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The Prophecy of Peter Deunov

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1The Prophecy of Peter Deunov  Empty The Prophecy of Peter Deunov Thu May 23, 2013 10:50 pm


The Prophecy of Peter Deunov

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Laura: thanks to Ellie Miser The Prophecy of Peter Deunov  Icon_smile


The Prophecy of Peter Deunov  Shastapond

The Prophecy of Peter Deunov The Prophecy of Peter Deunov  GalacticcenterThe Prophecy of Peter Deunov  Diamond The Prophecy of Peter Deunov  ThinlineThe Prophecy of Peter Deunov  Diamond

~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~

The prophecy of Peter Deunov regarding the end of our civilization and the beginning of the Golden Age on earth.

The last prophecy of Peter Deunov

Also known under the spiritual name of Beinca Douno, the Bulgarian
Master Peter Deunov (1864-1944) was a being of a very high level of
consciousness, at the same time an incomparable musician, that gave
during his whole life an example of purity, wisdom, intelligence and
creativity. For years he was established close to Sofia where he lived
surrounded by numerous disciples, he, by his radiance awakened the
spirituality of thousands of souls in Bulgaria as well as the rest of

Some days before his departure to the other world, he was in a
profound mediumistic trance, he made an extraordinary prophecy in
regards to our troubled epoch that we are crossing today, a prophecy
about the “end of time” and the coming of a new Golden Age of humanity.

Here is this deeply moving testament. It is current and so vibrant
that one doubts that these words were spoken almost 60 years ago.

~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~
“During the passage of time, the consciousness of man traversed a very
long period of obscurity. This phase which the Hindus call “Kali Yuga”,
is on the verge of ending. We find ourselves today at the frontier
between two epochs: that of Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we
are entering.

A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts,
sentiments and acts of humans, but everybody will soon be subjugated to
divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New
Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness,
indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one
understands by “Ascension”.

Some decades will pass before this Fire will come, that will transform the world by bringing it a new moral. This immense wave
comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those
that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere.

Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at
the same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of
us. And this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the
ensemble of the entire Cosmos.

The best and only thing that man can do now is to turn towards God
and improve himself consciously, to elevate his vibratory level, so as
to find himself in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon
submerge him.

The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions
offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything:
the matter will be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish,
troubles, incertitude, and they will become luminous; everything will be
improved, elevated; the thoughts, sentiments and negative acts will be
consumed and destroyed.

Your present life is a slavery, a heavy prison. Understand your
situation and liberate yourself from it. I tell you this: exit from your
prison! It is really sorry to see so much misleading, so much
suffering, so much incapacity to understand where one’s true happiness

Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear.
Nothing will be left of this civilization nor its perversity; the entire
earth will be shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous
culture that maintains men under the yoke of ignorance. Earthquakes are
not only mechanical phenomen, their goal is also to awaken the intellect
and the heart of humans, so that they liberate themselves from their
errors and their follies and that they understand that they are not the
only ones in the universe.

Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust.
This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not
only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for all the inhabitants of
the other planets of our galaxy. Only the suns are not affected by the
influence of this hostile environment.

This region is called “the thirteenth zone”; one also calls it “the
zone of contradictions”. Our planet was enclosed in this region for
thousands of years, but finally we are approaching the exit of this
space of darkness and we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual
region, where more evolved beings live.

The earth is now following an ascending movement and everyone should
force themselves to harmonize with the currents of the ascension. Those
who refuse to subjugate themselves to this orientation will lose the
advantage of good conditions that are offered in the future to elevate
themselves. They will remain behind in evolution and must wait tens of
millions of years for the coming of a new ascending wave.

The earth, the solar system, the universe, all are being put in a new
direction under the impulsion of Love. Most of you still consider Love
as a derisory force, but in reality, it is the greatest of all forces!
Money and power continue to be venerated as if the course of your life
depended upon it. In the future, all will be subjugated to Love and all
will serve it. But it is through suffering and difficulties that the
consciousness of man will be awakened.

The terrible predictions of the prophet Daniel written in the bible
relate to the epoch that is opening. There will be floods, hurricanes,
gigantic fires and earthquakes that will sweep away everything. Blood
will flow in abundance. There will be revolutions; terrible explosions
will resound in numerous regions of the earth. There where there is
earth, water will come, and there where there is water, earth will come.

God is Love; yet we are dealing here with a chastisement, a reply by
Nature against the crimes perpetrated by man since the night of time
against his Mother; the Earth.

After these sufferings, those that will be saved, the elite, will
know the Golden Age, harmony and unlimited beauty. Thus keep your peace
and your faith when the time comes for suffering and terror, because it
is written that not a hair will fall from the head of the just. Don’t be
discouraged, simply follow your work of personal perfection.

You have no idea of the grandiose future that awaits you. A New Earth
will soon see day. In a few decades the work will be less exacting, and
each one will have the time to consecrate spiritual, intellectual and
artistic activities. The question of rapport between man and woman will
be finally resolved in harmony; each one having the possibility of
following their aspirations. The relations of couples will be founded on
reciprocal respect and esteem.

Humans will voyage through the different planes of space and
breakthrough intergalactic space. They will study their functioning and
will rapidly be able to know the Divine World, to fusion with the Head
of the Universe.

