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Posted on April 18, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Kindness…...... Battle-be-kind-everyone-fighting-girl-251768http://www.favim.com

Music to read by below:

It is time to flood the planet with kindness. The sooner we outshine
the darkness and evil, the sooner our new world will explode into full
bloom. Kindness takes little energy to gift to others and can change the
world around us forever. Wake up each day and tell yourself “Today I
choose to be kind to others and to myself”. We are all on the journey
together and if we are struggling, rest assured those around us most
likely are as well. Reach out to others and make a difference in the
world. What we give out comes back ten fold and sparks our heart with
joy. These times are extremely challenging and each and every one of us
desires to feel love and kindness and compassion. The very act of
gifting them to others, opens our heart wide and lets our love flow
forth making those around us feel better as well as making ourselves
feel better. It seems to me the message of importance for these times we
are living in would be that love is a win-win situation on all fronts.

Time to do away with the negative programming we have had smashed
into our brains over our lifetime! It was all designed to destroy our
power and convince us we were damaged and of little value. Nothing could
be further from the truth! Forget all you have been told and taught.
Toss it all out the window and plug into love and all of the goodness it
brings to us and to the world. Ego is a thing of the past, a inhabitant
of the old world, the ruler of darkness. We are moving beyond this
craziness. Do not listen to your nagging voice within when it
continually criticizes you, do not believe the lies it tells you.
Reprogram yourself to shut it up and instead listen to new tapes play
within your head. Loving tapes.

Humanity has endured a great deal of bad programming since the
beginning of time, but over the last century it has been ramped up,
non-stop brainwashing. We have suffered greatly from its influences and
many have been ravished and scarred deeply within. This is the time to
stop all judgement immediately. Judging others and sending forth
criticism will never get us to the promised land. Reaching out and
giving others support and a helping hand is what will shift the world in
the right direction. We are all tending to our issues, all struggling
to become better people, it is words of kindness and caring that will
help us heal within, not ego driven ranting and accusations and
judgement. Be kind to others and they will be kind to you. Next time you
want to lash out, stop and think about your own life and realize we are
all walking the same path, stumbling over the same rocks, headed in the
same direction!

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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