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Wisdom of Kryon through Lee Carroll on Kundalini Tour !

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Read and enjoy channelled Wisdom of Kryon through Lee Carroll on Kundalini Tour !

Posted on April 25, 2013 by ContraMary

Re-blogged via Jean Haines : http://www.2012 what’s the’real’truth?

Kryon through Lee Carroll: “THE TIME CAPSULES OF GAIA”

Posted on April 24, 2013 by Jean

This live channelling was Given on the Kryon Kundalini Tour
February 9, 2013
Source: Kryon.com

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and
Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live
has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that
the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Salt
Lake City, Utah.

dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The message that I give this
evening is an extension to the two that I have given previously within
the last weeks [in Boulder Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona].

information that you need to know, old soul, needs to be repeated
sometimes, so we’re going to do a little bit of a review first.

is a truth laying in the room, and one that is refreshing. There is a
newness here, a renewal, and a recalibration of all things. Having
passed this marker of the 2012 energy is far more significant than any
of you realize. Many are watching in a quantum state from afar, and
there is celebration. You can’t take back what you’ve done, and there
are some axioms we wish to remind you of that may affect how you think
about it all. But let us review, just for a moment.

my partner awoke 23 years ago, he did so slowly, and we have said this
before. We came at him in a slow fashion so he would not be frightened.
We gave him the information slowly and simply, so it would be
believable. But even back then, we had just opened the door of
potential, and I had arrived because of what you had done. Old soul,
some of you were young then and some of you were not. All of you were
here on purpose, however.

the last 23 years, you have simply been in survival. For the last 23
years, I have been telling you about things to expect and the profound
potentials that were before you. I spoke of some of the energies that
you would face, and you did. All of this was given in the metaphor of
fighting an old energy, and of having a duality that constantly is being
challenged and worked with. Now it’s different. Now the work begins.

The old soul will say, “Wait Kryon, I’ve been working for a long time! How can you say it begins now?” Indeed,
you have been working, slogging through the tar of an old energy. But
that was just survival. You have been an old soul with information, and
you knew there would eventually be an awakening where that information
would be used. Now the tar is starting to go away, and the awakening

The 2012 Marker

me review from a previous channelling. There has been a time marker that
has been self-imposed by Gaia on humanity, aligning itself with the
precession of the equinoxes. This was a 26,000-year cycle of time given
appropriately and seen by the ancestors as an end or a beginning. Should
you make it past this point, there would be no going back.

There are some who are saying, “When are we going to get back to what we’re used to? I want to feel normal again.” Dear
ones, you started this race when you were born and you have run a
marathon, existing in miles and miles of what you call Human experience.
Do you really feel that as you win this race, you’re going to be
transported back to the beginning or the middle? The answer is no.

there are those old souls who are sitting around waiting for things to
return to normal, but you don’t know what normal is! You’ve always been
battling the old energy, over and over for lifetimes! You have always
had to be on alert ever since you understood duality. That’s not normal.

Let me describe the new normal.
Normal is an earth, a planet, that has moved into a transitional period
of energy where the ideas you have as an old soul now have merit and
value. It’s almost like the sun has come out in a darkened area and
things that didn’t used to work suddenly do. That’s the new normal. Normal will now be a time when you don’t have to wake up and slog through the mess anymore.

Reminder of What Has Happened

the review, in your new Old Soul Toolkit, use the patience tool. Don’t
make up your mind that things are not happening fast enough. Instead,
take a rest. Take a breath or two, as we often say, and sit back and
rest. Look at what has taken place and take a moment to thank the
ancestors who brought you here. Take a moment to honor your mother and
your father, whether they’re alive or dead, and whether they believe in
these things or not, or whether they were good to you or not. Thank them
for bringing you here. Because on the other side of the veil, dear
ones, before they ever got here, they knew what they were doing. There
was a potential of when their biology would unite and bring your old
soul back into this planet, by design.

a moment to honor Gaia for having brought you to this place where the
energy of the planet can now start to align with you, as it did with the
ancestors, for you will start to see an awakening of the dirt of the
planet. Understand the alliance that is there, even in a modern day, and
give thanks to the earth. For that’s where you came from. Have
patience. You’re going to have to have some because of what I’m going to
tell you next.

