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The $64,000.00 Question….

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1The $64,000.00 Question…. Empty The $64,000.00 Question…. Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:10 am



The $64,000.00 Question….

Posted on April 1, 2013 by Visionkeeper

The $64,000.00 Question…. Bad-bad-situation-guy-man-now-what-favim-com-116527http://www.favim.com

I have been asking myself over and over the $64,000.00 question, but
who has the long eluded answer? Really, think about this question, its
simplicity, its obviousness, it’s pointedness and then ask yourself why
can nobody come up with the answer? Okay, so here goes: ” Why have we
not tossed our corrupt politicians from office?” Just what is it we are
waiting for? It really is quite stunning, they have broken laws,
committed treason, stolen from the people, committed MURDER and the list
goes on and on. They are dismantling our Constitution, ripping away our
rights, poisoning our food and drinking water, destroying the
environment for new pipelines of oil all the while sitting on hundreds
of free energy patents that could release us all from this need, yet
these creeps are still collecting a pay check and sitting in their plush
offices on Capitol Hill and we have done nothing to fire them from
their the jobs they are not doing. If you or I had done just a smidgen
of what they have done we would be peering out from behind bars yet they
are jet setting around the country spending more of our money and
passing bills into law that are destroying our country and our way of
life. What the hell are we waiting for? What are we going to do when
they decide to raid our savings accounts as well and leave us with
nothing? Scream in outrage? Time to wise up and get things done before
they have the chance to make their next moves.

It truly baffles me and makes my blood pressure soar to watch what is
taking place in our country. Now they are trying to take our guns away
and if they do we will no longer have a way to fight back for our very
existence. Each and every shooting drama being scripted is designed to
anger us and create fear and hopefully make us demand that the
Government DO SOMETHING to protect us. Protect us? It’s time to protect
ourselves and stop asking for our Government to save us. This is exactly
what they want and it is exactly how they create the situations that
allow them to make new laws to take away more of our rights. Time to
wake up and see things for what they are! Everything is being
manipulated to bring about the results they are looking for. If we can’t
see what is taking place then it’s about time we finally do!

I for one am getting tired of having my life and my rights stripped
away because so many are sleeping and few people are doing anything to
stand up against this tyranny. I am a heart centered spiritualist, but
even I am not willing to push aside reality in favor of not thinking bad
thoughts and creating bad scenarios because I did. There comes a time
when we have to face what is taking place right in front of us and not
look away and try to not see it. Every time these troglodytes commit
another crime we lose an ounce more of power to fight against them. Our
power lies in standing up and finally saying NO, we are not going to
allow this insanity to rage on. We are no longer allowing you to remain
in office! We are not strong spiritual beings if we just allow the abuse
to continue and more of our planet to be destroyed. I totally agree
that our thoughts create our reality and we need to be love, but we need
to take back our country as well.

Sometimes I think the dark ones wrote up the manual on how to become
spiritual and how clever they were if they did. Do not dwell on the
negative, think only on the good things, do not try to resist. I agree
with that to a point but when we take it over the edge by showing NO
resistance to what is happening to our world, something is seriously out
of balance. As I said the other day, we can be loving and positive and
awake but still be willing to fight for what is rightfully ours! So
getting back to the 64,000.00 dollar question: Why are these boors still
occupying Washington? Each and every politician on Capitol Hill and in
the White House works FOR THE PEOPLE! If we didn’t do the job expected
of us, we would be fired. Period the end. Isn’t it time for us to do
some firing in Washington so we can move on and create that new world we
keep yapping about?

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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