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Is the Bible predicting our future?

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1Is the Bible predicting our future? Empty Is the Bible predicting our future? Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:54 pm


Is the Bible predicting our future?

2 April 22, 2013


Is the Bible predicting our future? Countdown_icn

Is the Bible predicting our future?

by Charles Marcello

First I would like to talk about comet Izon/Ison… According to NASA
that comet will be up to 15 times brighter than our moon. Now, they are
also careful to say the Size of the comet as seen from Earth will not be
the same size as our moon, however this comet is still going to be
extremely bright, which has me thinking… is it possible that this
extremely bright comet/light could create the blood oceans and rivers talked about in the bible… by generating a certain type of “light” that will activate
some dormant fungus or plankton? As crazy as that thought sounds at
first, how is bacteria created? Now obviously plankton should not be
considered bacteria, however the reason I used the word plankton was to
help generate inside your mind’s eye the “floating” around our waterways
whatever this dormant thingy might be… could this extremely bright light cast a light strong enough to affect our eco-system?

Is the Bible predicting our future? Comet_ISON1


As I’ve said in my other blog… “2012 and the Pyramids at Giza”…
If I am correct and the three planets Mercury, Venus, and Saturn that
perfectly matched the physical layout of the Pyramids at Giza… that that
alignment are the three wise men talked about in the bible… if that is true, is the rest of the story trying to tell us, the birth of the new world is soon to follow, which is quickly ushered in by those in the know after this extremely bright star shows
itself? However, if there is to be a new beginning, then that means
some other new beginning (our time as we know it) is about to come to an
end. Is that true?

I cannot see how any of this could work, a light that is extremely bright could somehow create a worldwide red tide, that just doesn’t sound reasonable… Yet I cannot deny the bible
talks about all water turning to blood…. As many are aware, there are
massive fish kills happening all over the world, fish and water mammals
are dying by the millions/thousands all over the world… in rivers and in
oceans… AND nobody knows why. There excuses are funny as hell… too much
oxygen in the water, too much urine in the water etc… Let alone all
over the world there are massive sinkholes being created out of nowhere…
entire buildings are swallowed up in a moment… and an entire river is
now gone… not to mention these sinkholes have claimed at least a dozen
lives… Yet the norm for sinkholes is supposed to be man caused… meaning,
something we did underground creates a sinkhole… or in some rare
instances sinkholes are created by earthquakes… yet these sinkholes are
happening all over the world with no warning and there are thousands of
them… and they seem to be happening several times a month, AND if
current trends continue… it looks like that is about to change to
several times a week. Not to mention in Africa a new ocean is about to
be created… in one night the land instantly sunk for thousands of square
mile. In Alaska people went to bed and the ocean could be seen from
their windows… when they woke up there stood a twenty foot hill. In both
instances nobody felt anything, nor was there any type of seismic
reading. Because of these things, and many others… not to mention every
leader in the world is talking about a new world order. I can’t help but
wonder what the hell is really going on?
Now according to the bible a new world order is coming… the first one is going to be evil, and the second one is going to be ran by Jesus… yet there are billions of people who don’t think Jesus actually exists,
let alone these billions of people, myself included… don’t think that
Jesus has any claim, let alone any right to dictate to the planet he
abandon for two thousand plus years.

Or, if that doesn’t float your boat, this one is my personal favorite theory, the one that actually makes me laugh out loud… Aliens (the real gods of our ancestors) are coming back to see how we are doing.
If we’ve failed once again because of our evil ways they will destroy
our planet… while purposely choosing only 144,000 to restart the world’s
population. If by some crazy twist of reality, this is truly our
future… well those evil SOB’s can go to hell… which brings me to main
reason I created this comment.

Many people believe all Aliens are not E.T.’s from another planet/solar system, oh no… rather these people firmly believe they are in fact demons.
They say this is true because of how all UFO’s defy our laws of
gravity… which to me suggests our laws (our understanding of
reality/what is possible) must be wrong… but not to these people, again
oh no… that means to them these UFO’s are demon spirits existing outside
of space/time. And when these demons convince their victims they are
being abducted, they are actually only being tormented by demons inside another dimension… and if you evoke the name of Jesus you will instantly be back in your bed. Not to mention these same people believe a false flag event of some kind is going to take place by the demons controllers.
(ie… living human’s laying the foundation for these demons to come into
our dimension to create hell on Earth.) Now if that is true, could it
be comet Izon/Ison light could generate those things the bible talks about that, “men’s hearts will fail them for what cometh upon the Earth in the last days?” Could it be the light generated by this comet that would allow us to see into that dimension?