The New Era is that of the sixth race. Your predestination is
to prepare yourself for it, to welcome it and to live it. The sixth race
will build itself around the idea of Fraternity. There will be no more
conflicts of personal interests; the single aspiration of each one will
be to conform himself to the Law of Love. The sixth race will be that of
Love. A new continent will be formed for it. It will emerge from the
Pacific, so that the Most High can finally establish His place on this

The founders of this new civilization, I call them “Brothers of
Humanity” or also “Children of Love” They will be unshakeable for the
good and they will represent a new type of men. Men will form a family,
as a large body, and each people will represent an organ in this body.
In the new race, Love will manifest in such a perfect manner, that
today’s man can only have a very vague idea.

The earth will remain a terrain favourable to struggle, but the
forces of darkness will retreat and the earth will be liberated from
them. Humans seeing that there is no other path will engage themselves
to the path of the New Life, that of salvation. In their senseless
pride, some will, to the end hope to continue on earth a life that the
Divine Order condemns, but each one will finish by understanding that
the direction of the world doesn’t belong to them.

A new culture will see the light of day, it will rest on three
principal foundations: the elevation of woman, the elevation of the meek
and humble, and the protection of the rights of man.

The light, the good, and justice will triumph; it is just a question
of time. The religions should be purified. Each contains a particle of
the Teaching of the Masters of Light, but obscured by the incessant
supply of human deviation. All the believers will have to unite and to
put themselves in agreement with one principal, that of placing Love as
the base of all belief, whatever it may be. Love and Fraternity that is
the common base!

The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic
Electricity. A few decades from now beings who are bad and lead others
astray will not be able to support their intensity. They will thus be
absorbed by Cosmic Fire that will consume the bad that they possess.
Then they will repent because it is written that “each flesh shall
glorify God”. Our mother, the earth, will get rid of men that don’t
accept the New Life. She will reject them like damaged fruit. They will
soon not be able to reincarnate on this planet; criminals included. Only
those that possess Love in them will remain.

There is not any place on earth that is not dirtied with human or
animal blood; she must therefore submit to a purification. And it is for
this that certain continents will be immersed while others will

Men do not suspect to what dangers they are menaced by. They continue
to pursue futile objectives and to seek pleasure. On the contrary those
of the sixth race will be conscious of the dignity of their role and
respectful of each one’s liberty. They will nourish themselves
exclusively from products of the vegetal realm. Their ideas will have
the power to circulate freely as the air and light of our days.

The words “If you are not born again.” apply to the sixth race. Read
Chapter 60 of Isaiah it relates to the coming of the sixth race the Race
of Love.

After the Tribulations, men will cease to sin and will find again the
path of virtue. The climate of our planet will be moderated everywhere
and brutal variations will no longer exist. The air will once again
become pure, the same for water.

The parasites will disappear. Men will remember their previous
incarnations and they will feel the pleasure of noticing that they are
finally liberated from their previous condition. In the same manner
that one gets rid of the parasites and dead leaves on the vine, so act
the evolved Beings to prepare men to serve the God of Love.

They give to them good conditions to grow and to develop themselves,
and to those that want to listen to them, they say: “Do not be afraid!
Still a little more time and everything will be all right; you are on
the good path. May he that wants to enter in the New Culture study,
consciously work and prepare.”

Thanks to the idea of Fraternity, the earth will become a blessed
place, and that will not wait. But before, great sufferings will be sent
to awaken the consciousness. Sins accumulated for thousands of years
must be redeemed. The ardent wave emanating from On High will contribute
in liquidating the karma of peoples. The liberation can no longer be
postponed. Humanity must prepare itself for great trials that are
inescapable and are coming to bring an end to egoism.

Under the earth, something extraordinary is preparing itself.
A revolution that is grandiose and completely inconceivable will
manifest itself soon in nature. God has decided to redress the earth,
and He will do it!

It is the end of an epoch; a new order will substitute the old, an order in which Love will reign on earth.”

Peter Deunov- Propos on the Future 1944 Adaptation: Olivier de Rouvroy – September 2003

—————————————-Spiritual and Cultural Influence of Master Peter Deunov – Beinsa DounoAccording to Pavel Biryukov, a biographer of Count Leo N. Tolstoy,
the great Russian thinker and writer left Yasna Polyana shortly before
his death (1910) with the intention to travel to Bulgaria to meet Master
Peter Deunov.

Cardinal Giuseppe Roncalli,
an Ambassador of the Vatican to Bulgaria before the Second World War,
elected as Pope John XXIII later on, said, ‘In the present epoch the
greatest philosopher living on the earth is Peter Deunov.’

Rudolf Steiner, the
founder of Anthroposophy, said in a conversation with Boyan Boev
(Munich, 1910): ‘The Slavonic people are destined to have a great
mission. They, and particularly Bulgaria, will contribute a good deal to
the elevation of humankind. Return to Bulgaria, there is a powerful
spiritual movement in Bulgaria, headed by a great spiritual Initiate.’
After this conversation Boyan Boev became one of the closest disciples
of Master Beinsa Douno.

Paramahansa Yogananda,
when asked while visiting Greece about his intentions with regard to
establishing an ashram in Bulgaria, declared, ‘This is how far I can go,
the Spirit of the Truth is active there’.

Jiddu Krishnamurti,
leader of Theosophic movement refused to be declared Maitreya and Christ
and told the participants of a World Theosophic Congress in the
Netherlands that the World Master was in Bulgaria.

Albert Einstein “All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the Master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria” -

The Prophecy of Peter Deunov .

Thanks to: http://2012indyinfo.com


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