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Express Yourself Gracefully…

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1Express Yourself Gracefully… Empty Express Yourself Gracefully… Wed May 01, 2013 7:03 am


Express Yourself Gracefully…

Posted on May 1, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Express Yourself Gracefully… Beach-beautiful-beauty-breeze-clouds-color-favim-com-37912


Reading music below:

” Self-care is never a selfish act. It is simply good stewardship of
the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.
Anytime we can listen to true self, and give it the care it requires, we
do so not only for ourselves, but for many others whose lives we
touch.” By Parker Palmer We must always remember we live not only for
ourselves but for those around us. We may strike a chord within
someones heart by the words we speak or what we do and never know we
have done so. We must live a life assuming we always touch somebody,
therefore we must be our best. We have no acceptable excuses for not
living our lives to the best of our abilities. We have been blessed with
the experience to live life fully and we should be grateful that we
were given that experience at all. We have lost track of what really
matters it seems. We treat life as if it owes us something, our egos
bend life grotesquely out of shape and make us into people we really are
not, within the centers of our hearts. It is time to reconnect with the
purpose of why we are here and who we really are.

This is something we need to do periodically as we never remain the
same. Who we were at ten years old is not who are at twenty-five or
fifty or eighty. We flow through life morphing into our new roles of who
we are for that stretch of time and eventually slide out of it and go
off into yet another aspect of ourselves. We must allow this shifting to
take place and not hold on to the what was. We are merely expressing
ourselves in new ways and we should not silence ourselves from
expressing who we are at any given moment. We morph through our stages
just as nature does, growing and dying and growing yet again when spring
comes again. We do not try to hold nature back from being who she is
and doing what she does nor should we do that to ourselves either.

There should be no limits upon who we choose to be or what we choose
to do as long as we always try to do our best. We must tend to ourselves
and help ourselves to flourish and expand in all directions. As we go
along, we will bump up against many others and who we are will rub off
on them in small ways and large. So often we worry about what others
like about us but rarely do we seem to worry about how we affect others
on our journey. If we take the time to be aware of others and try to
make their journeys as well as our own the best they can be, what a
different place the world would be. It just requires one thing from us
and it seems so hard for us to do. We must learn to love ourselves
unconditionally for when we do we automatically care about how we are in
the world and we try to do our best.

Let us tend to ourselves gently and with love, lets us do the same
for all those around us and let us take the time to be the best that we
can be at any given moment. This is what is being asked of us on the
earth journey we are living out. Forget what the dark ones are doing, we
must focus on ourselves and make our lives mean something. As we move
forward into the new world and be love and live from the centers of our
hearts, the dark forces will have to remain here and do life over until
they get it right. I chose to get it right this time and so I will
strive to express myself in the best ways humanly possible and I hope
you will do the same as well.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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