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OPPT Summary – by Simon Palmer

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1OPPT Summary – by Simon Palmer Empty OPPT Summary – by Simon Palmer on Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:58 am


OPPT Summary – by Simon Palmer

Posted: March 24, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)


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This is a short summary of what has transpired to date. I sent it to a [religious] friend who asked me for some bullet points.

–Simon Palmer
The three main ‘trustees’ of OPPT
researched, and found, many illegal and unlawful aspects of today’s
global social, governmental, and financial systems.
They put together a form of words, and submitted these ‘filings’
through the appropriate legal channels [the UCC]. These filings
challenged the existing systems, and the many people behind them, with
proving that they were NOT in fact, running a ‘slavery system’; one that
was both immoral and illegal. The defendants were unable to ‘rebut’ the
accusations, and by virtue of the legal mechanisms in place within the
UCC, the defendants therefore stood guilty of the alleged crimes.
Treason, was one of these crimes.

The more important philosophical story that stood un-noticed behind the legal story, was one of ‘harvesting’.

Human beings are systems of energy….electro-magnetic energy…. as are
all ‘things’ as perceived through the fives senses, in the physical

Such energy can be controlled, and used, by other beings…….. beings
who have an orientation towards service-to-self, rather than towards
service-to-others. The energy of humanity is expressed in the form of
emotions, ranging from the two extremes: love, and fear, as well as
everything in between.

For the sake of this explanation, love is assumed to encompass:
compassion, forgiveness, care, understanding, nurturing, goodness,
affection, appreciation…. and associated positive emotions. Fear is
assumed to encompass: hatred, enmity, lack of care, hostility,
malevolence, and negativity of all types.

It is the energy of fear that is harvested from humanity by the service-to-self-oriented beings.

Now….. here comes the tricky part: These aforementioned
service-to-self types exist as both physical and non-physical beings.
The non-physical, service-to-self types control the physical
service-to-self types, from ‘behind the curtain’ of the physical world.
These non-corporeal beings are often referred to as ‘wizards’.

Most, if not all, physical beings in positions of political power,
are thus controlled, and their purpose has been to incite and perpetuate
situations on Earth that create fear in the population. Fear is an
‘energy’ that serves the purposes of the service-to-self- factions,
while love is an energy that they seek fervently to avoid. This is why
there are so many wars going on in the world, and why there is so much
destruction, mayhem, starvation, hopelessness, decay, and general
decadence……. it is all by design.

One of the chief tools that has been used to harvest the energy of
humanity, besides war, is the financial system. This is a system that is
carefully and deliberately controlled so that all the visible currency
that is perceived to be available to humanity, is directed to the top of
the pyramid of control, leaving the vast majority of the world’s
population in a state of debt, poverty, and insufficiency.

In such a state, the world’s population have little or no time to be
creative, to be happy, to share, to care, or to love. Instead, they
spend most of their time fighting for their small share of the perceived
ever-diminishing supply of just about everything; or, if they exist in
what is known as the ‘third world’, such impoverished people spend their
entire lives simply trying to fend off starvation.

Such a state of being creates the energy of fear, and this energy
serves quite literally as food to the non-corporeal beings who lust
after it. Meanwhile, the politicians and the bankers on this side of the
veil, are ‘rewarded’ for their service to the non-corporeal beings,
through lavish monetary payouts, and opulent lifestyles.

One of the basic premises of the OPPT ‘philosophy’ is the
understanding of there being what is known as a ‘Creator’. Such a term
has many alternate descriptors, depending on the beliefs of the person,
or people, expressing such. The Creator is also known as: God, Source,
Infinite Consciousness, All-that-is, Divine being, Father, Holy Spirit,
Yahweh, Jehovah….amongst many others.

Concurrent with the notion of there being a Creator, exists the premiss of there being ‘the Created’.

The ‘Created’ is a term which encompasses everything that exists, or
is seen to exist, and includes human beings currently residing on the
planet Earth.

However, when we make reference to these terms…..the Creator, and
the Created….. we automatically set into motion the idea of separation;
ie: the Created are separated from, and less than, the Creator.

