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Posted on May 10, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Beliefs…...... Art-beautiful-child-cute-favim-com-665267


Music to read by below:

As children it seemed so easy to believe. We would sit quietly
listening to fairy tales and bed time stories and our imaginations would
run wild. We were there, part of them, the fairy sitting on the shore
talking to the frog prince. Believing anything now is so very difficult.
So many lies and distortions have challenged our belief system. We are
asked to believe all will be well if we just stay in our hearts and keep
fear at bay. We are doing just that, but what proof do we have that we
are not wasting our time doing this? NONE! But believe we must for it is
what will get us to where we want to go. The words blind faith are so
very true! We cannot see yet we are asked to believe. In order to do
this, we must learn to go deeper within and connect to our souls, where
all the answers lie. Our souls can tell us yes, believe, and if we are
in tune with our souls we can FEEL we are going in the right direction.
This step in the process I fear many are not doing, making believing
very difficult. You can believe when you can feel your soul within
backing you up and encouraging you to keep going. Listen to your gut!

We are being challenged on so many fronts right now. If you stop and
think about all that has happened and is being done to disrupt our
progress, I am most proud of everyone for their strength and devotion to
this cause. I don’t think we take enough time out to realize our
tenacity and feel proud for what we are doing. It really is remarkable.
No matter what gets thrown our way we seem to hunker down for the long
haul and not allow doubt or fear to enter into our spaces. Mastering
this demands great courage, not to follow the herd down the road and
over the cliff of fear. We have found our voices that now cry out “No! I
will not do it your way.” Our beliefs in where we are going are strong
and without question. We know because we feel from our hearts and our
hearts know best.

I have said before and I will say it again, I believe we are soon to
be tested mightily. I see many boulders in the road ahead and we will be
challenged to stand strong and not question during the most trying of
times. It is critical we are ready for this. Take time to go within and
make sure you truly know yourself, that you can trust yourself and count
on yourself no matter what. There will be many who will be lost and in
need of counting on us. We can and we will do this just have we have
done everything else asked of us up until now. We will soon be leaving
spring and diving into the lazy days of summer. We need the solace
summer provides us and the time to relax outside in nature, but we must
not get sidetracked, our guards let down too far, we must remain at the
ready. We are close to the end now, and we will soon reap the rewards,
but we must remain ready for action at all times. Bless everyone for
their hard work and devotion to the battle for freedom for the world!

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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