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Ashtar: Say "Good-bye" and "Hello"

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1Ashtar: Say "Good-bye" and "Hello" Empty Ashtar: Say "Good-bye" and "Hello" Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:31 pm



Ashtar: Say "Good-bye" and "Hello" RoundedTop

Ashtar: Say "Good-bye" and "Hello" Jpeg

Ashtar: Say "Good-bye" and "Hello"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

Ashtar: Say "Good-bye" and "Hello" Jpeg "Well, Good evening everyone! It is so wonderful to be here with you, to be here at this particular time, as you measure it. Upon your calendars you’re getting ready to open up new calendars because it’s the beginning.

"So, we have here a most interesting situation - it is truly the alpha and omega - we have been saying that, those of us who are in mentorship. The beginning and the end, and the end and the beginning, because what is ending is the waiting, and what is beginning is truly the warp speed, shall we say, the anchoring upon Planet Earth of all that we have been talking about all these years, and more. Because you, yourselves, as individuals, have created your visions not only for Planet Earth, but for yourselves individually. And in some cases you are manifesting your visions, living your dreams so to speak – 'dreams come true,' and so on, and in some cases it hasn’t quite come about yet, but it’s there.

"You see, it’s just a matter of being up in a high enough dimensionality that you can claim or, as we advise, to require what it is, and to call it forth in such a way that is so definite that there is absolutely no doubt with it. And of course when you are in that higher dimensional Joy, feeling loved and wanting to just share all of the Love that you are, that is the perfect place to be, in order to bring this about.

"But here’s the thing - yes, it’s the ending of all that has been, shall we say, gloomy doomy for Planet Earth for eons of time, and it's the beginning of the Golden Age, but it is also a time for you, Beloved Ones, to end whatever programs you’ve been running which are not so higher-dimensional. It’s not easy, we know that, but we’re here in greater numbers than ever before to assist you, not just as a Planet, but individually.

"So, some things that are ending Planet-wide are wars - say 'goodbye' to war, financial lack - you can say 'goodbye' to poverty and all of the situations that poverty breeds, such as hunger, illness, enslavement to jobs that are not happy, and being dependent upon others rather than feeling as though you are the master of your own creations. Those are some of the things that you can say 'goodbye' to.

"It is also that you can say 'goodbye' to such things as weather that is manipulated by those who would seek to control the world, disasters of that kind which have been triggered by some technology which, although it is from off-Planet, it is the kind of technology which has been destructive and harmful for all of Planet Earth -not just to the humans, but to all of the kingdoms of Planet Earth. That’s over. Say 'goodbye to it.' They are still trying, but you see we have your permission to intervene, and that is what makes a difference!!!

"You can say 'goodbye' to all of the toxicities and the pollutions which have been Planet-wide, below, on and above the Earth. There’s nothing that is really clean about, shall we say, fracking and mining. It involves the use of some very toxic chemicals. There is nothing that is really beneficial to human kind about chlorine in the water, it is very destructive and harmful, and you all know there is nothing whatsoever that is beneficial about GMO foods. A little hybrid here and there has been acceptable but what has happened is, GMO has weakened all who have partaken of it – slowly.

"You know, these ones who have been running these programs have always thought within their own beings that they would never have to let go, that they would never have to stand in front of the people and admit to what they have done. They thought that they could just go on endlessly. Well, the masters that control them had told them so. You can say 'goodbye' to them because a lot of them are already gone and what you have in their place are placeholders, in some cases doubles, but mostly clones and what you call the 'solid holograms.'

"If you are not familiar with solid holograms this would be a good time to look them up. In the greater sense we are all holographic anyway, but there is a specific technology which enables you to view someone, and enables them to be presented, as though they are still in a body, but they really aren’t. They’re just a product of technology which has largely been used in the hands of those who want to deceive. There is another use for it of course, which is not devious, and certainly not with any ill intent - it is to entertain, but that is different.

"We are talking about 'goodbyes' here so we also want to have you say 'goodbye' to the kinds of energies that you refer to in two categories, one being fossil fuels, and the other being the nukes – the nuclear power plants. Because the truth of it is they have deliberately, not on the part of those who really believed that this was what you call cutting edge, leading edge, technology, designed to help power the world, but the ones who were giving them the assignments, perhaps, yes, who were going to build some nukes.

"General Electric has been big on that and so they hired people who would design the nuclear plants, but the people behind the scenes at General Electric haven’t always had the greatest welfare of the people in mind, because they know that there are deficiencies, weaknesses, which at some point or other might just spill out, you know? And you are all familiar with Chernobyl and the disasters in Japan. Let us take a moment to say 'goodbye' to nuclear power, and let us take a moment to send Love to all the ones in Japan.

