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Astral Travels: Blessing the 9-to-5

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1Astral Travels: Blessing the 9-to-5 Empty Astral Travels: Blessing the 9-to-5 Wed May 29, 2013 7:14 pm



Astral Travels: Blessing the 9-to-5


Astral Travels: Blessing the 9-to-5 Image-6The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

(Note: This week’s exercise is longer than usual. Be forewarned!)

This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth
dimensional New Earth to bless representations of the people on our
world stuck in the daily trudge of 9-to-5 living.

What I mean is that we are going to bless the unawakened souls who
are stuck within the confines of a daily job which, in many cases, keeps
them from being able to awaken as they are stuck in a fashioned and
conditioned environment for most of their time.

The aim of this exercise is certainly not to discourage having a
physical job that requires one to be in an office or a similar place,
for as long as the old third dimensional paradigm is still being
enforced than an inflow of this little illusory thing we call money is
still more than necessary and as such, even plenty of awakened souls are
forced to trudge on with 3D jobs while also working toward Earth’s
Golden Age.

Those of you reading this who continue to face a physical job every
day could benefit from this exercise and the blessing we are to perform,
and during this exercise we are going to absorb the mannerisms and
tendencies of the employees we are to bless. Overall, we will get a
glimpse into how feeding the third dimensional paradigm sees one
naturally resonating with the environment they find themselves in during
most of their experience.

We are going to observe representations of unawakened souls who
sometimes-happily exist in the confines of an office nearly every day of
their Lives and when our observations are complete, we will then bless
these souls in hopes that our blessings will reach every soul on this
world who maintains an active unawareness of the true reality of their

To begin our exercise for this week, we are going to travel to the
surface of our fifth dimensional Earth in a different way than we
previously have. We are going to visualize stargate travel as our means
of reaching the New Earth this week, and the very-large group of fellow
New Earth travelers who are always with us in this realm will be waiting
for us as we make our travels.

Take a few deep breaths or get into a light meditation if you would
like (it’s always recommended) before visualizing yourselves floating in
a beautiful, colorful field similar to that of our dear tree friend,
which is boasting with flowers and happy, ascended animals. Feel the
exuberant and brimming nature of this land, and visualize the potent,
pure vibrations swirling all around you in the form of the quite-visible
energetic “air”.

Visualize yourselves floating in front of a very large stargate, with
swirling blue-violet energy encompassing it and moving all around it.
This stargate is similar to what has been seen in science-fiction
movies, and one can notice and see the beautiful, spherical portal of
energy encompassed within it.

There is intense blue and violet-colored energy swirling around the
outside of this stargate and encompassing it, while in the center our
separate spherical portal (which has various different intense colors
swirling all around in it) is excitedly awaiting our entrance. The
violet energy encompassing the stargate is forming a background of sorts
for the colors and energies of the center-portal, and both
energies/colors can be noticed in the center of the stargate.

As you enjoy the colors of the swirling portal with me and your
fellow subscribers performing this exercise, notice as a scene or
landscape of sorts appears in the center. The violet-swirling energy is
still prevalent all around the stargate, but the multicolored energy
that was the center-portal has given way to this beautiful landscape.

The “scene” we are viewing is of a landscape very similar to where we are already at.

The only difference is that along with the wondrously-intense higher
dimensional colors and energies swirling all around the land, we are
viewing a large stage and a very-large crowd of excited and exuberant
higher dimensional beings who are eager to greet us to their landscape
when we make our way to them.

Really observe this scene we are seeing via the stargate, and
visualize specific features of this land or of the infinite amount of
higher dimensional souls actively observing us and awaiting our
presence. After doing so and upon continuing to meditatively “focus” on
the landscape, visualize and feel as you, I and everyone else begins to
be drawn closer to the landscape, and into the stargate.

