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Holistic Alternative
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Posted on June 12, 2013by Visionkeeper
Reconnect… A-ffective-amazing-connection-creative-favim-com-752945 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
I have come to the conclusion lately that one of the most powerful sayings that help to guide us on our journey is the old saying, “everything in moderation”. I was trying to weigh out the pros and cons of the technological age and I couldn’t find either one better than the other. Yes it is true that the internet is what has made our advancement towards higher consciousness possible, it has united like minds the world over and stirred up rebellion when called for, it is priceless and invaluable. By the same token I can see too much of a good thing leads us far away from our final destination. If we stay plugged into technology 24/7 we disconnect from the powerful force of Gaia and her affects on us. There is too much concrete in our world, it is turning hearts to stone. Our souls fly free and in joy when released into nature and yet we deprive them of it so much of the time.
It is time to break our addiction to social media and return to socializing face to face, hand shake to hand shake. How do you feel when the power goes down or you come across a problem in your computer and are out of commission for a few days? Most people feel on edge and driven to get back online or back to texting. Anytime we feel deprived to the point of discomfort about something, we are now bordering on an addiction. We are eliminating something from our lives to accommodate something else, in other words we are not in balance. We need to look back and see our mistakes. We took the industrial age too far in many ways, the scientific age has brought about advancements almost out of control, the technological age can be a negative as well unless we balance it out. I think one of our main lessons to learn on this journey in life is simply ‘moderation.’
Technology is cold and lacking compassion. It steals our one on one interactions with people and replaces them with texts and emails. It keeps us locked away inside most of the time and away from nature. It often disconnects us and slows down our thought processes. We are not challenged to think as much. If we encounter a problem a quick search on Google will most likely produce a solution and while that seems wonderful, it has halted the process of thinking for ourselves.We begin to rely on outside forces rather than ourselves. I remember when my son was small making a point of teaching him how to read a clock at a time when digital numbers were taking over. What if he were where there was nothing but a real clock and he hadn’t learned how to read one? Same for the calculator. Learn to depend upon your own mind not a gadget that produces answers.
It is time to return to ourselves and reactivate our minds. It is time to think for ourselves again and not just listen to what somebody else has to say. We are loosing a deep and sacred connection with who we are and sometimes it is hard to see this when we are in the moment of what is happening. Let us not look back and hold any regrets. We can have it all and flourish if we do so in moderation. Hold that balance with the world we create and the world that awaits us in nature that lives along side of us and longs to be remembered. We abuse and destroy the environment not necessarily because we are heartless but more because we have lost connection to it and when we do that it no longer holds an importance to us we need to pay attention to. Things are troubling indeed. Unplug your computer or iphone or cell phone and go out in nature and be still and marvel at what is there for you. Be in balance and the world will be in balance as well.
Blessings to us all,
Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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