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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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A Plant That Teaches

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1A Plant That Teaches Empty A Plant That Teaches Sun May 19, 2013 1:33 pm


A Plant That Teaches

Posted on May 19, 2013 by talk2momz

Before he left for Ecuador, I asked my godson, Steve, if he
would check in with me now and then. He said he would if he could. He
was traveling there to participate in an Ayahuasca retreat.

The first time he messaged I asked him, “What have you learned?”
“Respect… reverence for the journey,” he answered. “This is the real
deal… it’s medicine… and it knows.” He said that he couldn’t talk about
it much more, and we’d have coffee and talk when he got home.

I’m guessing many of you know about Aya and some may have taken the
medicine. It is a brew made of natural plants indigenous to South
America. It has been used for thousands of years as a purgative and as a
healer of the body and the consciousness. It has been called “vine of
the soul” for a reason. The most active component is DMT, which has a
powerful effect on consciousness.

Persons drinking the brew often enter a trance state for several
hours during which they experience visions or encounter hidden aspects
of themselves: whatever the plant gives them, it is to support their
personal journey. The brew is administered by a Shaman, and the
participants are protected by the Shaman and the assistants. Sometimes a
participant will have a celestial journey, sometimes a challenging one.

Steve knew he had some core emotional issues, but the way to resolve
them, and come to peace and heal, had always eluded him. He grew up in a
dysfunctional family, with a very abusive father. While physical and
emotional violence has an effect on the inside of a little boy, on the
outside that boy can become a hard working, successful and diligent
person. So it was with Steve.

He came to us at around age 16, seeking a martial arts teacher. One
of his high school friends recommended my husband, Sifu Khallid. Steven
took to his new Sifu, and became a devoted student. This was the
father/teacher he had been yearning for, he would later tell me. After a
few years he came to live with our family, remaining steadfast and
devoted until his Sifu departed from this earth.

By that time Steve was a family member, and he stayed on. Since we
were going through grief, it was natural to think and talk more about
the deeper down feelings and emotions… questioning where our
energy/consciousness travels to when it leaves the body. I had
introduced Steven to Stuart Wilde’s books some years earlier and we were
both very interested in metaphysics, so this was a frequent topic.

One day Steven opened up about how a part of him wants to seek
retribution any time someone wrongs him, and he feels weak when he
doesn’t do it. This even led him to wanting to join the US military – he
dreamed of being a sniper. He has never known what to do with violent
emotions when they come up. He just holds everything in tight as he
believes if he becomes more spontaneous, he will go too far.

Steve knew that those feelings had originated in the childhood abuse,
but like so many of us with our childhood shadows, he hung on to as if
it was his strength.

If we cannot bury our shadows, and we cannot let loose our shadows,
what can we do? A full-circle understanding brings healing. How many
years of meditation, introspection and accumulation of wisdom through
experience would it take for us to realize that our shadow is the way
that we attempt to bolster a weak position. Steve’s shadow didn’t give
him strength… it was, in fact, pain set to replay in an eternal

How can this plant brew, Ayahuasca, serve to heal someone like Steve?
For him, it was a profound teacher, offering a direct feeling
experience of that shadow. It took him to healing by taking him to
living it with no options of escape. He expressed it in this way: “It
seemed eternal – like a cycle, it played over and over with no hope, no
options. It was like my body was gone, and this is where I was… for
eternity. And it is so weak… violence is so weak.” Steve actually broke
down in tears at the thought of it.

What a lesson! It was Aya’s mercy. You can heal your soul now that you know, son.

From what I understand, everybody’s journey is personal… no one else
would have Steve’s experience. Perhaps they would see visions of the
universe in all its glory, perhaps they would feel the root of some
sickness in their body and be able to effect healing, perhaps they would
understand some issue that they’re dealing with. Who knows? I have not
taken Aya so I can’t tell you my experience. What would I see if I took
it? I think about that as I reflect on eternity.

If a person were to decide to take Aya, it would not be wise to run
to the Internet, google it, and go to the shaman or center that pops up.
I’ve engaged in conversation with many people about this: as with
providers in any field, shamans can be good or bad, careful or careless,
extremely competent or into their own darkness. This is one of those
things in life that has to be undertaken with the utmost care, reverence
and respect.

Sometimes I fantasize about the entire world receiving this gift of
healing. Would we not live in peace if everyone could feel the truth of
themselves, including the darkness of themselves, as eternal? Would we
not cherish and protect nature in all her beauty if everyone could see?

Well, the dream is a dream. I’ve been working my way to
self-knowledge the slow way, through experience combined with as much
consciousness as possible. But our time is very short now. The world is
drastically changing and we are reaching the end of civilization as we
have known it, and the beginning of all things new, whether bad or good.
There is a separation coming… some will be afraid and seek to be
protected; others might be afraid too, but they will find courage and
seek liberation.

Friends and wise teachers gave a recommendation to Steve as to where he could safely encounter Aya, and
he not only found the medicine to be the real deal, he came home with
profound respect, admiration and love for the shamans and the assistants
who helped him navigate through this journey.

He is a changed and changing man. What an amazing thing… the earth has provided a plant that teaches.

Thanks to: http://talk2momz.com


2A Plant That Teaches Empty Re: A Plant That Teaches Sun May 19, 2013 4:10 pm


Wow, Thanks soooo much for sharing. We all have our journeys and shadows (or skeletons may be a better term). Sharing I believe helps others to realize that we are not alone as we may think, but also helps ourselves in bringing things (maybe) hidden to the forefront where we are then forced or at least more likely to deal and/or heal... Thanks Again, Purps

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

3A Plant That Teaches Empty Re: A Plant That Teaches Sun May 19, 2013 4:21 pm


Its like the links of a very long chain. Everything is connected.

hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


4A Plant That Teaches Empty Re: A Plant That Teaches Sun May 19, 2013 6:50 pm


MartyM wrote: Sharing I believe helps others to realize that we are not alone as we may think...

That is SO true, Marty. I've been "feeling the love" all week. I thought it was the sun, but I think now it's the connection we are all making. It feels like coming home to a huge family reunion, where everyone loves each other and has a great time catching up.

When I first saw the title to this I thought it was about pot! Haha! Wrong! I read this essay about Aya awhile ago and it blew me away. We already had a long forum discussion about the learning experiences of LSD. Aya sounds much more "healing" as opposed to LSD that simply opens you up completely and let's the brain disinfectant in full tilt. Anyway, great article, thanks for bringing it to us, Skyz.

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