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Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files

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Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files

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Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission
Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files 1971apollo15asmall

(Note: I was able to contact the gentleman who made this report. I
asked him several questions about his account that I needed cleared up
for my own curiosity, and the veracity of the report itself. One
question concerned his employment dates, which he very quickly cleared
up.Secondly, I asked him about what mission was being
broadcast as he watched the UFOs on the TV screen. I had thought it must
be Apollo 15, and he verified this for me also.
would also like to thank Eileen Nesbitt for her invaluable assistance
in gathering information on this very important report.) (B J)

When I first started
working for NASA, its initials, not the name, National Aeronautics and
Space Administration, was how it was referred to. NASA is with whom I
began employment in 1958 as a security guard on Wayside in Houston
Texas. They hadn’t even started building Manned Spacecraft Center at
Webster yet, which would later be called MSC at Clear Lake.

In 1961, I transferred
to the Fire Department at the fledgling MSC and started training as a
Fire and Safety Technician. The contractor responsible for Fire and
Safety was Houston Fire and Safety. They held the contract for five
years, losing out to Wackenhut Corporation out of Coral Gables Florida
in 1966 because Wackenhut incorporated all phases of fire, safety and
security under one blanket contract. Some say that George Wackenhut had
first, Kennedy’s, then Johnson’s ear, but I haven’t seen proof of it.

Everybody who hired in
as a Fire Fighter was cross-trained in almost every aspect of
maintenance operations. I attended numerous schools on fire alarm
systems, pump repair, electrical and mechanical maintenance, physical
plant operations, and last and certainly not the least, fire, safety and
security. We were told that we had to pass a very rigid security
clearance investigation, and that our job would be forfeit if we did no
pass. I passed with flying colors and kept my job. There were several
who did not pass, and we were never told why they had been laid off.

When I started, there
were approximately three hundred eighty men who were attached to the
fire department there at MSC. I saw a lot of men come and go during my
twenty-six years of employment, but I never saw anyone who was willing
to speak out about the rigid security. Even in later years, I kept in
touch with several of my closest friends, when conversations turned to
anything we were told not to talk about, there was always someone there
to remind us that we had been told not to discuss it, even after we were
no longer there.

I saw things, and
heard statements from Astronauts that I didn’t discuss, even with my
wife or family. It was like a gigantic trust handed us and we honored
it. To this day, I don’t talk about everything I heard when I was around
the Astronauts, at least not in detail.

There were several
incidents that occurred during my tenure as an employee and to several
of the Fire Fighters that got all of us thinking about how our
government wasn’t telling all they knew. For instance, in Building #1 on
Johnson Space center, which was Building #2 when I first started work
there, most of the north center of the second floor was the “crypto”
room. We didn’t know what went on in the room, but we did know that we
weren’t allowed in the room under normal circumstances. However, when an
alarm came in at the Fire Station, we responded to the floor of the
building that showed up on the enunciator panel at the station, One
time, around 1964, we responded to Bldg.#2 to find that the alarm
originated from the “crypto” room.

However, the doors were open and we just walked in to check the minor panel located there.

The whole east wall
was covered with photos of UFOs. As we finished up, the officer of that
room came back in and found us there. He actually pulled his sidearm and
pointed it at us before demanding to know why we had entered that room.

He eventually accepted
our explanation, but it took Everette D. Shafer*, head of NASA Security
to vouch for us before the man would shut off his threats towards us.
Everette Shafer reminded him, that had the armed officer been there in
the room with the door locked, the incident could have been avoided. No,
that was one very unhappy officer. I think he was Air Force, but I
could be wrong; he was a Captain, I do remember that. When I came back
from the Cape in 1968, we had another incident in the very same room,
and the same officer was there also.

Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files Hadleyrille Apollo 15 Landing Site
Hadley Rille/Apennine
Mountains-26.13222° N latitude, 3.63386° E. longitudeThe Apollo 15
landing site was located at 26° 4´ 54¨ north latitude by 3° 39´ 30¨ east
longitude at the foot of the Apennine mountain range. The Apennines
rise up to more than 15,000 feet (4572 m) along the southeastern edge of
Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains).
Apennine escarpment–highest on the Moon–had been selected to allow the
astronauts to drive from the LM to the Apennine front during two of the

This time, he had Mr.
Shafer to give the okay for us to enter the room, with him as our armed
escort. But this time the walls on all four sides were photo-to-photo of
UFOs and other very strange looking aircraft. We did our job, got out
of there, but Mr. Shafer and the officer both told us to not speak to
anyone of what we saw or observed in that room, ever!During Man Rated
Tests, the fire department was trained to be rescuers should anything
happen. Or job was to stand-by in readiness during many long hours of
boring, repetitious, and meaningless exercises. Most times it was not
the Astronauts themselves who performed the exercises, rather it was
trained test subjects who did. We all became acquainted with them.
#7, #32, and #33 on Manned Spacecraft Center, were the test sites for
Vacuum Chamber related tests. In Building #32, was housed the largest
vacuum chamber in the free world. In Building #33, was the ultra-high
vacuum test chamber, and Building #7 housed three test chambers.
Building #7 is also where the Astronauts Space suits were manufactured.

Throughout the sixties, we performed
numerous duties, some at MSC, while others were at Area 2000 at
Ellington AFB in Genoa, Texas. Area 2000 was where the Lunar Landing
Training Vehicle was tested and flown by test pilots and Astronauts. I
was Crew Chief of the Contract Fire Department personnel at Area 2000
for close to a year, working all three shifts due to loss of personnel
or whatever, but eventually being promoted up the ladder to Training

Not anything really special happened
while I was Training Officer, but I did get to go places that was off
limits to other personnel. It was one of my jobs to draw the pre-fire
attack plans for every building on Site, to accomplish that job, I had
the need to enter all buildings and accurately record everything of
interest towards fire, safety, and security onto drawings. That is why I
remember so much detail concerning the buildings, their locations, the
interior layouts, and where all exits and equipment relating to Fire,
Safety and Security were located.

Another part of everyone’s job was the
Safety patrols during any mission. From the first day on the job, before
we were trained to become good little NASA Fire Fighters, we were told
that we would perform various duties during our employment, that we
would be constantly training, ensuring that we all would have the latest
knowledge to do our job with the highest of proficiency.

Part of the training regimen was to
know, and I do mean know, every building so intimately that we could
draw a set of plans for them in our sleep. We ate, slept, and dreamed of
building plans; construction materials inside and out, how many panels
and manufacturer name of all alarm systems; how to repair or reset those
systems; what was in the buildings that could be dangerous to us during
emergencies.etc. but mostly the interior layout, hallways, exits, room

With that small introduction, I will now
attempt to give you the details of the safety patrols for Integrated
Mission Control Center, commonly known as Building #30 on Johnson Space

Building #30 is not just one building,
rather it is two separate buildings, each having distinct functions.
There is the Administrative side that houses support personnel, and the
Mission Operations Control Rooms, otherwise known as the MOCR. By the
way, at the time I was there, the Admin side of Building #30 was the
building that housed the office of James Oberg.

There are two MOCR’s located in IMCC,
one on the second floor and one on the third floor. The building is like
a big square, windowless structure sitting right next to the
Southwestern Bell building. You can’t miss it, because it is the only
building that looks like it. Three stories inside, it looks more like a
five- storied structure from the outside. As you have most likely
ascertained by now, there are some very high ceilings inside the MOCR’s.

Although we were never told we couldn’t
go into the MOCR’s during missions, all of the safety inspectors assumed
that we weren’t welcome, that maybe we would be a distraction. However,
we were allowed in every section surrounding the MOCR’s.

On the second and third floors, there
was the outside section, and the center section with a hallway
completely around the inside of the building that separated the outside
section from the inside. The outside section of the building housed the
air handlers, workshops, soft and hardware support offices, and tool
rooms, while the inside portion was dedicated to the MOCR and it’s

In the MOCR itself, was a huge screen
that stretched across the entire wall. It was the mission map, which
kept the technicians apprised where the vehicle was at any given moment
during its orbits above the earth. On one end was the big television
screen, which received its picture from a large bank of cameras directly
behind the screen.

Those cameras generated a lot of heat,
and part of our duty during inspections was to make sure that there
weren’t any ignitable materials in that area. It was kept dark for some
reason, but the cameras gave off enough light so a person didn’t stumble
around in there. It was also very cold most of the time, especially
during missions.

