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The Billy Meier Story!

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1The Billy Meier Story! Empty The Billy Meier Story! on Tue May 28, 2013 7:31 am


The Billy Meier Story!

In the seventies in Europe. I first encountered Billy Meier
in reading a book,Light Connection and I remember thinking to
myself, what was shared about the plight of the world and the negativity
that was coming from the human consciousness was creating chaos in the
galaxy and was disturbing the balance, Was indeed right and in those
days the experience of trying to manipulate and control nature had
already begun. I realized it was sheer folly and stupidity to even The Billy Meier Story! Billy-944x708 entertain
such thoughts. All these years later we can see the result of this in
the weather patterns ,giant hurricanes and floods and tsunamis. Shortly
there after I went on a real and powerful spiritual quest. Now I had
always been on a quest since early childhood, by asking such questions.
Why am I here? What is the purpose? Where do I go when I die? I was at
times more interested in life beyond the obvious that my father said to
me. It would e good if you are more interested in living people. I had
many powerful insights and experiences of other realities and
vibrations and at times, I would awake in the morning and draw how Star
Ships were flying in and out of different dimensions and yet in school I
had a real hard time with mathematics. So this time it was more that I
changed gears and wanted to deepen the experiences I had had from early
on. I did not encounter Billy Meier until almost twenty years later. I
was staying in the Catskills Mountains outside new York in an Ashram
(Spiritual Community) One day I was walking into a local store and found
this magazine about UFO’S, and that itself was weird because the store
was carrying mostly incense, books and shawls and meditation objects. I
looked at the backside of the Magazine and there was a full-page about
Billy Meier and about this American that has spent time with him in
Switzerland, and was allowed to translate hours of information in German
from Billy Meier what he had written down of his experiences and
information given to him by one of his mentors Semjase from one of the
Star Ships visiting him regularly. he was taken to many exiting travels
into the future and back in time. Twenty five tapes he had translated
into English and could be purchased. that same day a few women friends I
knew suggested I would listen to this music inspired by the Pleidian
Star System, then the same day I was told about the book Bringers Of The
Dawn by Barbara Marciniak channelled messages from the pleidians. It is
said when you hear The Billy Meier Story! Star-ship-5-300x300 something
three times, you better listen. I did listen and realized that this
part of my life was now coming into focus again and it was time to
continue that thread that had started as a child( The thread of my
heart) Some time there after I was back in California and I ordered the
tapes and was lucky enough that I had the time to give myself the next
month or so, to dive deep into the teachings from Semjase as given to
Billy Meier. I was thrilled and fearful and relieved at the same time By
what I listened to and deep in my heart I knew what was being revealed
was a road map for the human consciousness and that we had a choice in
the destiny of human kind and how it would unfold. The question was were
we willing to wake up and understand the situation, and that we had
the power to change the outcome. Many of us certainly has kept a
vibration open to see a vision of a world filled with beauty and
unconditional love and allowed more and more people to awaken as well.
A month later I was skiing in Lake Tahoe with my sister and she took
some photographs of me and a crystal blue sky in the back ground. Not
one single cloud in the sky. when later the film was developed I could
see behind me A Star-Ship and for some time I played with people and
asked them what they saw? Some people saw the ship others did not, and
the same phenomena i encountered later on while interacting withe wild
dolphins in the open ocean of Hawaii. These incidents of the last couple
of months was indeed a call from home and from what I like to call my
Galactic Family. I have never been interested by science and felt it was
much to limited, so when the Dolphins started to play with me and send
me telepathic messages, I approached it in the same way that I
approached everything in life, with my intuition that had always been
from early on a powerful guide and shown me the consciousness beyond the
physical world. Billy Meier has documented his life with star beings in
countless volumes of books and photos and films . He has been a pioneer
and a brave man to share his life in this way. Twenty-one times his
life has been threatened and miraculously he survived them all. As human
beings in general are looking for proof all the time and have a
difficult time to believe otherwise, his documentation and his photos
and films of many Light Ships has been under scrutiny for many years and
finally the science world had to agree that they could not find any
proof that what he was sharing about was in deed the truth and he even
gave them a piece of material not from this earth. in 2013 we are at the
brink of extinction again as in Atlantis.The gulf of mexico is
officially dead. What does that mean? Everything because it regulates
most of the climate as the gulf stream that as it flows around the world
has different names. The devastating effect this has on us all and of
the environment is steadily being realized. I read somewhere that as the
planet is heating up a few degrees will not harm humans, it will
however cause major problems for sea life. The fish must have a certain
temperature to give birth and The Billy Meier Story! Space2-300x229 if
the water stays the same all year-long it completely destroys the
natural rhythm of the fish and life in the sea. When we tamper with the
oceans we are creating our own extinction as we can not survive without
the oceans. In my heart I still perceive that we are not allowed to
destroy this blue gem of a planet and that the message is crystal clear.
Either I change direction and follow the divine guidance or I will miss
out this time around. We all must choose wisely and understand that we
are at the threshold of a new reality no matter what it looks like and
what the media is sharing. Behind the scene a very different world is
being visible, a world so beautiful and with endless possibilities.
Truly know that light will always stand victorious and to believe
anything else is only the veil we have been living under and know that
veil is being removed. Welcome home humanity and again being part of a
galactic star nation.We still have a choice to make moment by moment and
it is wise to choose the kingdom of the heart to be the ruler and let
the little ego be laid to rest. In Billy Meiers writings as told be
Semjase and other teachers some being as old as seven hundred years!
When I was in my early teen I read an article about people in Russia
that lived until they were five hundred years, i was thinking that this
body can easily live a thousand years and i just knew that was possible.
To be continued………

Thanks to Aros at: http://galactichumandolphinconnection.com


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