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Exo-Vaticana: Pope Francis Poised For Extraterrestrial Disclosure

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Exo-Vaticana: Pope Francis Poised For Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Exo-Vaticana documents
the Vatican Observatory Research Group’s (VORG) endorsement of the
astrobiological project and theological revisionism in expectation of
extraterrestrial contact. In light of our extraordinary exposé
concerning the Vatican’s plans for the arrival of an alien savior, the
unexpected election of Pope Francis comes into a brilliant new focus. As
a young adult, Bergoglio earned a master’s degree in chemistry from the
University of Buenos Aires and had scientific ambitions prior to
entering the Jesuit order.[1] When
the current leader of the VORG, José Gabriel Funes, S.J., also from
Argentina, entered the Jesuit order, one of the three examiners was
Bergoglio. Funes, who astounded the world with his essay The Alien is my Brother,
is infamous for invoking St. Francis of Assisi as an apologetic for
accepting ET, “To say it with St. Francis, if we can consider some
earthly creatures as ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’, why could we not speak of a
‘brother alien’? He would also belong to the creation.”[2] In
other words, Funes and the VORG are leading the charge to accept
extraterrestrials at face value even arguing they could be morally
superior to humans.

Funes believes the first Jesuit Pope will soon turn his attention to issues like astrobiology once his papacy is established:

One Jesuit who shares the pope’s Argentine roots and has
known him since his own days as a novice, said the election of the man
he first knew as Father Bergoglio is “a joy for the country.”

Father Jose Funes, head of the Vatican Observatory, told Catholic
News Service that the election of an Argentine Jesuit with a background
in science (he studied chemistry at a trade school before entering the
Jesuits) can only be good for all those interests. However, he said, “I
think the pope will be focused on other priorities first.”[3]
Pope Francis’ intimate association with the VORG leader implies a
surprising new relevance to his election in the role of Petrus Romanus.
The Pontifical Academy of Science’s 2009 Astrobiology Conference key
note speaker Dr. Chris Impey predicted a forthcoming extraterrestrial
disclosure saying, “the first discovery is only a few years away.”[4] Impey’s
few years are now upon us and recent exoplanet discoveries seem to
offer promise. Thus, it appears that Pope Francis will indeed be the
sitting Pontiff when that disclosure event occurs. In Exo-Vaticana we
offer evidence and arguments that this entails the strong delusion that
leads the world to believe the lie that the Apostle Paul warned us to
expect (2 Thessalonians 2: 11). source logos Apologia

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