For those who have followed my comments you already know the last Pope is upon us right now according to several prophecies….
Let alone there are many Christians who believe this Pope is the eighth
king talked about in Revelations that will help usher in the anti (in
place of) Christ.
Yet to top it all off, like some cherry on top…
there are many Christians who believe the Catholic Church and many other
Christian denominations will tell the world when the Gods return (aliens/demons) that they are in fact our real gods… and the story that god equals some old man looking down from a cloud
preparing to send billions straight to hell for having a good time like
drinking cussing and fornicating is all fiction… Oh no see, our real
gods are aliens who come back to Earth to check on us every 6000 or so
years… if they like what they see we get to live on… if they don’t they
flood the world or some other such stuff… I think the next one will be
done with fire. However, people like Tom Horn and Steve Quayle don’t
think we will be tricked into believing these aliens are gods… nope, these two believe the whole religious/and non-religious world is going to be tricked into believing these aliens are morally superior to us. To which I’m like… um if they can travel
the stars… they are morally superior to us. I mean people can’t even
run in a marathon without some crazy evil bastards trying to kill
people. Could you imagine what they fucks would do if they could disable
a spacecraft’s safety features and plow a 10 ton vehicle into a city going faster than the speed of light.
Obviously these creature’s either learned from that horrible event… or
somehow their entire society instinctively knows the negative effects
that one person out of seven
billion can have on its entire society, ie… it truly only takes one
idiot with that kind of kinetic power to completely destroy an entire
civilization… and that that truth is so ingrained into their society
nobody even thinks about hurting anyone else. To me that is the only way
an entire planet could survive inter galactic space travel… because it would only take one suicidal nut job to ruin an entire planet/species plans for their future. So if they can travel
the stars then by god they are not only technologically but also
morally superior to us. They are… so why shouldn’t we listen and follow
their advice? Now if they come down here with an attitude, most humans
will tell them to stick their morally superior self-righteous attitudes
right up their aliens asses. Which of course would cause a galactic war,
and they would have no choice but to destroy us because we’ve proven
with many of current technologies, given enough time we can accomplish
anything we put our minds too. Which is the whole point of this post. No
matter what the truth will be… is the bible predicting our future
within its prophecies, or within the stories found all throughout the
old and new testaments? Which by the way, these same stories are found
within hundreds of other cultures from around the world, each telling
the same story, just said a little differently? Well one things for
certain, we don’t have long to wait before this comet cometh and right
soon… and if this Pope truly is the final Pope/King well then at 76 he
aint got much time either. With all of that, what do you think and

–Charles Marcello

Part 2

There are many reasons why I reject the notion there is some evil
cabal hell bent on killing 6.5 billion people. One, it is just stupid to
think that 500million people could kill 6.5 billion without oh I don’t
know… 4 billion people going, hey these people have killed over 2.5
billion people, if we don’t do something to stop them we’re next. Let
alone how many millions upon millions would it take to bury or burn 1
billion let alone 6.5 billion people? Not to mention for every combat
person killing for the “darkside”, they would need 10 people to create
their ammo, weapons, clothes, vehicles and food. So if you subtract the
amount of overhead and logistics you are talking about killing force of
40 million people (plus or minus a few 10 million or so), to kill all
6.5 billion of us. Which means the darkside’s army would be outnumbered a
hundred and fifty-ish to one. That’a using nothing but simple math… and
because of those ridiculous numbers people had to bring in chemtrails,
viruses, and plagues the NWO has waiting for their death hour… plus all
the other mass murder theories that exist all over the Internet I’m not
going to waste your time bringing up. Yet anything created by man, once
something is put into the population it is impossible to know how it’s
going to mutate. So any antidote these NWO people think they have will
only work until it doesn’t… and then they are going to die just like the
rest of us. Let alone if they are spraying poison into our air, they
are killing their own family’s futures as well. Because no matter how
all powerful these theories make these people out to be, they cannot
control the wind… let alone make sure all the “poison” they’re spreading
lands only where they want it too. It appears to me the people who
promote this nonsense must think everyone who is putting this stuff into
the air has absolutely no contact with the outside world. I mean, I
don’t fly planes, let alone spray stuff into the atmosphere… but if I
did I guaran-damn-tee I would be keeping my ear to the news and the
Internet about people getting sick where I just dumped a lot of
chemicals. Because I doubt I would agree to kill all of my extended
family and all of the friends I had growing up, just so rich people
could have their little paradise. I mean seriously these, “the elite are
trying kill us all”, people haven’t thought their nonsense through. I’m
pretty sure the people flying those planes know they are spraying stuff
into the atmosphere… I’m also pretty sure they know damn well they
aren’t trying to kill 6.5 billion people. I used to deny that chemtrails
were real, and sought to find logical answers to how the fuel in planes
had to of changed somehow to create these extremely long lasting
contrails… until I discovered many News Channels from around the United
States and around the world for that matter did their own investigation…
and each of these local News Sources found the exact same chemical
mixture. (do a simple youtube search and see for yourself) So now I have
no doubt there are people in the know who absolutely know what is
happening/changing/or coming to our planet. Yet I’m pretty damn sure
whatever this something is, it is the same something that wiped out our
last civilization… and that these people are actually doing everything
they can to try and save humanity and all of our learnt know how. The
Georgia Guide Stones says “maintain a population of 500 million”, it
doesn’t say… reduce the population to 500 million. That suggests to me
people have known for a long while what the truth really is about our
past… and our coming/possible future.