At the back of the MOCR is a series of
glass windows. These windows are set into the wall that makes up the
barrier that separates the viewing room from the MOCR. The viewing room
has two doors for entry. Entry is accomplished by getting off the
elevator, taking a right down the hall, and the first door is the first
entryway. About twenty-five feet further down the hall is the second
door. Situated between them is a small door about three to four feet
high. This door lets a maintenance technician into the area under the
viewing room.

On each side of the room, to the front
are located phone booths, one on each side of the window. There are
about eight rows of seats with a set of slight stairs that separate them
into two sections. The seats are similar to any seat you may see in a
movie house, but way more comfortable.

Mounted on the wall above the big
windows are two large screen colored TV’s with several high mounted
speakers so the viewer can listen in to the conversations between the
Astronauts and the ground crews.

At the back of the room, right at the
top of the center stairs, is a minor alarm panel. It was this minor
alarm panel that safety had to monitor during all missions. The room was
relatively quiet, cool and very comfortable. It was here I always chose
to take a pipe break. My partner was also a pipe smoker, so we shared
stories, listened to the quiet banter between the ground crew and the
vehicle, and actually didn’t pay much attention to what was going on in
the MOCR.

Nothing out of the way ever occurred in
the Missions, but during one particular Mission, something so unique
happened that I would always remember it. Jim Baker and I had been doing
the regular routine safety inspection during a Manned Mission to the

We entered the viewing room at the end
of our patrol, and as was our wont, sat at the back of the room to enjoy
a pipe. We both smoked a pipe, and the viewing room allowed smokers. We
had been there for no longer than fifteen minutes, it may have been
longer, but I doubt it, when the stage left door opened and in walked
several, at least five of the upper echelon administrators of Johnson
Space Center.

Uh, it actually wasn’t called Johnson
Space Center at that time; rather the name was Manned Spacecraft Center.
Anyway, I do know that one of the people was definitely Chrome Dome, as
we were irreverently known to call Dr. Gilruth. At that time I had hair
and found it funny to refer to one of the finest minds our country had
by the moniker, “Chrome Dome.”

Just prior to their entering the viewing
room, Jim and I noticed that the Technicians in the MOCR had gotten up
and left the room. Now, that isn’t unusual during a normal EVA, but the
Astronauts were in Hadley’s Rille. They couldn’t be seen because they
were over the edge, down in the Rille itself. The Lunar Rover was about
thirty, maybe forty or more yards from the edge, and had the left front
camera on the spot where the Astronauts had disappeared. You could hear
the Astronauts voices talking, but as in most of the dialogs, we weren’t
paying close attention to what they were saying. We did notice the
technicians getting up and leaving the MOCR. Jim is the one who actually
said something about it.

“Looks as if everyone got a bee in their
bonnet at the same time, don’t it?” “Most probably their piss and lunch
break,” I offered. It was right after I made that statement, that Dr.
Gilruth entered, and several others came in with him. They didn’t look
back, just went to the center of the viewing room and were talking
excitedly among themselves and pointing towards the big screen to the
right of the main screen in the MOCR.

Jim and I then paid close attention to
what was on the screen. There was an object above the spot where the
Astronauts were supposed to be in Hadley’s Rille, just hovering. I am
totally positive as to it being an object; it was round, it had a shiny
side with a shadow side, with the shadow side matching the shadows on
the moon, and though all the video shots coming from the moon looked
black and white, they could actually have been in color. The harsh
lighting was probably responsible for the illusion of black and white.

Anyway, The object started a slow move
from screen left to screen right. The camera on the left front of the
Rover followed the object as it moved screen right. Soon it was apparent
that it actually wasn’t moving screen right, but was circling the

The Rover has two mounted cameras on it.
One camera was mounted on the left front and one on the right rear. As
the object came into view of the right rear, that camera picked up the
object and continued tracking it as it circled, very slowly around the
Rover. It finally came to the point where the right rear camera could no
longer follow it, so the left front camera picked up the image again
and followed it to where it was once more above where the Astronauts
were in Hadley’s Rille.

I uttered something that brought us to
the attention of Dr. Gilruth and the others. “What the crap is that?
What caused me to utter that phrase was, the object took off straight up
and went out of sight in less than a second. It may have been longer,
but seemed like it was gone in the blink of an eye, but I was still
aware that it had actually gone straight up.

