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Living Our Dreams…

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1Living Our Dreams… Empty Living Our Dreams… Wed May 29, 2013 7:31 pm


Living Our Dreams…

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Living Our Dreams… Dream-beautiful-blog-blogger-favim-com-606500


Reading music below:

This is an excellent question we need to be asking ourselves! If we
are not living our dreams, then we must ask yet another question. Why
not? Of course a great deal of legitimate blame can be tossed at this
oppressive Government that seems to be grabbing more of our rights day
by day, but we need to include our own selves in that blame game. Many
of us dream and think big about our lives, but that is where it remains,
stuck inside our heads, which of course will do nothing for us unless
they are released and acted upon. We can dream all we want but until we
apply our intentions to the mix, those dreams remain dreams never to be
realized. Our dreams call for us to step up and set things in motion. If
we dream about something, we need to break it down into doable steps to
help us achieve our dream. You can’t just dream and say I want more
than anything to be a healer, no, you have to also apply the necessary
steps you need to take to be trained to become a healer. If it is money
holding you back then your first mission is to find a way to secure the
money you need and you will go forward from there.

I think one of the pitfalls about this new age thinking is that ‘we
can manifest whatever we want and it will just appear without any work
on our part’. Maybe that is coming, but for now I see working your way
to where you want to be as still part of the picture. It requires us to
believe first off that it is possible, we are possible, all things are
possible, then placing our intentions on what we desire and making them
happen. I am sure I will get feedback from ‘The Secret’ believers which
is fine, it just never resonated with me. Perhaps because it was all
centered around manifesting money and things! That to me was anything
but spiritual and was so shallow and far away from the direction
spiritual beings were headed. Life is not about money and material
things! Life is about discovering deeper ways to live our lives
connected to our hearts and being loving. That is where the true magic

So back to living our dreams. Are you living your dreams and if not
why? We hold ourselves back from the lives we desire because of beliefs
we have given power to. I am not good enough, I don’t have enough money,
I’m not smart enough. We are all of that and more. How do we even know
if those beliefs we hold are legitimate or if they are merely creations
of our minds? What a shame if we are holding ourselves back because of
beliefs that are not even true! The only way you will know is to go
inside and do some deep thinking and ask yourself some serious
questions. This is all part of the journey we have been on and if we
don’t ask questions and if we don’t find answers, we are trying to
navigate through life without a road map and with blindfolds on our
eyes. We stumble and fall and get lost.

In order to live a fully complete life we have to know ourselves,
know what we want, what is truth and what is lies etc. We have been
systematically distracted from knowing ourselves by our life situations
and it is now time to unplug from the mainstream and begin to walk our
own path and live our own dreams regardless of what the dark ones are
demanding. It takes not allowing fear to be a part of your life, it asks
that you love unconditionally all that you come in contact with and
that you know yourself well enough to know what to go after. It is all
there for us if we make the decision to go after it and using our
intentions and belief in it to get us there. The choice is ours as it
always has been, we just need to realize that. Put away the fears and
for once believe you can live that dream, stop thinking about it and
just DO IT.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com/


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