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The money meme…

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1The money meme… Empty The money meme… Thu May 16, 2013 8:24 am


The money meme…

Posted on May 16, 2013 by Visionkeeper

The money meme… Dream-paper-bad-cash-favim-com-685239 http://www.favim.com

I had some old rotting wood boxes removed from along side a shed the
other day. They were here when I bought the house and I really didn’t
like seeing them. I was happy to pay the guy to come tear them apart and
take the mess away, but I was stunned at what I had to pay the landfill
to leave it there! It is no wonder there is so much trash tossed along
roadsides and thrown into the woods. Who can afford to dispose of their
junk appropriately? You drive around the run-down sections of town and
you see so much junk filling up empty spaces in people’s yards. At first
blush one probably thinks they just don’t care about keeping their
yards looking nice, but if you bother to look more deeply at this
scenario you can see why a great deal of that trash is piled high in
people’s yards. They cannot afford to dispose of it properly.

Imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have all the trash
and waste we collect. It begins first with our mindset. We have grown up
in a corporate controlled world being trained that we need to buy
everything placed before us on television. We buy and buy and don’t
really need, and then throw it away only to begin again. Then of course
we have corporate America in its almighty quest for the dollar, building
unsustainable products that they know won’t last long so you’ll have to
buy more again to replace them. This is slowly changing thank Goodness,
as people begin to wake up to the truth, but that still leaves us with a
great deal of unwanted trash. Money has distorted our thinking so
profoundly and we don’t even realize it.

If landfills were not about making money but rather about keeping our
communities clean and people could use them freely to dispose of
unwanted clutter, just that one-act alone would change so much. Of
course we’ll always have those folks who don’t care about tossing out a
bag of McDonald’s left overs from their car window, but by in large
people would use the landfill facilities in far greater numbers.
EVERYTHING now has to have a price attached to it. It is so depressing
to see life reduced down to dollars and cents when it doesn’t have to be
this way. What has happened to doing something for the greater good
rather than for how much money you can make? The money meme we are stuck
in has got to change. Life is not about money, life is about living
life with meaning. I am slowly growing to really dislike money, it is
like a tick, it sucks the spiritual essence out of life!

So often I feel like I was born at the wrong time, as everything I
see going on around me goes against my grain. How we are living is NOT
how I wish to be living. I think a great many people are feeling the
same way as well. So why are we not doing more to change that? It must
begin with making lifestyle changes within our own lives. We must stop
buying STUFF. What stuff we do have should have meaning and a strong
purpose to our lives and we take care of it. If we were to demand better
products by refusing to buy the junk being offered, it would force
them to do better. So much of what we don’t like boils down to demanding
better and refusing what is being placed before us. It calls for us to
take a stand and say NO! That is one word we need to practice saying a
lot more often if we wish to create change in the world.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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