Now the second part of this madness is people going around saying you need to stock up on food and ammo… and only stocking food and ammo is how you’re going to survive.
I’m sorry but you are fucking crazy if you believe you can survive
holed up in your house/underground bunker/cave/campsite… when this
whatever horrible thing happens to the our earth. You truly are nucking
futs. Because eventually your food is gonna run out. Eventually you’re
gonna have to come up for air, or something. If all you have is food and
ammo, and something tragic does happen to our entire planet… you are a
caveman the moment your supplies are gone. Let alone, you are all alone…
which means if you somehow have children in your little world… you have
guaranteed they will become primitive creatures destined to live a
horrible short existence. But let’s just say for fun something did
happen, my wife and I have talked about it. We both agreed if the SHTF,
there are three things we would right away. One is try and save as many
people as possible. Two bring all the supplies, (food, gas, ammo,
medicine etc…) we can find around the area into a single
location/community area. And finally… go collect all the books at all
the libraries and Colleges in our area. Once all that has been figured
out… we would then start planning for our collective survival. By first
figuring out what kinds of skills we have in our group. Then figuring
out how we can utilize those skills to bring our little community back
into some semblance of normalcy. There are many forums you can go to
that argue one of the things that everyone needs is a gas powered
generator. And I’m like bull crap… if I truly knew/believed something
bad was going to happen (and I don’t) to our planet I wouldn’t want a
gas powered anything for electricity… I would want steam powered
electricity. Because the post destroyed world is going to have all kinds
of things to burn… while fuel leaks and spills and eventually runs out.
The very next thing we would do is create schools od learning… where
people who have skills teach those who don’t. While at the same time
demanding everyone learn something new. Like a doctor would need to
learn how to repair shoes… and a carpenter would need to learn how to
fix teeth… and a farmer would need to learn how to repair electronics.
And everyone under forty would need to learn three skills…. Let alone
every person would be taught how to shoot straight and generate fresh
water. Because the name of the game is not simply survival… the
name of the game is trying to get humanity back to where we were before
our world literately turned upside down.
That’s how I would
think and work myself to death to create somehow… and if I’m thinking
along those lines, about humanities survival and not just my own… I
guarantee if someone actually knows what is happening to our world, and
what actually happened to our distant ancestors… they are in fact
building whatever is needed to repair our world on the other side. Yet
this is the one thing that makes all this crazy nonsense about some evil
NWO make sense. If something is evil you fear it even as you say you’re
fighting against it. Yet if something good is being prepared to save
what is left of humanity on the other side… well then everyone thinks
either they or their children deserves a ticket to those survival
shelters. If it’s evil well then everyone knows you’re on your own… so
why wouldn’t you promote the dark-side if you knew you couldn’t save

I guess I will stop here. Like I said in the beginning there are many reasons why I reject the notion of some evil cabal hell bent on killing us all.
Could it exist and I’m just being naive, sure. Yet all the things I’ve
read from people suggesting this and that is happening as we speak… for
me it just doesn’t add up. Something is happening to our planet, and
there are things governments are doing that just don’t make any sense
when it comes to our children’s future. Nation after nation has
incredible amounts of debt that can never be paid back? That is mass
planetary financial suicide. Unless… unless!!! Some people think because
they’re going to kill us all they can spend what they want. Well, that
only makes sense to me if everyone has already decided they’re just
going to lie down and die… well I reject that outright. One of the only
two possible scenarios remaining that I would even remotely entertain
is… all the governments on this planet are being ran by a bunch of retards in really nice suitsorthe world is secretly preparing for our continued survival.
Below this I will repost what I created yesterday inside another blog
regarding some of the crazy stuff happening around our world. Yet for
this comment, if you disagree I would really love to hear how I’m not
seeing things correctly.

