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Meantime in Morocco....

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1Meantime in Morocco.... Empty Meantime in Morocco.... Wed May 29, 2013 8:21 pm



Meantime in Morocco....

Meantime in Morocco.... IMG_0449
View from downtown Tangier towards the Mediterranean. (click to enlarge photos on this page)

Hello AK readers! Most of you know by now that I am in Morocco with
many of the other folks who have been working with the OPPT notices and
the I M Power U/V Ixchange project. Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Caleb
Skinner, D from Removing the Shackles blog and her entire extended
family, Susan, Vera, Mark Hoza, and a late comer Katrina are all here.
Bob Wright will arrive in a few short days.

How do I describe Morocco? Superficially it looks a lot like Mexico
with minarets. Tangier has a climate almost exactly like San Diego, so
weather wise it feels like home. Those that came from warming climes
find this almost chilly at night. The people here are very friendly,
kind, and helpful, all seem to speak Spanish, French or Arabic. If you
know a tiny bit of French navigating the city is no problem at all. 5
times a day the call to prayer for muslims comes out from the minarets
and its very very loud. The first time I heard it I thought it was an
air raid siren from days as a kid in the 1960s when we had regular duck
and cover exercises in case the Russians nuked the USA.

Our housing is very comfortable, kind of like living in a condo in
California. We forage for food in the local markets every couple of
days as the taxis and cars are small and can only carry so much. One
meal a day seems to be a communal meal where we all chip in with either
food or cooking it. You can buy local beer and wine here, as muslim
countries go its liberal, you just don't get a receipt for the
purchase...perhaps so there's no paper trail for the tourist trade. The
predominant beverage here is tea or coffee. French colonies do have a
legacy of good food, and the food here is really pretty darn good.

Meantime in Morocco.... IMG_0401

Meantime in Morocco.... IMG_0402

I've spent a good deal of time with Caleb, he's busy finishing Project
13, and I think its going to be a really great tool. Please keep in
mind it will eventually access the UV Ixchange, but is quite a separate
thing from the Ixchange, Caleb is laying down a communication framework
that returns information sovereignty to the individual. What I have
seen so far is very very cool. There will be many ways access your
value so don't obsess over Project 13, its just but one method of
access. The UV Ixchange functionality is not yet complete. That will
probably come in a revision to the app after the initial release, just
judging from where I see things.

Caleb has invited me to do some coding work on the project and I am
thinking about possibly doing that, I am just not sure yet where is the
best use of my time. Caleb's crew is young and bright and I am in my
mid 50s. I do have a lot of IT experience but as I age I have a more
limited ability for late hours of coding. But as we move towards
eternal essence embodied (its more about releasing limits than
"achieving" something outside yourself) I have to remind myself that the
concept of aging itself is yet another illusion that we call a belief.
I do have banking and travel transaction experience as well as supply
chain know how to offer the project.

I haven't written a lot of specifics about how this finale plays out. I
frankly don't know. I do know I am meant to be here, I am learning so
much from Heather and the other wonderful beings who have arrived here
in the North African desert. We all seem to be going through a bit of
decompression and resting after the last 5 months of frantic blogging,
but there's much more than that going on here. We are all arriving at
personal spiritual insights about our lives, our journeys (which are
surprisingly similar) and the answers we seek.

We've had some humorous instances of being followed by people in
sunglasses in downtown Tangier, one of which I suspect was a galactic as
the person had more of a jumpsuit type apparel, it look close to sports
clothing but more tailored and form fitting, almost like a uniform.
When we arrived on this street it was like a ghost town, suddenly
surrounding homes were rented by people who never leave their homes.
I'm sure they are getting quite an education.

Meantime in Morocco.... IMG_0479
Succulent Garden inside Tangier Taxi

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Thanks to: http://americankabuki.blogspot.com


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