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Posted on April 8, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Beauty…....... Alien-ball-cosmic-fire-future-favim-com-279578 http://www.favim.com

Please go to the bottom of this post and play the music video as you read so you can capture what I am trying to express here…

Life is such a beautiful mystery. It is a journey unlike any other
that we will ever make and so we should treasure and savor every
precious moment of it and not allow any darkness to seep in around our
edges. We are given the extraordinary choice of deciding how we want our
life to unfold before us and yet so many get swept up in the darkness
that permeates the earth right now. Do not allow it to yank you under by
your ankles. Keep your floaty wings filled with air and remain floating
on the surface where the currants can reach you and carry you down
stream with the gentle flow of the moment. Being in the moment has so
much goodness to offer us. When I think of all the wonder before us and
then think about where the dark ones hang out and what they think and
plan in their stuffed up heads, how sad it is to think they are unable
to experience these moments of splendor we embrace, that these precious
moments are not a part of their journey here on earth. We must pray for
them that one day they will know.

Can you hear the peace within the notes of this song? It expresses so
well the beginnings of the new world. This is the beauty we will know
and are just beginning to glimpse now as we learn how to master more and
more the art of loving and caring and giving. This is what the new
world is. It is mystical, magical, wispy moon rises, and reaching out to
someone greatly in need and filling them up while filling yourself up
within, it is following the synchronicities placed before you and taking
their detours into new realms with all kinds of possibilities, it is
watching and listening to the geese in the skies flying in V’s returning
for another summer, it is the unfolding of springs pallet of vibrant,
neon greens and it is listening to music that moves you to places you
normally do not go. Yes, we have so many things to feel gratitude for in
the new world.

How can anyone possibly cherish money, or power and control, or
things more than what we are continually being offered from Creator? Are
we not now beginning to understand more the value of the world in which
we live? Is this not the true journey we are on as we sail along in
search of the new world? We are already in it and did not even realize
it or appreciate it. The dark ones think they are stealing from us while
they laugh yet they cannot steal what they do not know about and they
do not know or comprehend this kind of beauty. It is all ours to savor
and embrace. We must make the most of every moment and not waste a drop.
Close your eyes and listen and feel the new world. It is all around you
and within you. It is you!

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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