–Charles Marcello

Thanks to: http://blog.world-mysteries.com


2Is the Bible predicting our future? Empty Re: Is the Bible predicting our future? Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:41 pm


It appears that ALL of the information that we use in our societys contains truth mixed with lies. I do not believe that the bible is exempt from that.....Just my thoughts....

3Is the Bible predicting our future? Empty Re: Is the Bible predicting our future? Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:13 pm


The Bible is myth, and also depends on how you were raised, or how you perceive, and, or, believe things-It is also contradictory to contemporary belief- It's very strange that you only see the Bible in certain faith churches, but I have yet to see one, even for sale, in Walmart, or a grocery store-If in fact he does reign supreme, then why can't you buy the Bible anywhere at all? Think about that for a minute- Why is that, do you suppose? I was involved, at one time, with 'The Way of the World Ministry'- It was a 20 week course, got my certificate, and was deemed an 'Ambassador', to spread the word of Christ'-This was in 1984- And it was something that I have always kicked myself for, because, as you know, either people will commend, and listen to you, or they will condemn and cuss you, and no matter where I went, I got the same results, got doors slammed in my face, was called a weirdo, Bible thumper, but it never really swayed me all that much, until I talked to some one that told me the same thing I mentioned earlier in this post-I know, me? Surprising, isn't it? Then, I woke up-This is not to piss off peeps here, but more of an experience that I encountered, before I actually made up my own mind- OK- Let the boos, food throwing, and bashing begin- :affraid:

4Is the Bible predicting our future? Empty Re: Is the Bible predicting our future? Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:25 pm


You won't receive that from meT. I had a different approach to religion. I was an avid reader before I found other things to occupy my time. I must have been around ten and decided to get to the bottom of the concept of all wars that at that time were religious based. So I read all religious text that I could handle to come to the conclusion that ALL is almost the same. ALL. That left me with a true understanding of the mind control that this truly is. Now that is not to say that I think those that follow scripture are wrong. They are not. But it was wrong for me. I remembered being here before from an early age so I gravitated towards Buddhism. Now I get why I felt that way. I agree with topspin here that there is a thread, albeit a thin one, in the "word" of God. Unfortunately humans bastardized it. There in lies the problem. Stupid humans.....


5Is the Bible predicting our future? Empty Re: Is the Bible predicting our future? Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:36 pm


Thankyou, Purpleskyz, that suits me to a 'T', and I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that or feels that way-It is all about mind control, and what path anyone seems to think they want to take- Been down that road, and it was the wrong way- HEY? Who threw that piece of turnip? Whoever did it, I got a real soft, nasty tomato for your ass! :shock:

6Is the Bible predicting our future? Empty Re: Is the Bible predicting our future? Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:40 pm


Well I think we all need to respect those that truly feel it differently. I know some awesome people that are very devout Christians and I would never tell them they are wrong to feel strongly about a love based illusion. they do not see it that way. Besides the accept me as the heathen am so they aren't all bad.LOL


7Is the Bible predicting our future? Empty Re: Is the Bible predicting our future? Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:28 pm


Yes, I agree-

8Is the Bible predicting our future? Empty Re: Is the Bible predicting our future? Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:42 pm


Well having been raised a Christian as well I have always thought there was something wrong somewhere and it wasn't until my brother died last year that I really starting questioning the faith we had been TOLD to follow! Don't get me wrong I still believe in God and have faith in him what I don't have faith in is the churches and I really question a lot of what is written in the bible, I mean it is an interpretation by man isn't it, the same as the Khoran and that other bible that has slipped my mind. I really believe the churches are teaching the wrong message. At the end of the day God looks at your heart and how you help people etc, he does not look at how often you spent in church like we were led to believe! Now thanks to this site I know that you are not condemned to hell unless you are a born again Christian, that is such shit, you can't tell me Steve Irwin is in hell because he wasn't baptised, his whole life dedicated to protecting the environment. Anyway you get my picture.

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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