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Mimic – Meme of Archons

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1Mimic – Meme of Archons Empty Mimic – Meme of Archons Fri May 17, 2013 9:51 pm


Mimic – Meme of Archons

Friday, May 17th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Esoterica Just Zen Mind Control Spirituality

Mimic – Meme of Archons Mimic117481-640x360

by Zen Gardner

Ever wonder why so many actors become politicians? That’s what they
do. Politicians are actors, blow hard bluffers who try to fool each
other as well as the rest of us.

What a sham.

But what part of the matrix isn’t like this? Lying and pretending is
the name of the game. The whole ego concept is much the same, an image
that thinks it’s the real deal when it’s not and never will be. What’s
ironic is everyone is participating in this charade while calling out
who they think is telling the truth or not when it’s all built on
illusion – which by definition is a lie.

Mimic – Meme of Archons Lyingpolits8

Relative Truth

People have argued for millennia regarding this concept. What is
truth? If it’s real to one person or a group of people and they behave
as if it’s a reality, who’s to say it’s not real? Again the matrix, a
fabricated hived mind enabled by the participation of its believing
occupants in a world with no absolutes except what the matrix of lies
defines and can shift at any time.

The real, true heart doesn’t lie. Knowing right from wrong in its
most fundamental sense is innate to the conscious heart of the Universe.
Life is sacred. The matrix teaches and overtly practices otherwise
while pretending to honor this basic precept. Same with lies and Truth.
Lies are justified in the name of profit, change, religion and self
aggrandizement. Truth is anathema as it exposes and disables the matrix

Doublespeak is easy in this environment, and once the populace
accepts this and participates in the same game for their own safety,
protection, provision and survival it’s all a done deal. With consent to
this scheme manipulation is assured.

Enter the Archons

The archonic entities, or however you perceive the dark forces
controlling humanity, are puppeteering our ruling classless class and
embody the spirit of deception itself. This group lie that we’re being
told is our “world system” is by and large their creation. We’re born
into this control grid and grow up assuming we must participate in it.
This dark force doesn’t fully grasp our nature but has learned how to
deceive, control and harness humans for its own parasitic needs.

It’s biggest lie is that it doesn’t exist and that we’re all free within this virtual prison.

Religions touch on this subject but are deftly channeled into their
own limiting matrix and in turn help perpetrate the big lie in their own
ways. Again, by design. The truly free who understand what I’m
outlining here and try to tell others have been routinely scorned,
marginalized and ultimately eliminated.

They don’t play nice, you may have noticed.

Mimic – Meme of Archons MimicUnfolding

Mimic – A Perfect Analogy

Many years ago I saw a sci-fi thriller called Mimic, which is where
some of these pictures came from. A genetic modification experiment gets
out of hand and these cockroach type creatures called the Judas Breed
that roughly resemble tall humans in a dark cape wreak havoc before
being exterminated.


Three years ago, two young
scientists teamed up to save New York City from an roach-borne epidemic
that was killing thousands of children. Their miracle of genetic
engineering was the Judas Breed, an insect whose enzimes proved deadly
to the disease-carrying roaches. However, their creation has come back
to haunt them, altering the balance of nature and tipping the scales in
favor of the insects. The thing created in the lab has changed, and now,
out there in the city it has begun to mimic the most dangerous predator
of all—humans.

Pretty apt? I was blown away when the analogy came to me while posting a reply to a comment on my last Obama Trauma
piece. I knew it was an experiment gone wrong but had forgotten it was a
genetic modification based plot. The creature’s upper area when folded
in looks similar to a human face, so it can appear in the shadows
looking humanish as it awaits its prey.

Warning: Graphic horror flick scene. Follow the dialogue closely if you choose to watch it.

This is a perfect description of how we’ve been infiltrated. And see
how the fear works? They’re forced into the ultimate scam for defense –
for them to think you’re one of them – i.e. these entities we’re up
against use fear and intimidation to force people to compromise their
convictions. And one compromise leads to another. That’s also called
corralling the sheep in preparation for harvesting.

