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Let Go!!!!!!

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1Let Go!!!!!! Empty Let Go!!!!!! Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:06 am


Let Go!

Posted on April 22, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Let Go!!!!!! Art-dream-girl-heart-nature-favim-com-185994 http://www.favim.com

Reading music below:

This one is for you B…I’m not exactly sure what you wanted to hear
but I will give it a try. Let us begin with how insane the world is
right now. We are all being triggered from all directions by
circumstances attempting to hook our emotions and hold on tight to us.
Major happenings are occurring designed to grab our hearts and twist
them until our juices run dry. Personally I feel the only way to deal
with what is going on right now is to make it our mission to know the
truth, no matter how painful that may be. Once the truth is visible to
us, we tend to not get sucked in or hooked in by what is taking place.
We encounter the initial shock wave, compute it into our data bases and
then we must release it! Turn off that television that wants to chain us
to our couch and make us watch over and over again the same distorted
message the Government wishes to plant into our brains. Do not buy into
it and do not get hooked by it! Just as important for us is to pay
attention to our herding mentality wanting to drive us along with
everybody else into the fear pit. Well if everybody else is afraid then I
guess I must be as well. WRONG!

We must finally allow ourselves to be free to think as we choose,
feel as we choose, act as we choose, independent of everyone else. We
have been pushed into joining the masses and no longer being our
individual selves. It is frowned upon now, if we choose to dance or sing
in public we are odd, if we don’t cry at the appropriate time there is
something wrong with us, if we are not afraid then others think maybe we
ourselves should be feared. Will we jump off a cliff because all of the
other people around us are doing it? Have we lost all our ability to
think for ourselves individually? Are the masses still so brainwashed
they will continue to believe all the news that is force-fed to them?
Have we ever stopped long enough to ask ourselves what if what the news
is telling me is not the truth? It is not the truth and therein festers
our major problem. People are believing whatever they are told and
buying into the fear and soon they will all be jumping off a cliff or
being locked away in prisons.

Let Go!!!!!! Favim_com-15583 http://www.favim.com

Stop worrying about what other people are thinking or doing. Release
their fear as well as your own and walk free from this drama being
played out. If people choose to feel fear then that is their problem and
not ours! Reach out to others to support them but if they refuse to
listen to truth and insist upon clinging to the lies, then walk away and
do not feel guilty. It is their choice to remain drowning in the fear.
By the same token we must not get swept away by panicking that nobody is
waking up. It is our own lives we must tend to now, our own
lives we must immerse ourselves in. As much of world seems to be
falling for the false flag insanity all around us, retreat and spend
time in nature, or go looking for beautiful things to photograph, spend
time with like-minded people, listen to inspiring music, create
inspiring art. Whatever you do, just break the grip of insanity and get
free. Do not allow yourselves to get pulled into the drama.

We can only help those who ask for it or are open to learning the
truth and are asking for support as they do so. To try to force the
truth on closed minds is a waste of precious energy. I know this sounds
cruel for the majority of light workers are giving and compassionate
people and this somewhat goes against our grain. We must save ourselves
first however, if we wish to still be here to help after the final
battle has been waged. We must remain strong and rooted firmly to the
earth. Removing ourselves from the drama helps us remain intact. We
absorb the initial shock wave then close our doors to the rest of the
drama and do not allow it in our space to take up residence. The new
world is dependent upon us all staying strong. This is the moment we
have long been training for. Let us not be sucked under into the
cesspool of fear mongering by those around us.

Blessings and strength to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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