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Which Rabbit Hole?

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1Which Rabbit Hole? Empty Which Rabbit Hole? Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:50 pm


Which Rabbit Hole?

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Which Rabbit Hole? Art-arts-illustration-alice-alice-in-wonderland-favim-com-596619


I know most everybody running in our spirit circle these days is
feeling the energies building up extensively which leaves one wondering
what the crescendo will bring. It is a bit nerve-wracking to say the
least. There are so many different rabbit holes one can throw themselves
down right now and each one is guaranteed to blow our minds or at least
leave our head spinning. Truths about the world are popping forth
everywhere and as they do more and more people are waking from their
slumbers. It takes great courage to jump down the rabbit holes for once
you do you will never see life the same way again. We’ve been in
training for this moment a long time now, to be able to pop down the
rabbit hole, face the truth and remain standing so to speak. It takes
great courage to face the truth of what has and still is being done to
the world and still have the strength and desire to go forward in our
quest to create a better world, to rise up from the smouldering ashes of
the old world as it slowly extinguished by the light. Eventually we
will all have to jump down the rabbit holes and face the truth, there is
no escaping that journey unfortunately if you wish to be a co-creator
in the new world. Truth is the foundation upon which we must begin to

There will be a great deal of mind numbing truth spilling forth in
the coming months ahead I feel and so we must ground ourselves strongly
and be ready to catch those who will have the rug snatched out from
under them, and help them back up on their feet. I am certain most
everybody walking this spirit path is here because they are generous in
spirit. It is their true calling way down deep to encourage not only
their own potentials but the potentials of those around them in creating
a better world. It is so obvious today, knowing the right path we must
be walking as we watch so many stumbling down the wrong path. It is
infested with ego dramas, selfish thinking and closed hearts. We can
sense with every part of our being that humanity is being led in the
wrong direction and so we struggle to balance this equation by changing
our own lives and those around us who wish to follow this path as well.

The paths are beginning to slowly merge into one and as it does there
is great turbulence and upheaval. Two complete opposites are trying to
meld together like oil and water. It will require a blending of our
minds and hearts to finally join together onto one path where the waters
flow easily in one direction. We are now bottle necked in the most
narrow part of the river and the eddy’s swirl strongly and threaten to
pull us under if we do not remain aware and awake. We are soon to be
forced through the neck and out into the open waters that are serene and
calm. The journey can be harrowing and challenging and it will require
us to be strong and grounded and quick thinking. We will be asked to use
our potentials to create anew all that is ripped apart in the journey.
WE can and we will do this, it is why we have been called forth to put
all we have learned into action. The times are trying and dark but we
must keep focused on the light we see shimmering on the open waters

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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