal Cities in NDE’s

Filed under: NDE — by angelicview @ 2:32 am
Tags: Crystal Cities, NDE

AngelicView: I did some
research for you tonight and found a lot of references to Crystal Cities
in NDE’s. I think it’s kind of interesting that some people describe
similar locations in their NDE’s. In fact, there are many references to
Crystal Cities, and here is only a few examples.

Crystal Cities in NDE’s  Crystalcity1

They (his two
Guides/Angels/Light-Beings) helped me across a long white bridge. To my
left about halfway across the bridge was a large city made of light. The
colors were silver blue, white, and silver. It looked like crystal
light. I was getting better as we approached the end of the bridge, and
entered into a large white dome at the end of the bridge. I sat there as
my two personal or guardian angels communicated with the others seated
on the circumference of the interior of the dome. The communication was
telepathic. I heard the voices, but did not speak. I knew that they were
talking about me. They were deciding if I should be admitted into the
city and then into the heavens, or return to earth. The general
consensus among the beings there, including my two guardians, was that I
should stay. A leader among them stood and asked me directly “You have
free will, and the choice to stay or return to earth is yours.” I said ”
I have a daughter that must know who I am , and also earth is in a lot
of darkness right now. They need as many people with good heartedness
within them alive and on earth right now. For these reasons I would like
to return and complete my mission.”

Immediately I felt renewed
strength. I stood and was guided by four guardian angels from the dome.
As I passed the city I could sense all of them there. I sent love from
my heart to them. I felt at least 10,000 other hearts return that love
to me. This made me even more renewed as I left with my four guardian
angels, two on each side of me.


I remember visiting what I
thought was Atlantis/Crystal City. It was incredible. I remember it
having a pink hue and being far ahead of us in it’s technology.


It was a place, a domain that I
knew right away was a transfer station – a place where beings go when
moving between realms. It was like a city of crystal structures and
verdant green trees and vegetation.

I went into a huge, huge beyond
comprehension, perhaps dome-like structure where one would go to meet
with enormous beings of light/energy/color to do the life review. I
cannot describe the feelings of awe and wonder that I was immersed in.

I was shown what would be
unfolding with humans on Earth over the coming 50 or so years. I have
been back in this body now for 30 years, and everything is occurring
exactly as had been shown – in relation to the larger picture of where
Earth and the local humans would be headed. This is a time of great
transformation – as had been described/shown to me during the life

SourceCrystal Cities in NDE’s  Crystalcity2

I went quickly through a tunnel
and was met by two shimmering beings who stayed with me the entire time.
The first place I went was a crystal city, every thing was vibrant and
alive. These beings took me to different rooms within the crystal city,
one of the rooms I came to know as the room of knowledge. In this room I
knew all there was to know about everything. The beings didn’t let me
keep all the knowledge I gained at that time. The next room seemed to be
a giant hall, where I was told all the great healers of the world were
and I was amongst them. At that time I didn’t know what that meant.

The next room was octagon shaped
and it had what appeared to be a well in the middle of the floor. I
seemed to be at the edge of the well before I knew it, and as I looked
into the well I saw what seemed to be moving and churning energy. It was
in the shape of confetti and had all the colors of the rainbow. I put
my hands into the well and felt the energy of it. It felt like static
electricity and seemed to heighten all my senses. Then all of a sudden
four tunnels appeared in front, behind and to the sides of me, these
tunnels had light at the ends of them. The two beings were conveying to
me that I had a choice to take any path I wanted and that I had to go.


Upon my arrival at this crystal
powered city I called Paralandra the city of celestial light, where I
was introduced to “mind speak”. Mind speak is a communication without
using words; it is an etheric passing of information through energy from
one being to another as if by osmosis. One has an instant understanding
and sense of ideas, concepts and thoughts of any other being. Upon
return to planet earth I realized that a science fiction writer C. S.
Lewis had referred to Paralandra in one of his books, so I changed the
name to Pseudolandra. Pseudolandra was like a land of enchantment, but
not an amusement park, it was gloriously colored and auraed in lively
pastel hues.

It was after my initial
introduction to ZAR when I was both sent and led down the non- hallway
where there were rooms with light illuminating from within the room
only. The first room was the room of forgiveness. In here one had to
cast off all aspersions done to the self or done to others by the self.
Before one could leave they were required to feel self-love, be
cleansed, healed, and let go of all concepts pertaining to earthly
tenants “sins”. Once in this room one stayed until all the necessary
vibrational tune-ups to the soul were accomplished.

Since there was no way to
measure the concept of time by earth standards, the events happen as if
one is getting dry cleaning, or a vibrational air bath.

One does not actually walk into
these rooms, one is led as if one is floating in space, and yet one
seems so solid in space. One simply moves from room to room when it is
deemed appropriate to move on.

The concept of left-brain
dominance in our earth society came out of this experience. The right
brain concept becomes dominant upon return to the, earth. Evidently
right brain use has become most commonly associated with the drawing on
the right side of the brain concept. I assure you, the right brain
concept is the most important aspect of an NDE. It was here in the realm
where I was shown how schools, banks, governments and most “systems”
are based on left brain concepts, it is also the principle in which the
“material sciences” are entrenched. These left brained concepts have a
strong foothold in the “material world”. Those of the material world are
the Scrooge’s, who are rigid, unloving, uncaring, unkind and seem to
operate at robotic or automaton levels in life.

There is a room to show future
events. After entering and being exited from this chamber room when one
returns to this earth planet one usually connects with others who have
had NDE’s or others who are naturally tuned into the vibrational.
frequency levels of similar humans.

There is not a sense that this
is just one room, one concept, and others are present in these rooms,
but they are not noticed by perfumes, apparel, or other ego centered
characteristics or traits. One ‘s energy level is as subtle as a
whisper, as gentle as a sigh, and as quiet as a flower.

Personally I believe it took more than the room of forgiveness to tune me up to a high level of consciousness.

Room after room provided an area
of cleansing for the soul. It was akin to a university of knowledge
concept, it was a job or work while there, it was not just a duty it was
more like a desire to become a better person in every way was the way
of the way, as opposed to the way things were.

Crystal Cities in NDE’s  Crystal_city21

As my soul lifted out of my body
I felt these incredible wings envelop me, it was as if I was being
taken in my own private rocket into space, at an incredible speed. I had
no time to think about looking back to the earth and saying good-bye. I
could hear the soft voice of what seemed like a female, assuring me I
would be ok. Suddenly the wings opened and I was deposited on a path.
The butterfly vanished, before me was the crystal city with it’s pale
pastel colors but of very bright shimmering hues of pinks, blues,
yellows, purple, white, and green. I was moving forward, as if I was
being pulled, or magnetized toward a destination. There were no doors,
but I seemed to have arrived. I looked around, I saw a male figure that
seemed faceless but in charge, his name was ZAR. I was called QUASAR. I
was given no actual papers, but I was to take these invisible papers
(liquid crystal sheets) to a room. There were rooms; I went from one to
another, floating.

I seemed to have a body that was
bodiless, mass that was mass-less, shape and form, but no weight, I
could see that I had a typical body, but it just didn’t feel like my
earth body. I was aware of the fact I was going to return to earth. I
made the circle of chambers which I was informed through mind speak for
programming and a tune-up vibrationally. I could hear faint music that
was soft and almost unnoticeable. It was faint to the ears, it seemed to
have a resonance that was tuning me up. I saw files, chambers, and
doors that were not doors. I was given a tour in the invisible limo. I
sat, another faceless person sat and we toured the city. I called it
Paralandra. Later I called it Pseudolandra.


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