"It’s finally coming out in the news, big time, that the people of Japan and the World - because this isn’t just Japan’s disaster - this is Worldwide, that radioactivity has been leaking into the very oceans and the oceans go everywhere in the world. There isn’t a part of the world where the ocean waters don’t find themselves. But you can say 'goodbye' to long-term nuclear disaster, fall-out and toxicity because you’ve given us permission to come in. So you can say, ‘Hello clean-up crew!’ And we’ve got ships absolutely blanketing the Earth and the truth of it is, it’s heavy, heavy commitment to clean-up.

"We could speed it up even more, and we will, but at the moment, because we are still in what you call pre-Disclosure phase, we must leave remnants, evidence, because it is necessary for the people of the World to start getting the truth, as it is pouring out right now, not just in this, but in all areas that could be discussed. It is absolutely imperative that the people understand, that they get the truth, they understand why it is, first of all, that the ones who have created these disasters are literally being put on trial and, secondly, how serious the situation really is because then their permission to us to come in and just do clean-sweep will follow. Well, we already have it but we, ourselves, are still in a phase where evidence is needed to help everyone understand.

"Another thing to say 'goodbye' to is drugs. Alright, there are two categories of drugs – legal and illegal. The legal drugs are every bit as toxic - in fact in some cases more toxic - than the illegal drugs. But it is, again, these ones who would run the world who have determined which classification each drug falls into. The prisons are full of people who got caught with an illegal drug and the hospitals are full of people who were tak­­ing the legal drugs and are now more sick than ever. That’s an awful lot of people who are not able to live full, happy and joyful lives. That’s all going to stop. So you can say 'goodbye' to that and you can say 'hello' to true healing - higher-dimensional healing - again.

"Frequency! Yes, there are herbs and other kinds of healing ingredients or components, and yes, you can call them drugs if you want to, that have value, that can accompany or, shall we say, be energized by certain frequencies of light, color or sound. It’s all frequency, you know. There are certain sounds, for instance, that you can play if you are wanting to do some kind of a healing -certain sounds, certain music. We shall hear two of them today, they are very high vibration, and you can play those and receive inspiration.*

"Let us say that you want to write a letter to someone with whom you have had some kind of a falling out, a disagreement or a disharmony, and you simply want to move the relationship into a resolution phase, no matter what form it takes, and so you understand Forgiveness - lack of judgment, you understand Compassion and Love. Sometimes just simply playing high dimensional, high vibrational music in the background can create that high vibe state of being within yourself, such that you can accomplish what it is that you want to express in a way that reaches the other one in high-dimensional vibration, and so both of you are happy and at peace over something that may have been not so peaceful between you.

"Now, expand that concept out to countries and nations. It’s not quite as simple as all of the heads of state of government, the top dogs, going and sitting down together at a high-vibrational concert of music, but it would certainly help if individuals would focus on higher dimensionality, would it not? Well, guess what? You can say 'goodbye' to corruption in government and 'hello' to humans who have volunteered to bring that high dimensional vibration into the offices which they are prepared to assume or hold. How about that? The volunteers are already lined up!

"Now, you heard masters Tara and Rama speak about volunteers when they were speaking of the one called Chris**, and of course Obama was a volunteer to be what you might call a double agent. In fact, it was a group of the ones you call the '13 families,' the Illuminaties - we call them the 'naughties,' who thought that when Obama got elected their candidate had won. Well, the truth is that they thought they were controlling the elections no matter who won, because they were controlling the candidates. What they didn’t know, but they’re starting to find out, is that Obama is truly a double agent. And even though it has seemed as though he has been doing what they have wanted him to do, he has also been finding ways for the rest of the world to look upon these actions and these words that these naughty ones have done, and start seeing them in the light of Truth. Now that is quite a feat for somebody whose life is in peril all the time, or at least so the naughties think, because they are continually making threats to him, not only to him, but to his family, any living relatives, close friends and so on and so on. But he is protected!

"We are wanting you to say 'goodbye' to fear. We have already discussed the end of war, the end of the nukes, the end of the fossil fuels which are being replaced by clean, non-toxic energy that you can all have access to for free. That’s right, no dollars! We have said you can say 'goodbye' to illness and disease and drugs that only do harm, and yes, you can say 'goodbye' to the illegal drugs too, because what is the point of getting high on drugs? It’s to access the higher dimensionalities. Ask Master Ram Dass who tripped out with Dr. Timothy Leary. Boy they had some high times, I’ll tell you!

