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How To Weather The Storm…

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1How To Weather The Storm… Empty How To Weather The Storm… Tue May 28, 2013 11:56 pm


How To Weather The Storm…

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Visionkeeper

How To Weather The Storm… Art-fruit-health-healthy-favim-com-697730 http://www.favim.com

Music to read by below:

Within us all is a wealth of creativity and if we do not allow it to
come forth as a way to express who we are, we become stuck and life does
not flow freely. It’s almost as if our creativity is the voice through
which our soul expresses itself as well. I looked at this picture for a
while and was amazed by this creation. It speaks volumes about whomever
made it. This person has great patience, a keen eye, a steady hand, an
eye for beauty that is free flowing, an ability to see the bigger
picture of what could be, a desire to express himself through beauty and
a vivid imagination.That is quite a talented soul indeed. It is so
important for us to release our creativity and do and be exactly what we
long to do or be. We have held back for far too long now and
unfortunately for many we have lost connection with our creativity. It
is time to reconnect and bring it back to life. I believe a great deal
of the anger and frustration we see in the world now is our ‘stuck’
creativity that has no way out. We all need a way to express ourselves!

I know I used to be very frustrated because I had no way to release
who I was. I don’t even remember how I first got the idea to blog. For
quite a while there was nobody coming by, then just a few people and
slowly over time it grew to enough people that I felt the need to keep
going. It changed who I had been dramatically. The tension escaped from
my shoulders and I found as I wrote everyday I was keeping myself
anchored in a spiritual mindset and how I began to see life took shape.
If you are writing about being positive and loving everyday it becomes
your way of life. I feel blessed at having made this discovery. We all
have a gift we have been given, we just have to dig deep perhaps to see
what it is.

I remember doing a writing exercise I have spoken about before in my
posts. I asked myself if I were to die tomorrow how would I want people
to remember me. Part of my answer was I wanted to be an inspiration in
someway to those I encounter on my journey through life and be able to
help those who were looking for help. These were two priorities in my
life I obviously needed to pay attention to. That exercise gave me a
road map for where I needed to take my life if I were to fulfill my
dreams. That one step ended up changing my life and sending me down a
whole new road. I have grown from it immeasurably and it has brought me
great joy and taught me many lessons. I have obviously gotten on the
correct path for me and will stay on it until I feel the calling to
shift yet again.

These are the journey’s that make life so interesting and have so
much depth. You are solidly connected to your soul, allowing it to
express itself and in doing so it brings you joy and gratification. I
spend a great deal of time with pen and paper doing exercises that help
me understand more deeply who I am and what matters in my life. We have
to know these things to live a rewarding life. There are so many
distractions thrown our way I doubt many people spend much time doing
this. We are a world of lost souls wandering about with no direction, no
roots and no purpose. It is up to each of us to find the answers to
those questions and not wait for them to appear before us. How we live
our life depends on how we interact with it, passively or aggressively.
We can just float through life and probably make it okay, or we can
embrace it and allow life to flow through us not around us! As always
the choice is always ours.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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