One of the men there, I still think it
was Everette Shafer, turned and asked us what we were doing in the room,
and we told them that we were there to inspect the fire alarm panel at
the rear of the room and to take our smoke break. And to ask a question
of our own. “What in hell was that about?”

Can you believe they actually told us it
was a drop of oil on the lens of the camera on the moon? Truth! Now, I
am not stupid, though I have done a few stupid things in my life, like
getting married the first time, but I know a pile of schlock when I hear
it! It wasn’t a drop of oil, no way!

I opened my mouth and said, “There’s no way it was on the lens on the camera on the moon.”

“The temperature would freeze the drop solid.”

To Which the man holding my clearance in
his hand, reading my name replied, “I mean it was a drop of oil on the
camera lens at the back of that screen.” To which he pointed. Okay, it
was a good place to shut up and get out of the viewing room, but.. Once
more I said something because as I have previously stated, I’m not

“There’s no way that drop of oil is on any one of those lenses at the back of the screen, because of the temperature.”

“The heat is high enough back there to set the drop of oil on fire.”

Who ever it was holding my badge in his
hand, says, “If you want to keep your job, you’ll get out of here and
keep your mouth shut about what occurred here.”

Not about what I saw, not about why I
was in there, just get out and keep my mouth shut about what had
occured. I pulled away from him, turned to Jim and said lets go.

When we exited the room, to our
surprise, there was Dick Nieber and Loring E. Williams of security on
the doors. They were as surprised at seeing us come out of the room as
we were at seeing them standing guard there. Further, they told us that
Andrado and two others were on the rear doors to keep unauthorized
people out of there.

Then they told us their story: They were
pulled away from vehicular patrol and told to go immediately to IMCC
and the second floor MOCR viewing room and stand guard until further
notice. They were told that absolutely nobody other than Dr. Gilruth and
the people who were with him were to be allowed into the room. It’s no
wonder our being there disturbed Dr. Gilruth and the others; we weren’t
supposed to be there.

When Nieber asked us what had happened
in there, we told them we couldn’t discuss it. They thought that the
Astronauts had been killed. That was what had been circulating between
them while they were guarding the doors to the viewing room. Wrong! That
same evening, I sat at the typewriter and wrote out everything, time,
date, place, and mission, plus all the names I could remember of who
were there with all the facts concerning the incident, and asked Jim
Baker to read it and sign it. He read it and signed it on condition that
I would give him a copy of the report. I went to the copier, and made
six complete copies of the report and gave Jim one of them.

Incidentally, when we arrived back at
the fire station, Sgt. Thomas Walsh asked us to come to the dispatcher’s
office to speak to him. He closed the door and told us that he’d
received a call from Shafer, that no matter what we had seen or heard in
the viewing room, we were not supposed to discuss it with anyone at
all, ever, because it had to do with National Security. “National
Security over a drop of oil on a camera lens?” I think not!

Jim Baker died in 1983 of a sudden heart
attack. He was forty- six and one of my best friends and we got
together regularly at his home, in his gun shop to discuss different
people and things. The last time I saw him alive, I asked him if he
still had his report hidden away and he told me he had actually burned
his copy, but had given a copy to another friend from West Virginia who
wanted it.

I retired in 1979, and moved to Austin
Texas. I was security dispatcher for the LBJ Presidential Library there
in Austin when I got a call from Jim’s daughter, Amey, telling me that
her father had passed away early that morning.

Jim’s last words to me, there in his
little gun shop was, “You sure raised hell over that drop of oil, but
you were right, they were full of shit and you knew it.”

Addendum: 03-13-05

I looked it up recently and it was
Apollo 15. For some reason, I have lost my original notes written up on
NASA Fire Department’s old IBM Selectric. However, I must reiterate that
it wasn’t a film, it was real-time and we observed the incident as it
happened on the big screen in the MOCR on the second floor at Building
30, aka, Mission Operations Control Center.

We had stopped in the viewing room to
check the minor fire panel at the rear of the room and then sat down to
smoke our pipes. We had been in there about fifteen minutes when in
walked Dr. Gilruth and about five other men. They didn’t even know we
were in the room until the object took off straight up, this being after
it had circled the Lunar Rover.