"But when you are high dimensional you don’t need the drugs, right? The whole illegal drug business is going to absolutely collapse. Oh, the naughties will take some - those of them who remain will be going to the other Planet Earth and they’ll probably figure out a way to open up the drug trade there. But for those of you who are coming and are on the Ascension path you won’t need the drugs, legal or illegal. You’ll need the attention of healers and people who know how to heal. You, yourselves, each one of you, are healers and you can learn to access your gifts even more !!! Sananda is teaching that now**** and there are others who are teaching it, you can go to any number of places. You can go, for instance, to a Reiki class and learn how to do that kind of healing. And this is wondrous indeed, because it’s high vibrational and high dimensional.

"So, we have discussed some of the things and the institutions that you can say 'goodbye' to. We were discussing government, and you can say 'goodbye' to the corruption that has lead to such insanity. And we want to particularly highlight the Unites States of America - talk about insane - laws that have been passed - and talk about how insane it is not to pass laws that should have been passed, that’s something to say 'goodbye' to in 2012. And Obama will stand forth and shine as these ones that he is giving the podium to are removed from the stage.

"You see, what he is doing is, he is bringing these ones out from behind the curtain, so to speak. Giving them jobs, how about that GE guy?***** Talk about putting the wrong guy in the wrong job, or whatever you want to say. Boy, that is a mismatch. The naughties are jumping up and down and saying, 'Oh, good, you did a great thing there, what a great choice!' And the rest of the world is saying, 'You’ve go to be kidding!' Just let this one go to work, he’s already making headlines. We’re talking about the one from GE, and you can look it up and see what he is up to. And you see, this is what people need in their news media.

"By the way, we are going to say 'goodbye' - we’re going to make a little prophecy. You can say 'goodbye' to Foxy News as it has been run. If Foxy News survives it has to pass a test, and the test is real simple - give true results. Are you telling the Truth or are you lying and spinning? Now you can just imagine that there might be an individual or two from Foxy News - well, let’s just put it this way: they are scheduled for trial, they are scheduled to go before the people of the World so that they can have an opportunity to express, or shall we say, come clean, about the lies they have been telling. If they don’t, the lies are going to be exposed anyway. So, say 'goodbye' to lies in the news media. It’s gone.

"Alrighty, what else are we saying 'goodbye' to? We’re saying 'goodbye' to poverty, we are saying 'goodbye' to financial lack, we are saying 'goodbye' to elementary, Divine rights being withheld such as good food, clean water to drink, housing, clothing in whatever quantity a person wishes to wear, communications open and free with nobody spying on you – we’re saying 'goodbye' to restrictions that are based on any kind of discrimination. breathsA big one here is we are saying 'goodbye' to the rules and regulations, the damnations if you will, that the churches have made up for their own profit. That’s a biggie. Everybody take a breath, and everybody who thinks they were born a sinner take a few deep breaths and let that one go! Out of here, off the planet for good! Of course none of you in this family still believe those things but you may have been taught those things when you were very young.

"So, if you have any little bits of guilt or fear about those things - no you are not going to be punished, you are being honored even now and that will continue. You are being loved for who you are even now. That will continue. You are being celebrated as Divine Beings walking Planet Earth in human body, and your human body is being, shall we say, adjusted so as to be in harmony, so as to hold the higher vibrations of the higher dimensionalities for even longer, and then permanently. As you move your consciousness up, you take your human body with you. It transforms, it’s a little see-through if you want to put it that way -Light-body, translucent - that means it’s letting the Light in.

"We see that now when we look at you, Beloved Ones, and we understand that not all of you see that in each other, but you will. And you’ll see beautiful, beautiful fields of energy, beautiful colors, waves and spirals of energy in each other, you’ll feel it in yourselves and yes, you can look in your mirror and see it. And this is becoming more and more a matter of you opening one of your gifts that have been with you for all time, it’s just that...Do you know what a Jack in the Box is? You play a happy little tune and all of a sudden the Jack in the Box pops up? That’s like when you are not in your human body, you are free. But then in order to get into a human body what do you have to do? You have to stuff Jack back down in the box, that part of you that is your Divine Spirit, your connection to Mother/Father God, and to some degree or other you have to stuff that little guy or that little girl back down in the box because you, yourself, find that a human body is a form of a box.

"Alrighty, say goodbye to all of that stuffing!!! Because you are coming in to your own unlimited beingness while you are still walking around on Planet Earth, because Planet Earth is going where you go and you are going where Planet Earth goes. It is a jolly journey, to be sure!

"Alrighty, there are other things. Now, here is something that is an absolutely brilliant idea! We have given you some 'goodbyes.' There are some 'goodbyes' that we haven’t mentioned; there are individual and very personal 'goodbyes'. So, we would suggest that you make a Goodbye List. It can be as brief or as long as you want to make it. It could be one big long sentence: 'I hereby say goodbye to all that has ever been any kind of a disharmony or an imbalance or a diseasement for myself and all of planet Earth.'