The Time of the Crazies

is an odd, unsettling energy when darkness starts to diminish, because
you grew up fighting it and you begin to miss it. Some of you are
actually used to it! Some of you depend on it because you push and it
pushes back. You see that attribute as balance! When it doesn’t
push back as you expect, you tend to be uncomfortable and you are out of
balance. So there is an unsettling energy even within the old soul.
You’re not really sure what’s going on. So we say to you, relax,
breathe, be patient, and recalibrate slowly to a new energy that doesn’t
push back quite as hard so you’ll know how to operate within it.

dear one, have you seen anything unusual lately regarding what some
people are doing? Sometimes it’s in your news, but not always. It
started right before the equinox, right before the solstice. You could
look at the news and see what was taking place.

seems that certain Human beings are going crazy and that some are going
so far as to shoot other Human children. Others are going on rampages,
making no sense whatsoever, and making you wonder all about humanity and
what is truly happening. This seems no different than what you see each
month, called the full moon. You are aware of the full moon, aren’t
you? It’s an unusual time where the presence of the moon in a certain
phase creates seeming unbalance in people. Those who are on the edge
often go over it and do things they would never do if it were not the
full moon. Now, I have something to tell you that isn’t pleasant. Prepare for a year of full moon energy! That’s the kind of energy you’re looking at.

are starting to add these things up and look at them and make
statements. There are some who would tell you that the Earth is going
into a diseased state. They’ll tell you that this is what the prophecies
always said, and that people are becoming unbalanced. What are you
going to say to them? No, it isn’t happening? It looks like it is!
What’s really happening is the old energy is flailing because it can’t
believe you won! And you have.

The Old Energy Has Lost the Battle

you feeling an energy of unbalance? Do you think you’re feeling odd due
to this? Well, just think about those who depend on an old energy to
exist! Think for a moment about the greed masters, those who make their
living tricking others. They believe they know Human consciousness so
well that all they have to do is wiggle their finger a certain way and
they can trick almost anyone. They can swindle their way through life.
Did you know that’s not going to work anymore? How do you think they
feel? Their very survival is at stake.

the old ways are not working as well, they will now try other things.
This is what I’m talking about, and you’re going to see a lot of dark
things get darker, because those who are invested in them are starting
to realize that what they used to do is not working. You’re going to see
this very soon, and you’re going to continue to see it in your economy,
for anything that was produced out of integrity is going to get worse
until a system is developed that has integrity from the new energy.

going to see it in your politics. You’re going to see it in the way
politicians will campaign. You’re going to see what Human Beings in a
new energy will tolerate and not tolerate, and this is all about shift.
So this review is to say to you that you’re going to have to tolerate
some crazies for a while. Some of them will be closer to you than not.
When you see it, I want you to remember this channelling. It’s a year of
a full moon energy, or at least that’s what it’s going to feel like.
Watch for bizarre, unbalanced leaders, too!

may seem a little out of balance, and you still won’t know where the
energy is settling. You really are not certain what you’re supposed to
do next, and I am all the while telling you to take it easy, take a
vacation, relax, and be patient. Old soul, you’ve come too far to get
into this shift and then worry about how it feels.

want you to begin using the wisdom that you came with. Those of you who
have raised children, I want you to remember what this was like in
certain stages of growth for them. What did your children go through in
their learning curve? Was there a time when they didn’t like you, and
then later they did? Did they go through sweeps of emotional change?
This is what the planet’s energy is going through, and it’s almost like a

Ideas and Inventions Are Not Random

I want to revisit this because we’re coming to the point of what I want
to speak of, which we have not spoken of before. It seems unbelievable,
but the fact is that ideas and inventions are given to the planet when
it’s ready, and not before. We told you last time that humanity believes
it can “think of anything.” The intellectual believes the sky is the
limit in creativity. Yet, isn’t it interesting that everything profound
in ideas and inventions has come almost at the last moment? When you
take a look at humanity and how long you’ve been here and how long there
have been smart Human Beings, why is it that only in the last seeming
second of time that almost all modern invention took place?

