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Tonight’s Full Moon is a “Buddah Moon” or “Wesak”

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Tonight’s Full Moon is a “Buddah Moon” or “Wesak”

Posted on May 24, 2013 by ContraMary

Re-blogged via Golden Age of Gaia from “www.TheGabrielMessages.com”

Archangel Gabriel: Full Moon Eclipse and Wesak Awakening

Posted by Alice C on May 24, 2013 / Comments Off
Category: Ascension Tags: Archangel Gabriel, Shanta Gabriel

Tonight’s Full Moon is a “Buddah Moon” or “Wesak” Buddha-within-Lotus-Light1 Archangel Gabriel: Full Moon Eclipse and Wesak Awakening, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, May 23, 2013 at http://www.TheGabrielMessages.com

Dear Ones,

As the energy ramps up for the next Full Moon (Friday, May 24 at 9:24
PM PDT), there is a powerful spiritual focus that must not be ignored.
This full moon is called Wesak or the Buddha moon and is noted as the
most powerful full moon of the year. The fact that there is also a lunar
eclipse – the third in a very rare series – only adds to the enhanced
energy you are experiencing. (For a full explanation of the Buddha moon,
see http://www.buddhanet.net/vesak.htm)

It is said that eclipses offer opportunities for course corrections,
and can enable you to see what changes you may need to make in the
direction you are heading. Know you are in the midst of a profound
spiritual transformation, so the spiritual realm in your life is the
arena where you need to look for any course correction that is
necessary. Remember that you are still in the Wormhole of Radical
Transformation until the June 21 Solstice, so now is the time to work on
what can be done to enhance your soul path.

The physical realm is still in a free-floating state of process, as
the warm Jell-O-like energies mold into the new world that you are
creating in 5D. So when you look at your life and see the changes you
want to make, do not focus on the physical doing-ness that would be the
past 3D tendency. All of life begins with a spiritual focus and then
filters down into the grosser physical level.

What is most necessary is your connection to your inner spirit, and
you have an opportunity to do that in a way that is unprecedented. In
fact, having your focus on a project of any kind would be helpful
because many people are finding the free-floating feeling to be the most
uncomfortable. It can be misinterpreted as emptiness or loneliness when
in fact it is a void space just waiting to be filled with something
wonderful, such as the dreams you hold in your heart.

Throughout 2012, and especially from the Solstice of December 21, you
have been setting your energy course into motion. All the intentions,
desires and clarity that you have created have been a focus currently
manifesting as a formal structure yet to be in a form that you can
recognize. But if you look within your heart, you will see how you have
changed. You can feel the new consciousness, the new awareness that is
just behind your heart at a pure Soul level, ready to take flight. It is
as if you are growing the wings that you so longed to create in your
life, the wings of your spirit unfurling in this new time so you can

The Temple of Your Inner Spirit

There is a sense of magic in the air, do not mistake it. Let it draw
you away from the outer focus of your world and create a new temple
within your heart for your dreams to become clear. This Temple of your
Spirit is a safe haven for you to return to again and again. It is there
your Angels await you. They are waiting to soothe you and show how they
honor your commitment to your ascension process. They are asking you to
remain patient with this process and not to focus on what is still
unseen in the world around you. They want you to see that when you turn
within to the sacred temple within your heart, the action has been
taking place there in great abundance.

Within your inner temple, the Eternal Fire of your spirit is burning
with a force it has never achieved in your lifetime. You are gathering a
powerful team of masters and angels waiting to assist you in the
ascension of your soul as well as the planet. For these beings are very
concerned, not only with your soul process, but also with the ascension
of planet Earth into a new revelation of Light. The beings you have
gathered to you are from many realms depending on your vibrational
frequency. Some are Light Beings that have been with you since your very
first incarnation and others are new for this time. All have been
called by your soul for the fulfillment of your destiny in this
lifetime. Latent within you are the seeds of dreams your soul is
longing to manifest. These seeds are now awakening for you to call them
forward into this potent time to help you create your new world.

It is a spiritual focus that is required for you now and there is not
much you can do on the physical realm to force your dreams into
fruition. However you can energize them, you can help them to gain
vitality and grow juicy with Divine energy, and you can fertilize them
with the compost of your emotional history. By doing this, you attract
the assistance of those from the realms of Awakened Consciousness
waiting to serve you. Indeed, you would be surprised how many Beings of
Light are ready to serve you and carry your intentions into the world.

The Silver Lining in the Dark Clouds

As the dreams that may have been dormant begin to awaken, you have
most likely noticed uncomfortable feelings coming into your awareness.
These can feel like dark clouds erupting from the deep recesses of your
subconscious carrying all the things about yourself that feel the most
shame-filled, that cause you the most pain, and can lead to a sense of
discouragement if you let the clouds take you over. What we want you to
know is that there is a huge silver lining in those clouds that offers
you the ability and the opportunity to finally clear away those sticky,
habitual trains of thought and emotional upheaval. You can put to work
that team of empowered Light Beings gathered about you who are willing
to go where you command them.

This is a massive opportunity for you because the energy of this full
moon eclipse carries the spiritual power to open the gateways to new
consciousness. The Light Field of Freedom is there to help finally clear
anything that stands in the way of your ascension. Wesak honors the day
of Buddha’s enlightenment when he perceived how freedom lies behind the
suffering and moved into Self-Realization. You can use that profound
energy during this time as well. Recognize these old feelings as a
learned response that is not who you are. It may be possible that it
never was you, but a way you learned to behave because of your
upbringing and environment as you grew.

