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The Game Of Beauty…

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1The Game Of Beauty… Empty The Game Of Beauty… Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:55 am


The Game Of Beauty…

Posted on April 24, 2013 by Visionkeeper

The Game Of Beauty… Beautiful-flower-land-nature-favim-com-641349


Music to read by below:

There is so much ugliness taking place all around the world right now
it is imperative we look for beauty wherever we can find it and keep
our own personal worlds beautiful. You can make it a game at first and
then over time it becomes a natural way of being. Wake up each day and
tell yourself ” I will find one beautiful thing to photograph today.” It
seems everyone has a cell phone these days with a camera so this should
be fairly easy. If you don’t have a camera then commit it to memory in
your mind. If we begin our day with this one mission at hand it soon
becomes how we look at life. We begin to view life through eyes that are
always searching for beauty and not focusing on the ugliness. There is
so much beauty all around us yet we often tend to put our focus on what
is wrong in the world, what is ugly. It is a simple act of training
ourselves and starting it off as a game or challenge to ourselves makes
it seem less demanding.

Challenge is such a special gift we have been given and we so often
view it as overwhelming or negative. I love challenge for it is my way
of dealing with all of the difficult things in my life. If we challenge
ourselves to overcome something it becomes like a game. None of us likes
to get beaten at something and being beaten by ourselves is no
different. If something difficult comes up for you, set it before you
and say to yourself I will find a way to deal with this, or get beyond
it or overcome it, whatever the case. It stirs you up inside and you
find yourself saying “I WILL DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS”. The challenge has
been made and now we can go forward, we do not remain stuck or
overwhelmed treading water.It doesn’t matter how long it takes you,
there is now movement forward and that is all that matters. Motion =
Flow. There is always a way to get around or overcome any obstacle in
life if we take the time to look for the way.

So make finding something beautiful everyday your new challenge and
as you do this, you will begin to notice over time that your life is
changing. The negativity begins to fall away and a new positive way of
interacting with life takes over. As you go through each day looking for
something beautiful to photograph or acknowledge, life begins to become
a beautiful place instead of an ugly, hostile world, and this is my
point. There are two different worlds out there. We have a choice to be a
part of the painfully brutal and dark world, or with just a little
effort we can find ways to shut it out and create a better world for
ourselves. It is all in how we view it, how we chose to live it. Which
eyes do you choose to view life through?

If anyone manages to capture something beautiful share it here so we
all can see. Open your eyes wide. It may be big like an amazing sunrise
or sunset, or it may be miniscule such as a small brightly colored bug
or flower tucked beneath the blades of grass. The point is you must make
the effort to look! It keeps you focused on what is right in the world
not what is wrong. So go now and find something beautiful each and every
day and smile.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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