going through thousands of years without understanding what a bacteria
was, or not believing in germs, or not having electricity. When you
think about these things and the order in which they came to the planet,
it’s quite revealing. Many Humans were working on the same invention at
the same time and didn’t even know it. Suddenly, you received the
invention of radio, then pictures that fly through the air, then flight.
It all came together seemingly in the last moment. You’ve got to ask,
do you not, how logical is this in the scheme of how things work? Did
you have to come to a certain point in history before Humans got smart?
Or do you think there was something else going on? The answer is there
was something else going on. It seemed as though these ideas were being
“delivered” to the planet all at the same time, and many were
understanding these things suddenly all at once.

The Time Capsules

is what happened: Within that which you call Gaia, there is the
Crystalline Grid. This is the memory of all things placed there by the
Pleiadians. The Crystalline Grid was created for this purpose by the
Pleiadians. When it’s proper and when humanity’s consciousness has
reached a certain point, these ideas are released. It is a time capsule
of invention and more. This does not happen from the great central sun;
it does not happen from outside the earth, but rather it happens from

the beginning of the 2000s, we sat in a place called Mount Shasta
[California] and we told you of the Lemurians in the mountain. We told
you of the time capsules there, and now you have the explanation. Those
in the mountain are not going to come out and present themselves and
shake hands. A time capsule is about information and ideas. The capsules
are about quantum attributes of science and life that you’re going to
discover. It is about ideas you need to have to move into a new energy
when the full moon crazies are over… and they will be. So the time
capsules seem to be alive by those who can sense them, and they “buzz”
with activity to the esoteric “see-er.”

you ever put these things together? Did you ever ponder how long
civilization has been on the planet? You sit in this country called the
United States, but do you realize that the founding fathers of this
nation put together something completely and totally unique that had
never been thought of before? Out of their minds came ideas for
government where the rights of the Human Being came first. Where do you
think those ideas came from? I’ll tell you – right out of the ground!
[The Crystalline Grid]

long should it have taken humanity to think of that? It was a system
that would seem so obvious, put together clearly and succinctly,
creating a country that was young and so far ahead of all the others
that it set the standard for 100 years or more that was new and
different. Why didn’t that happen 1,000 years ago? You have to ask
yourself, is this logical to you? Again, was humanity just unaware for
thousands of years? Why were there no logical ideas for higher thinking
and inventiveness?

Tesla the Man

was a point in time when humanity almost stumbled, by the way. You were
having a hard time with electricity. So a man came along who was way
ahead of his time and was available and his name was Nikola Tesla. He
gave you a principle that today you call alternating current.
Dear ones, I challenge you to understand this principle. Most of you
can’t, because it is not in 3D. The attributes are still considered
“genius-level thinking” to this day. The whole idea of the kind of
electricity you use today comes from this man’s quantum mind.

That was all he was allowed to
do. Tesla himself was a kind of time capsule, delivered at the right
time. He had more, but alternating current was all that was allowed to
be given to the planet at that time. Oh, he tried to give you more. He
knew there were other things, but nothing was able to be developed. If I
told you what else he had discovered, you might not be aware of it at
all, since it was never allowed to get out of the box. Earth was not
ready for it.

discovered massless objects. He could alter the mass of atomic
structure using designer magnetics, but he never could control it. He
had objects fly off his workbench and hit the ceiling, but he couldn’t
duplicate or control it. It just wasn’t time yet. Do you know what else
he was known for? It was seemingly the failure of the transmission of
electricity. However, he didn’t fail at all.

are pictures of his tower, but every time a Human Being sees a tower,
there is a biased assumption that something is going to be broadcast through the air. But in the case of Tesla, he had figured out how to broadcast electricity through the ground.
You need towers for that because they have to pick up the magnetics
within the ground in a certain way to broadcast them and then collect
them again from the nodes of the planet’s magnetic grid system. We
talked about this before. He was utilizing the grid of the planet that
is in the earth itself! He was on the edge of showing that you could use
the whole grid of the planet magnetically to broadcast electricity and
pick it up where you need it, safely, with no wires. But the earth was
not ready for it.

died a broken man, filled with ideas that would have brought peace to
planet Earth, but he was simply not allowed to give any of them to you.