In the theology of monotheism, such a concept of separation is
accepted as part of the belief structure. However, in pantheism it
isn’t. The theology of pantheism embraces the idea that the perceived
separation that exists between the Creator and the Created, is actually
an illusion; one that is created by the limitations of the five-sensory
world. In pantheism, God does not exist as an anthropomorphic entity;
rather as the immanence that encompasses everything……hence

OPPT embraces the fundamental notion of pantheism, although it is not a religious, or non-religious, order of any kind.

Inherent in both theologies, although not directly stated, is the
notion of ‘value’. The philosophy of OPPT assumes that all energy comes
from Source, and that all energy has ‘value’. Such value is intrinsic
and immeasurable……. human beings can’t be quantified or qualified…they
simply exist, and are, by their very nature, ‘valuable’.

The original ‘design’ of the Creator, was simply to ‘create’, so
that ‘it’ could gain an experiential understanding of ‘self’. There was
nothing….. no systems, no intermediaries, no principals, no control…..
that stood between Creator and the Created. The Created were free to
experience the physical world as individuations of the Creator force,
unimpeded by anything, or anyone else. This was primordial sovereignty
in motion.

What has happened over the last several thousand years, is that such
unblemished, intrinsic human value has been commandeered, hijacked, and
monetised by a system that was inserted between the Creator and the
Created….. the system of finance and usury.

This monetising of humanity creates limitations on each person’s
value, and seeks to steer such value away from the individual, and
towards those who wish to benefit from the energy of others. This
process is called ‘harvesting’, and has been ongoing in this reality for
many aeons……..until now.

The filings of the OPPT effectively shone a spotlight on the
financial and political malfeasance that was responsible for such energy
vampirism, and legally demanded that it cease and desist, through
mechanisms that were recognised by the existing power enclave.

This spelled the end of global tyranny, and the beginning of spiritual renaissance for humanity.

It has been estimated that, if the monetary ‘value’ of each human
being on the planet could be harvested back from the controlling cabal,
we would each be worth the equivalent of 10 billion dollars; every man,
woman and child currently in existence.

However, the OPPT filings have served to draw a line in the
financial sand, and such monetary ‘value’ won’t be appearing in bank
accounts; nor will it be appearing in people’s lives in the form of
popularly-conceived material value…..cars, houses, yachts etc etc.

All this is representative of the old paradigm; the paradigm of
competition, of greed, of acquisition, of hoarding, of selfish

No. The real value of the human being, has always been, and will always be, within.

Within each of us we have the abilities, and the right, to manifest
anything we desire at the speed of thought. We don’t need money to buy
houses; we don’t need money to buys cars. we don’t need money to
purchase the latest iphone, or ipad, so that we can communicate with
each other. We don’t need money to buy expensive drugs from
greed-oriented pharmaceutical companies, so that we can fend off
illness……. and we don’t need money to buy ‘education’ so that we can get
pieces of paper that enable us to become good little consumers in a
world run by service-to-self banksters.

No. We need none of this.

Many people who have been at the spearhead of the so-called New Age
movement have been predicting a ‘shift of the ages’ for many decades.
The most popular date for such a shift was, until now, the winter
solstice of 2012. Many people thought that nothing of any significance
happened on that date; some thought otherwise.

What OPPT consensus thought seems to be suggesting at this time, is
that the shift in collective human consciousness that was to return to
us our ‘God-given’ powers in 2012, is about to happen now, possibly
before the end of this year, perhaps much sooner.

The OPPT filings were not the direct cause of this imminent shift in
consciousness; merely the synchronistic series of ‘happenings’ that
officially ended the reign of the ‘Dark Lords’……..’just in time’!

In the meantime, the unveiling of deceit, of conspiracy, of greed,
of the octopus of malevolence whose tentacles have penetrated every
aspect of our global society, continues unabated. But, this is now
nothing more than a sideshow.

It remains for us, at this auspicious time, to be calm, to be
forthright, to be joyful, to have no expectations as to what will
transpire, and to believe with every fibre of our being that yes, we
are: “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last.”

-Simon Palmer
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Excellent Post Simon!
OPPT Summary – by Simon Palmer Signature50

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