The scene seems to expand and boast more detailed features (which I
will leave up to you to visualize and Create) that we can recognize and
enjoy as we enter through the stargate. Actually going through the
stargate may feel a bit different for each of you but personally; I saw
and felt the scene expand and get bigger and at some point, I felt
myself in a beautiful “in between” land with intense blackness
accompanied by beautiful, swirling colored energies.

I felt myself observing the scene as I entered into and began to
emerge from this beautiful, black yet colored portal-existence and
eventually, I felt myself come all the way through and emerge with the
rest of our group of subscribers. As we all emerge through the stargate,
notice that the large crowd of fellow New Earth travelers begins to

They are cheering more happily and excitedly than could be expressed,
as it is quite a big deal to them when any individual Earthly soul is
able to visualize or otherwise find themselves actually on our New
Earth; whether such Earthly soul is here to bless visualized
representations, explore and see what is descending down unto our
physical reality, or anything else.

They are quite happy and excited for the presence of a large group of
astral-physical Earth humans, and are certainly expressing their
excitement in what is the largest display of applause we can visualize.
Cheering, “clapping” and even whistling can be visualized and heard as
our fellow New Earth travelers express every last bit of their gratitude
for our presence and mission here.

Eventually, the celebrating clams and we are all left to exist in the wonderfully-advanced vibrations of our New Earth.

Visualize the numerous features of this land; allow yourselves to
Create the most wonderful and unexpected higher dimensional marvels to
behold, and hold the focus of this moment with the rest of our New Earth
travelers before we move on to the reason we are in this glorious and
blissful realm.

With you and every fellow subscriber standing/floating on the stage
looking out at the crowd, notice as a large and broken down-looking city
begins to become visible off in the distance. Longtime subscribers will
recognize this city as the one we have worked in fruitfully during
previous exercises, and we are going to travel to this, what is a
representation and nothing more, of an Earthly city plagued with lower
dimensionality in various forms.

This type of environment would obviously not exist on our New Earth,
but representations are being used by our New Earth travelers and by
every soul who finds themselves here with the intent of performing
Lightwork, to funnel the blessing energies manifested for the
representations on to the actual, physical things they represent that
are in need of blessing and transmutation.

Just as we floated into the stargate to make our way to the New
Earth, our entire group of subscribers followed by our New Earth
travelers are going to begin arising and floating toward this city as we
notice it off in the distance. You may find yourselves in the city by
traveling there instantly, or by flying/floating high up in the air with
the rest of our very-large group.

We are all floating nearly like a flock of birds toward this city we
are planning to bless and as we get closer and closer, notice the
broken-down elements of this city that are feeding the lower vibrations
exponentially. Feel various things about this city; notice, for example,
that there are liquor stores and bars on nearly every corner and yet,
no libraries.

There are plenty more things that can be felt and observed about this
city but specifically, we are going to travel to an office in this city
where souls who know no other lifestyle than to work away are doing
just that, rather than looking beyond their broken-down city to the
fifth dimensional utopia waiting just away from their perception.

As we make our way to the building of the office we are to visualize,
notice that while being in a broken-down city, it is in okay condition.
It harbors a business type of environment, but one can feel the
spiritually-dead vibrations being emanated from every office in it. One
can feel the sheer starvation of anything of the higher dimensions in
favor of the same old physicality and lower dimensionality and yet, as
we will see, the souls we are blessing are in fact quite comfortable
where they are.

Visualize as our group of subscribers specifically (not the entirety
of the New Earth travelers with us) floats up to a window in the dead
center of the very-tall building, and enters the office via the closed
window by quite literally materializing through it. We are astral
spirits in this higher dimensional land, and we might as well utilize
the benefits!

Our group of subscribers now exists in and is feeling the vibrations
of this spiritually-starved office we have materialized into.

Notice the various people sitting in their various cubicles and work
spaces. Feel the energies; the vibrations being emitted from them and
visualize/Create specific things about this office environment. As we
look at each individual soul, notice that little portals emerge from
within them that they cannot see which, just like our stargate portal,
display a scene of sorts for us to view.