Now I’ll tell you why he was stopped, dear ones, and it’s the first time we have ever told you – because these inventions were too easy to weaponize. Humanity just isn’t ready for it. You’re not ready for massless objects, either, for the principles are too easy to weaponize.

“So,” you might say, “when will we be ready for it?” I
think you already know the answer, don’t you? At the time when Human
consciousness reaches a point where that which is most important is unification and notseparation,
it will happen. A point where conquering and power are not desirable
ideas or assets. A point where humanity will measure the strength of its
population by how healthy they are and not by economic growth. A point
where coming together with your neighbor is the main objective to social
consciousness, and not conquering them or eliminating them. That’s
coming, dear ones. It’s a ways away, but it’s coming. Look around the
planet at the moment. The old energy leaders are obvious, are they not?
It’s like they are relics in a world of thinking that is passing them

The Opening of the Time Capsules

is a storehouse of future knowledge and ideas in these time capsules
you call Gaia, placed there a long time ago by those who you would call
the Pleiadians, and these time capsules will open with new ideas about
unity and peace first before they open with inventions. Humanity must
soften before the inventions will come your way, and you will see what I
mean over the next period of 18 years. These are the time capsules
beneath your feet in the form of the nodes of the Crystalline Grid, and
how fast these things are released to you will depend completely and
totally on what you do next.

What To Do Next

let’s discuss what to do next. I want you to take a vacation and learn
to love yourself! That should be the primary work for 2013! Cast off the
fears and the worries and put them in a metaphoric jar for awhile. You
can take that jar out occasionally and worry with it, but don’t let that
be the focus. The focus should be who are you, why did you come, what’s
next for the planet, and a total realization that you’re not alone.

For 23 years we have said, “You’re not alone.”
You may walk from this place and get in your car. You can start it, put
the heater on, but while you wait for it to warm up, I want you to look
at the empty seat next to you and say, “Nice to have you along.” This
is an acknowledgment of the Higher-Self and the love of God that
accompanies you wherever you go. Do you realize what you’ve got inside?
You’re going to need this entire engine of knowledge and the quantumness
that is in you to start developing the divinity inside. It must become
real to you, old soul, in order to go to the next step.

The Personal Time Capsule

Now, this is your personal
time capsule, and it’s what we really wanted to talk about. There are
three kinds of time capsules. There’s one kind that we won’t speak of
yet. There is another kind in the earth and there’s still another kind
in your DNA. It’s the spiritual inheritance that you came in with that’s
ready to open up like a lotus. When it does, there will be new
awareness. There will be peace in a countenance that is not necessarily
peaceful. There will be patience in a countenance that is not
necessarily patient. That’s when you get to change you,
for it releases ideas, emotions and a consciousness that has been within
you always, but only now is beginning to show itself in this new

Expect the issues that will occur. Don’t be shocked.

humanity flail the way it does in a full moon. Let the crazies come out
and do whatever they’re going to do. Try to help the ones who are
affected. Hold the hands of the ones who need their hands held. But
understand that this is temporary, because you won the major battle,
dear ones! There’s a whole bunch of energy that doesn’t believe in you
or anything you represent. That’s the truth. They can’t see the light in
you and only feel that something is now missing in them.

been waiting a very long time to give you these messages. Now is when
the work begins. It must begin with you in ways that perhaps you’re not
really prepared for. It’s not about doing, but rather about being.

In these moments and these months, I want you to be aware of who you
are, old soul. You came here for a reason. You’re not fighting the
system and you’re not a victim of it. Instead, you are slowly becoming
the system. Cast off these things that have bothered you. Deny them
power in your mind and body. Tell them to get behind you. You’ve got
work to do, and that’s the truth this day. Time capsules, beautiful and
ready, are being activated on this planet. You should see what’s in
them. Some of you will.

And so it is.


Thanks to: http://illuminations2012.wordpress.com


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