"But it’s really fun to start making a list, because your Goodbye List is just as you make that list of specifics - general for the World, specific for you, maybe a group in between with whom you are a member. You actually lighten up a lot just making that list. We know that because we have observed enough of you around the World making just those kinds of lists.

"Alrighty. Now, there is also another kind of list and we would call this the Hello List. And you can make this list of all that you are welcoming in to your life. Again, it can be Planetary-wide or it can be specific for you. This is much better, by the way, than what you call the ‘New Year’s resolutions,’ because resolutions sometimes resolve themselves by not happening. How many of you have made a resolution that didn’t happen? That’s okay, everybody has.

"So, we would suggest that you make a Goodbye/Hello List. It’s alpha/omega again. And your Goodbye List is everything that you are so happy that you and Planet Earth are saying 'goodbye' to. But now at the bottom, or at the top, put some kind of a sentence that says, ‘I hereby release you with Gratitude for all that I have learned, with Forgiveness, with Compassionate Understanding, and of course, with Love!’

"Now, we suggest that if you like to do ceremonies, here’s a real good one. If you have the ability to light a fire, we’re talking about lighting a match or something, a fire, you know, somewhere it is safe to do this. You could, just before midnight or at a time that is appropriate on the last day of 2011 - December 31, you could ceremoniously burn that list saying whatever words are appropriate, whatever words are written on the list. You could read it and burn it, then take your Hello List to 2012 to bed with you and say, ‘I thank myself, Mother/Father God and the whole entire Universe that I am living my hello list. Welcome 2012, I am in joy!'

"And you could even keep your 2012 list close and handy - under your pillow at night is always delightful, or under your bed, or put it on your wall somewhere. Read it, and you might even make a copy of it and keep it in your car, or if you carry a bag with you regularly, so that if you get someplace - let’s say you’re in a traffic jam - there are going to still be some traffic jams in 2012, at least at the beginning - so that you can get out your Hello List and get happy and get high. No drugs, no drinkie winkies, just you and your happiness!

"We are talking about Joy here. We’re talking about the most joyful of new years - 2012 - ever on Planet Earth. And you, Beloved Ones, not only have front row seats, you are standing up to participate, so give yourselves a big applause and welcome yourselves into this wondrous new world of Joy and Love beyond all expression in words. It goes way beyond words, it’s a feeling, a vibration, and you all deserve to live in this vibration, always. That’s where you’re headed in this Homecoming to Love, and we say, ‘Let’s start the party now!’

"We have a little help here. You may have caught on to the fact that I am not speaking by myself. We have that fabulous Sekhmet, she’s a party girl, she’s enthused, she is thrilled that we are finally here at this place in the history/herstory of Planet Earth. Look for the stories behind the scenes if you choose to do that. If you choose to just know that Joy, Joy, Joy is sweeping the Planet, that is entirely appropriate. However you choose to acknowledge it, welcome in the Joy, focus on the Joy, be the Joy, and know that this is what you’ve been waiting for and that it is happening now and it will not stop!!!

"There is no being, group, or consciousness of any kind of darkness, that any longer prevails with such power as it has had in the past to create such unhappy events. It’s over, so build and build and build upon the foundations of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, and build the Joy in the high vibes, because the time is now. We know that you’ve already been working in this area -we are only here to make some things crystal clear. This is for all time! This is it!

"We are not turning back and neither is Planet Earth. Never again will Earth and its Kingdoms suffer in the ways that have been the history/herstory of this planet. The timelines are moving ahead toward Ascension - nothing will stop it! Just add your Love to the Light which is prevailing and will continue to do so, and it will only grow in its magnificent radiance, even as you grow, Beloved Ones, even as you evolve and heal yourselves along your own beautiful paths.

"I, Ashtar, and The Mentors, salute you, Beloved Family, for coming to this place of alpha/omega, of end and beginning. We are with you always, hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart. And now comes one who will share with you that Love, that Joy, even as you share from your hearts, and together we co-create even more Love for our Beloved Planet Earth. And so it is! Salut!"

* Ashtar's message was followed by "The Blessing," sung by Lei'ohu Ryder.
"The Hallelujah Chorus" was played at the end of the program.
** Tara & Rama http://2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com/ They were referring to remarks by Chris Matthews.
*** Referring to Sananda's Living In Your Divinity Teleconferences. The next call will be on 2-14-12.
****The former GE CEO was named to head the task force to create new jobs. GE has been sending jobs overseas.

Transcription by Brian Coe
Given through Susan Leland, December 27, 2011. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Ashtar: Say "Good-bye" and "Hello" Jpeg

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