With each individual person in this office, the scene shows something
different. We are being shown little scenes that display “facts” about
the individual people and how they go about their existence, and notice
that each person holds different mannerisms that keep them ensnared in
the lower dimensional environment they’ve grown used to.

One of the souls is reliant on alcohol; not in a physically-addicted
way, but in an emotionally-dependent way that sees them needing it just
to get through the day. Likewise, another soul in this office is quite
severely addicted to caffeine and needs it just to be able to go about
their day.

Another soul is dependent upon office gossip and other related gossip
to get through the day, and thrives on drama and taking in or
witnessing conflict.

Another soul in this office relies on judgment of others to get
through their day. The people they are forced to see and deal with every
day are given their own judgments in the mind of this soul, and they
thrive on the feeling they get from judgment over another.

Envision specific habits and tendencies in the rest of the souls in
this office, which are displayed in various ways through the little
portals that have emerged in front of them. The main quality we can
notice in every one of these souls is that despite their existence in a
place nearly-completely devoid of spirit, they are actually comfortable
where they are.

Even the soul dependent upon alcohol is happy to be where they are;
as even though they do not enjoy many facets of what they do every day,
they are still happy to hold down a job and keep that ever-important
flow of money going. Every soul here is comfortable where they are, and
our blessings are certainly not intended to uproot any unawakened soul
who is happy with the perceptions they exist in and the “working away”
lifestyle they lead.

Rather, we are giving our blessing and Lighted energies to these
souls because quite frankly – they deserve them for the continual
existence they have led in offices and at jobs. Even if one is
comfortable there, to do so is a valiant thing and every person on this
world who maintains a “9-to-5” is truly a trooper.

With that, we will begin our blessings.

As we view every one of these souls and get a last peek and the
environment they exist in, begin to affirm your personal Light come up
through you; through your spine as it flows gently out of every one of
your chakras.

Our higher dimensional astral bodies carry many more chakras than our
current physical bodies and as such, we can affirm and feel as Light
begins pouring out of our astral bodies from each and every chakra they
possess. We’re becoming quite literal portals or conduits for the purest
and most Lighted of blessing energy to come through, and I ask you to
visualize and feel every facet of your astral body swimming in pure

We are each doing this individually and in doing so, we are adding an
immense amount of pure blessing energy to the already-large collective
cloud of energy we have built during this exercise. Hold the focus of
this moment, and continue to add as much and as pure blessing energy
from within you as you possibly can.

Whenever you are ready, we are going to visualize as our cloud of
energy washes over and permeates every aspect of this office and the
souls who work in it.

Visualize and see as this office is washed and cleansed with a tidal
wave of collective blessing energy, and notice then as the environment
returns to features similar to what they already were, with slight

The office is improved slightly in terms of its spiritually-allowing
environment, and the souls who were quite hooked on their various things
are slightly less immersed in them than they were before and are
convening together. Generally, they are happier.

Why was the change so small with such large and pure blessing energy?
Because that is the nature of change in our physical reality (which is
being represented) and while our previous blessings have not garnered
such results; it’s good to get every view of how these energies steadily
affect our physical reality rather than immediately witnessing the

When pure and needed energies are given to the physical Earth, such
energies have to move through our physical concept of linear time rather
than making an instant effect as they otherwise would. Our blessing
energy is certainly to heal this situation and the very real situations
and people it is representing; it is simply that it will take a bit
longer and the energies will steadily work their way around the
environment and the people we have blessed.

So will it be with these blessings affecting our physical Earth and
for now, you are always and forever encouraged to stick around these
lands and Create/bless specific things or representations. I always try
to end our astral exercises each week with something snappy or
inspirational but to be honest, the power each one of you have expressed
and worked with this week is inspiration enough. You’ve inspired me!

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.

Image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-LWVWrvTyl98/UWIw7DijjHI/AAAAAAAAcKI/RcvVSTBYfHM/s1600/Image-6.jpg

Thanks to: http://wesannac.com

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