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Be humble I say….

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1Be humble I say…. Empty Be humble I say…. Mon May 13, 2013 8:22 am


Be humble I say….

Posted on May 13, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Be humble I say…. Funny-haha-joke-snow-text-favim-com-364906


Music to read by below:

The majority of the posts I write, I write because of ideas or
questions pictures have raised in my head. I look at the picture and a
story unfolds. This picture was no different. It wasn’t beautiful colors
or flowers or sunsets like many I post, no, it was brown and rather
plain yet it still spoke to me. It offered up to me one of the main
reasons I feel so saddened by my country. We are not a humble nation. We
are arrogant know it alls and it is most troubling to me. I find
lacking the ability to be humble most offensive. I find I have a great
deal of difficulty at times with science. Science seems to say we have
done our research and this is the way it is, period the end. It’s
arrogant thinking and I have a problem with that. Take the picture for
example. Because science tells us trees don’t have brains therefore they
can’t feel, who are we to say we know EVERYTHING about how a tree lives
its life? Have we ever stopped and asked ourselves while plundering the
earth how a tree feels when it gets cut down? No. They don’t have
feelings. But, how do we know for certain they don’t have some mode of
self-awareness within their being that we do not understand yet? Perhaps
a telephone pole misses being a tree in some fashion or another.

It seems to me we have allowed science far too much power to define
our world. In doing so we have shut the door on so many other
possibilities such as the spiritual side of life, the unseen side of
life. Just because we can’t find physical brains in trees doesn’t mean
there isn’t another mode of self-awareness they are capable of. We
cannot see therefore it isn’t! It is time we reel this monster back into
the boat. Science is cold and calculated because of its
narrow-mindedness due to facts. Yes facts are obviously necessary to
have, but they are not the be all end all. I say be humble and admit you
don’t know everything because you don’t. As time goes by we are finding
out just how limited our knowledge of life really is.

Imagine our world if science didn’t have such an iron grip on
everything. I think there is a large possibility that science is being
used to make us view life a certain way. We are told that this is the
way things are and asked to just accept it. Well hello! We are finding
out a great deal of what we were asked to accept in our lives is now
turning out to be lies. It reminds me of the status a doctors white coat
has in this country. Don’t question a doctor, only he knows what is
wrong and we bought into that one big time while the Pharmaceutical
companies took over our Government. So why should a PhD in science make
somebody’s word the word of God, not to be questioned just accepted?
Have we been hood winked here as well? I would have to say yes in my
HUMBLE opinion.

It is amazing what a picture speaks to me and thank goodness, as I
would have run out of ideas for posts a long time ago. I enjoy the
challenge of looking at pictures and finding the stories buried within.
It is time for America and the world I guess, to be humble. We have lost
our ability to be courteous to others, to allow them to be as they so
choose. It seems we must always know best and in knowing best, use that
to force ourselves upon the world and the ways in which they live. Look
at what we have done to our planet, look at our run down cities of smog
and ugliness, look at the state our Government is in, look at the loss
of morality we are drowning in, and we call ourselves smarter than
others? It is time we open our eyes and see what is going on here, for
what we can physically see tells us the whole story. We have been duped
and we need to get our act together and find our ability to act with
humility again.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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