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For All to Have All

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1 For All to Have All Empty For All to Have All on Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:45 pm


For All to Have All

Author: Unknown

Hello my beautiful friends,
The time for cautions for that which you wish have passed, as now what
you have long wished for is here. For so long, so many have held steady
in their beliefs and dreams for a more beautiful and prosperous world
for all, refusing to allow that which appeared to many to be reality, to
become reality. It is with great gratitude and admiration, that I honor
and salute you each who have been so steadfast in holding this dream of
a new reality. Your vision is about to manifest for all to see.

The sheer size of this undertaking, that of transforming this world
from one of duplicity and disharmony, to a paradise filled with peace
and prosperity, appears to the unawakened a mere flight of fancy; an
impossible dream. Only through the belief in one’s dreams, can a new and
wonderful reality be created. Even in this world which we soon leave,
we have seen that only through the individual’s refusal to accept
traditionally held beliefs of limitation, have new technologies and
advances been brought forward. For those of you with the strength of
conviction to refuse to be limited by what is, we now together, see what
is possible.

We each, so long ago, began to awaken to the knowing that this was
not the world we had come to live within; that something was not right.
For many of us, a sadness surfaced as we witnessed a world out of
balance, unaware of our powers to change this destructive course. Many
lost themselves in this battle of duality, yet due to your diligence,
they will each be welcomed back to the dreams they long ago abandoned,
as they and all others see and reap the benefits of your labors of love.

So long ago, when seemingly so few, foresaw the drifting of our
course, you, armed with nothing other than your inner knowing and your
determination, began to right this course. To use a metaphor, our world
was as an outdated and rusted ship, set idle and anchored in shallow
waters, abandoned and forgotten. The longer it sat, the more rust would
collect, and less would be the chance of moving “our” ship forward.
Then, through the collective call of our awakening consciousness, the
order was given to start the engines and move this ship toward our
awaiting destiny. We watched from the shore, and then we watched some
more. For seemingly so long, we have watched without movement this ship
seem to sit, unaware of all which happens behind the scenes, that which
must happen to prepare this vessel; our vessel, for this journey
forward. Below deck, hidden from our view, many have labored long and
hard to prepare, and make possible this voyage onward. Just as you have
ever done, you needed believe in that which you saw as possible, and not
that which you saw as was happening. It was your faith in that which
was transpiring beyond your site line which created the space and energy
for this work to continue. the cobwebs needed be removed; the rust had
to be brushed and scoured away. Old and broken parts had to be removed
and replaced, that the ship could be inched forward. Now you begin to
see the broken parts removed; those whose self interests and selfish
motivations, have ever kept us locked into a life of servitude, and

Soon, you will see the results of this work which has been done below
the deck and behind the scenes, and finally, our ship will move forward
freely. It is time for all to have all! Help others to understand that
the changes they will soon see, changes which might frighten and disarm
them, are making way for a new and wonderful world to surface. Spread
the word, share your calm, and be at peace.

Read Full Article Here: http://www.galacticmessages.com/blog/2012/03/for-all-to-have-all/

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