As I stated, it was the Flight where the
Astronauts had landed close to Hadley’s Rille, and when the incident
happened, they were out of sight over the edge, in the Rille. To the
best of my knowledge, that is what was being told by the news media.
However, when we returned to the Fire Station, nobody had seen the
object, and Sgt. Thomas Walsh had taken us into the Dispatchers office
and told us that he had received a call from Everette Shafer, NASA
Security, telling him to apprise us of the oaths we had signed
concerning National Security and the penalties attached to breaking the

*:Spelling may be Sheaffer, or Sheafer

In addition to this very recent information about the astronauts
sighting one or more UFOs while in Hadley’s Rille, the following is a
conversation discovered from NASA’s Apollo 15 flight journal with the
crew in respect to an interview with news media.270:22:31 Henize: Hey, 15, we’re getting a beautiful picture coming through.
270:22:37 Scott: Roger. Go ahead with your questions.
270:22:46 Henize: Roger. We’ll – we’ll admire the beautiful picture for – for a few minutes here.

270:22:56 Henize: Deke just passed out from the shock, incidentally.

[The crew appear in a row, facing the
camera. Dave is camera-left, Al in the centre and Jim to camera-right.
Dave has a noticeable beard after 12 days in space.]

270:23:15 Henize: Okay, fellas. I have a
preliminary statement to make here. The questions you will be asked in
this news conference have been submitted by newsmen here at the Manned
Spacecraft Center who’ve been covering the flight. Some of the questions
they raised have been answered in your communications with – with
Mission Control, but the public-at-large has not necessarily heard them.
The questions are being read to you exactly as submitted by the
newsmen, and in an order of priority specified by them.

270:23:46 Henize: Question number 1.
This last week, we have shared scores of exciting moments with you.
Which single moment would you most like to live again, and is there any
moment which you would never like to repeat?

270:24:03 Scott: Well, I guess we all
probably have a different idea of which would be the single most
exciting moment of the flight, and maybe we’ll just run through it one
at a time. I guess the most impressive moment I can remember is
standing up on Hadley mountain – Hadley Delta, and looking back at the
plain and seeing the LM and the rille and Mount Hadley, and the whole
big picture in one – one swoop.
And I think we’ve got some pictures
for you from up there, and I believe the TV was running at the same
time, and I think that was probably the most impressive sight that I’ve
ever seen. Al?

This information puts a whole new light on the following photos acquired over the years.

David Scott made his third space flight
as spacecraft commander of Apollo 15, July 26 – August 7, 1971. His
companions on the flight were Alfred M. Worden (command module pilot)
and James B. Irwin (lunar module pilot). Apollo 15 was the fourth manned
lunar landing mission and the first to visit and explore the moon’s
“Hadley Rille” and Apennine Mountains which are located on the southeast
edge of the Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains).

Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files Apollo15article1small
Photo NASA No AS15-85-11514
Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files Apollo15article2small
Photo NASA No AS15-86-11603
Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files Apollo15article3small
Photo NASA No AS15-87-11849
Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files Apollo15article4small Photo NASA No AS15-90-12187

(click on images to see full size) Photo Information:

Photo NASA No AS15-85-11514-Mission Apollo 15 on the Moon. Scott and
Irwin moon travel with rover near Hadley’s Rille on the Moon…Photo
NASA No AS15-86-11603-Mission Apollo 15 on the Moon.Astronaut James
Irwin works at Lunar Roving Vehicle during Apollo 15 EVA. Above right
can be clearly observed what was considered an UFO…
NASA No AS15-87-11849-View of Mount Hadley as photographed by Apollo 15
during EVA. Another shot, showing Lunar Roving Vehicle tracks and above
right the object with a bizarre shape. After sharpening out the
picture, can be observed the lower part of the object becoming…a second

Photo NASA No AS15-90-12187-In the middle of two hills can be observed the same object as in the previous picture.


David Haith


Article assembled and written by B J Booth & Eileen Nesbitt

UFO Casebook-direct witness testimony, via email correspondence


MUFON Ontario; http://www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/mufonontario/mufonindex.html



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Former NASA Employee Saw UFOs during Apollo 15 Mission-UFO Casebook Files.

Thanks to: http://2012indyinfo.com


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