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Love or Truth?

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1Love or Truth? Empty Love or Truth? Sat May 18, 2013 6:07 pm


Love or Truth?

Saturday, May 18th, 2013. Filed under: Consciousness Esoterica Mind Control

Love or Truth? Contact

by Scooter


A big hat tip to Zen Gardner on his last article “Mimic – Meme of Archons”
for pushing me over the edge to try to articulate a sort of conundrum
that has been slowly taking shape in the depths of my consciousness.

One of the greatest challenges facing light warriors is unravelling
the treacherous web of the logos, the words, the language. I’ll leave it
to the more-enlightened minds out there to describe the role of words
in the archonic parasitical complex. But in a nutshell, words and
language can be very dangerous. It’s a sorcery or alchemy all its own.
Words can be manipulated in ways that we do not fully comprehend or
realize. When the collective human consciousness begins to surround a
word or phrase with similar emotions or a false belief, the word becomes
a place-holder for the parasites to gateway falseness and lies into the
matrix… a sandy “hook” if you will (pun fully intended). It’s the
rawest form of programming as it seeks to plug directly into our
subconscious in a very stealthy fashion.

It occurred to me several months ago that there may have existed a
word in the logos that was intentionally split or subdivided at some
point long ago to obscure its real meaning. I do not know what it was
originally was called, but I know it’s byproducts: Love and Truth. As
with chemistry, often times in the alchemy of language when you split
something good or harmless into two parts, you can get something
reasonably benign, but you also get something very dangerous. Take water
for instance. You get oxygen… not totally harmless, but very necessary
and healthy to our bodies; and you get hydrogen… very dangerous on its

So what am I getting at here? Despite what the musings of the
English band Sweet may have suggested, love is actually like hydrogen
(not oxygen) in my simple metaphor. I could attempt an entire article on
the notion of love, and it would resonate with maybe 5 or 10% of the
populace. Why? Because people over the eons have been attempting to
define and redefine this word, but always arriving at a different
consensus, and I do not think that is accidental. If we polled the peeps
on Just Wondering, I think we
would get the best perspective on what love should look like, but that
is a very small and enlightened segment of the population. And it
doesn’t change the fact that the word is heavily manipulated and our
society shows it.

The notion that love can exist apart from truth, is wreaking havoc on
our world. From the teenager trying to express their wonder-lust as
puppy love, to the missionary that returns home to his $20 million
dollar church after loving some poor people in Haiti. I can love my
football team and rot-gut corporate cola. I can love my drug of choice.
I can love it when my army annihilates your army. I can love my family
while hating my neighbors. I can love “love”. You get the point.

How about truth? Some would argue that “truth” has been even more
manipulated; that it has become so variable that a solid version of it
may not even exist. That it can somehow be a personal thing, like love.
Well, if truth is the oxygen in my analogy, all you need is a flame (a
deception) to consume it. And there is certainly no lack of deception in
this matrix.

So what is love? What is truth? We could take this approach… that
real love is truth, and real truth is love. But isn’t that lazy if not
even a bit trite? Why would we attempt to define two heavily
manipulated words, each in terms of the other? It doesn’t work in our
current context. Instead, I’m going to go out on a limb and defer to the
more fragile of the two elements…Truth.

Real Love is incredibly powerful. But because of our egos, real
Truth is incredibly rare and very fragile. And here is the rub… where
there is deception (the absence of truth), there can be no real love. Go
back to the contradictions listed above. When the human spirit has
embraced a deception, it does not know how to really love, it only
thinks it does. When we realize the preciousness and fragility of Truth,
we do not form it into weapons, we do not try to judge people with it,
we do not elevate our egos with it. Instead we weep when it is harmed
and roar when it is threatened.



Thanks to Zen at: http://www.zengardner.com


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