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Making Music Together…

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1Making Music Together… Empty Making Music Together… Wed May 08, 2013 7:23 am


Making Music Together…

Posted on May 8, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Making Music Together… Hawaii-hawaiian-music-paradise-favim-com-693384 http://www.favim.com

Reading music below:

The light community is like a universal orchestra of musical
instruments and now is the time we must all come together and play our
music for the world to sing to. We sit waiting in a million corners of
the world but we must realize it is only when we all come together that
we have great power to overcome the darkness. It is time to join our
hearts together and let them sing loudly in unison and beat together to
the rhythm of love. An orchestra of instruments can only play beautiful
music when they are together following the same musical score. What if
every time something terrible happens we push aside the fear expected
from us and instead we pour out love and compassion? It is time to start
bringing our orchestras together to play peaceful music, strong
vibrations that capture the heart and forces away the fear. It is time
we stop doing what is expected of us and begin to think for ourselves!

As long as we react the way that is expected of us by the dark
forces, their violent antics will continue, for they feed off of our
fear and use it to snatch away more of our rights and create new laws.
We know this now and we must stay awaken to the truth. When bad things
burst upon the scene many tend to panic and run around directionless
looking for someone to save them. These are the ones we must reach out
to and try to pull them back into a loving reality. This is one way we
play our music together. I sense tough times ahead and we really need to
ground and get prepared to take control of the ship when the storm
hits. It is easy to talk about these things when times are still semi
stable, but when the bottom drops out and we are ALL being affected by
what is taking place things can be very different.

The Deuter song below which I have posted before, has become a sort
of theme song for me for these times. The music is almost other worldly
and captures the heart for sure. This is the music we as an orchestra
want to play for the world during these trying times as one paradigm
disintegrates and another takes root. We must maintain peace at all
costs and spread forth love and compassion to all. Many will be in
turmoil and needing direction. Into their hearts is where they need to
go and we must show them the way. The more peace we can instill
worldwide, the less chaos there will be. Peacefulness is the food of
light and chaos is the food of the dark. We will need to drown the world
in light and love as best we can to regain our footing quickly when
chaos hits and move forward. We can and we will do it!

We have practiced and tuned up our instruments long enough, it is
time to step forward to the microphones now and begin to play our love
song. It is time to refuse to believe in the lies any longer and turn
off the black box of propaganda. It is time to face the truth and find
our strength wherever we are and believe in ourselves and our own
powers. Just as a symphony can emotionally move an audience to tears, we
too can move the world to joy and peace by exposing the lies and
lighting the way towards the truth. I feel our grand performance quickly
approaching and we must be ready to find solid ground when the rug is
pulled out from under us. It will not be easy to maintain peace and calm
amidst the chaos, but this is why we are here. It is time to play our
magical music of the heart.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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