There is pain in your heart mostly for the suffering you believe you
brought into the lives of other people. Although you know that you would
make new choices from the perspective of your growth in consciousness,
you still have the feelings that cause you pain. It is this pain that
you are being asked to lift from the sacred places of your heart. The
Wesak Full Moon is a great opportunity for you to release patterns of
suffering into the eternal fires of Heart Wisdom burning in your temple.
Though you may have thrown it away many times; though you may have
processed these painful memories with scores of therapists; though you
may have asked and prayed for forgiveness, NOW is the time when the
energy is strong enough to disintegrate these experiences and free you
to move on.

Recognize clearly that the forgiveness you seek is there for you and
offer yourself a huge field of Compassion. You have tried so hard to
serve those who you feel you have wronged. You have tried so many ways
to make amends for the past, and yet the pain has remained. Take the
experiences that burden you, the pain that enslaves you and the old
patterns of behavior into your temple now. Offer them to the Eternal
Fire of your spirit and know that this time, you have all the support
you need to really let go and be free. It is a new time and it is not
possible for you to make your ascension dragging these old burdens from
the past with you. They are not who you are, but now with the new
awareness you carry and the help of your team of “Soul Specialists” you
can make the shift of consciousness that will free you to move on.

Consider this a ritual of Spiritual Activation for the ascension of your soul.

A Freedom Ritual for Your Soul

Imagine that you are standing in the Temple of your Heart. Make it
magnificent. Create the most beautiful and power-packed space you can
imagine. It can be a natural setting that moves you or the creation of
supernatural opulence. Whatever you need most. It is helpful if there is
vastness and expansive vistas that allow you to sense the exalted
expression of this time and place.

In the center of your temple, see the Eternal Fire of your Soul
burning brightly. Surrounding this fire are all your most beloved
guides, masters and angels. Know that you are safe and these beings are
here for you. Being in your inner temple stirs you deep within and
awakens in your soul the desires that you came into this life to attain,
complete or learn. Your sweet guardian angel is holding you in wings of
pure love to help you feel safe. She is letting you know that you are
ready, and the time is right to pour your burdens into the fire like the
dross they are. You are holding a box that contains the burdens, the
experiences and the suffering you feel for the situations of the past.
Your soul’s team of Divine Light Beings surround you with Love. When
they raise their arms, you feel your consciousness lifting. They are
helping you to gain the vibrational frequency that you need to rise
above the old patterns. As they do this you feel an impulse of freedom
to let go that you have never experienced. You are compelled to toss
that box of old patterns into the Eternal fire and let it burn.

You are surprised at how easy it is to let go. It just happens as you
follow the impulse from your heart. This is the grace that only comes
when you are in alignment with your Soul.

As soon as you let go of your burdening box of old memories, a
powerful Violet Transmuting Flame covers you from head to foot. Your
energy field is filled with the brilliant Violet Light of your I AM
Presence. You are enveloped in Love, Forgiveness and Grace. As you
breathe in this Violet Light, you can sense every cell in your body
awakening to a new frequency.

You have never felt so free!

You can sense the Beings of Light that surround you beaming Love and
Joy through their hearts. And you feel enveloped in the power of their
love. You know you have crossed a threshold into new life by letting go
of what is no longer you. And it was so easy, so safe, so appropriate.
There is nothing else you could have done. Your soul’s team of angels
gather you in their wings of Pure Light now. They are inviting you to
take the next step. Allow them to escort you toward a Gateway to your
New Life in the powerful 5th Dimensional world of Peace now being

There are massive Archangels standing at the Gate, and you are
ushered through this opening with all the honor you deserve now. Let
yourself be led through this gateway and breathe in the Joy of this new
world. Let yourself join in the celebration of the heavenly realms, and
know you are blessed and cared for as you begin this journey. You are
being congratulated for your courage. When one soul has the willingness
to let go of their old way of being and calls forth the assistance from
the realms of Awakened Beings, the pathways to the Divine are revealed
in a new way. The path is opened for those who follow behind you. In
celebration, glorious activated energy from the many realms of Light
rush in to assist you in your new life path.

We Say Awakening is Simple, not Easy

It does not matter how many times you have made this attempt to let
go and be free, or fell on your knees to beg assistance. Nothing matters
now except for you to remember the greatest dreams of your soul. Couple
that with your willingness to let go and move into new pathways of
Light. Accept the Grace being offered so you can participate in the
creation of a new world that is based on Peace, Cooperation and Love.
These are the motivating factors that will allow you to create the
foundations of the life you are choosing from this point on.

Do not let the simplicity of this process negate the power that it
holds to set you free. Remember that the vibrational frequencies of this
time are more profound than any you have ever experienced, and know you
have energetic assistance from the realms of the Great Mystery
representing the new world of Divine Love that awaits you. If it seems
like magic, just know that you hold the hands of the Greatest Magicians
you have ever known. Your dreams are important for they hold the keys to
the doorways of your soul’s evolution, and every step of the way you
are being held in Wings of Pure Light. You are deeply, eternally cared
for, and loved beyond your wildest imagination. Let this profound Truth
carry you into the life where you really choose to live. And so it is.

Copyright: May 22, 2013
Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Permission is given for this post to be shared as long as it is
used in its entirety and credit is given to the author(s) with the
website posted.

thanks to: http://illuminations2012.wordpress.com


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