No wonder these authors and movie makers with a fetish for dark and
creepy stuff get it right so often. They’re on their channel. That’s
also why these power crazed psychopaths and mad scientists are bringing
their dark world into ours one freakish experiment and nature altering
program at a time. Notice how the synopsis nails genetic modification as
“tampering with the balance of nature”. Do we ever hear that phrase any
more? Instead, cloning and transhumanism is now considered normal and
the cutting edge of “brilliant” technology.

The switchover is almost complete. That’s why this can’t go on much longer.

While hundreds of books and movies outlining the dangers and
potential dire effects of genetic engineering, radiation,
electromagnetic influences and the dawn of artificial intelligence pose,
the tinkering accelerates with reckless abandon and every new
advancement toward a mutant planet is heralded with drunken glee.

Mimic – Meme of Archons Obama-as-Satan

The Obamarchon A.I. Puppet

That Obama is a literal clone is often discussed. At the least he’s a
mind clone. And as we all know those massive scars on his head that
look like his skull’s been opened up really get you wondering.

This creature with no history they’ve trotted out on the world stage
is truly “something else”. Literally. Since he appeared out of nowhere
it’s baffled me how anyone could fall for this absolute farce. Granted
it’s been the same story over and over at varying degrees, but you have
to admit he takes it to another level of shallow inhuman-ness in his
pompous superficiality and absolute lack of substance.

While the vast majority of politicians and so-called leaders or
rulers are lying psychopathic puppets, he seriously doesn’t appear
human. His rote behavior with no capability for sincerity or genuine
anything is extraordinary. Politicians are actors and essentially all
like this, but we’re seeing a work of artificial intelligence in some
shape or form.

Those who see through him are absolutely outraged, and those still
clinging to his engineered facade of shifty hopey-changey coolness are
just plain voluntarily hypnotized is about the only way you can explain
it. It’s all so surreal. But then again, so is this whole illusory
construct we’re witnessing as it only gets weirder and weirder.

Mimic – Meme of Archons Dark-light

They Can’t Create – Just Imitate

Herein lies an empowering truth. While many feel hopeless and
helpless in the face of these massive ugly false realities being imposed
on us, these entities and those they dupe and empower to do their
bidding can only imitate. They can infect and infest our thoughts and
thus cause humans to create and bring to pass their intentions, but they
lack the spark of spiritual life that humans carry.

This is why fear is so important to them. It is their biggest and
most powerful weapon against humanity. Once we fear, we in effect, honor
their presence and dominion over us. Once we do that they can have sway
over us. However, if we do not, and see them for the hobbled parasites
that they are, they can do nothing to us, although those they’ve
infected here on our plane can be a problem. Still, the principle
remains the same.

While we each can experience total liberation the Truth brings, when
enough of us come to that realization the matrix will crumble, as it is
already starting to do. This is why their actions and behavior have
become so frenetic and they’re having to resort to brute force and
massive control techniques. It will continue to get sloppier and we need
to catch them at every turn. People are taking notice and finding our
voices so we need to keep cranking it out there any way we can.

Mimic – Meme of Archons Strength-Courage-Quotes-Feature-300x336

The Heart of Courage

The struggle we face in this life is clearly a very real challenge.
We may never know the fullness of Truth except intuitively until we pass
to the next level. Even then we may have other challenges like levels
in a video game.

But the story of overcoming these parasitic forces is an age old one
written and told for eons. What stands out the most are the tales of
courage and bravery that have rung in the hearts of man through the
centuries. Standing up to the bad guy, fighting for truth and justice,
peace and faith in the midst of dire adversity, acts of unselfish love.

It’s the soul of man seeing the light through the door to the realm
beyond this world, the wondrous loving creative Source of the boundless,
limitless Multiverse.

And it’s in every man’s heart for the discovering.

This knowledge is our refuge. This Truth is our strength. This
experience is here in the Eternal Now and can never be taken from us,
only hidden beyond an illusory veil. Once you’ve realized that the
struggle is over.

There’s no having to get there. It’s here. We must learn to live it
and in it fully, and remain true to its very existence for all to see.

This is the true warfare of the spirit. Win this and we’ve won.

Shine on. Darkness cannot stand the Light.

Love, Zen


Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


2Mimic – Meme of Archons Empty Re: Mimic – Meme of Archons Fri May 17, 2013 10:54 pm

Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Oh this was creepy and interesting.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:  https://onlynaturesmagic.com/

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