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Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 13-Mar-2012 01:53:30

No way to confirm this at present. Just on this website. Thanks to reader Mary.

Sat Mar 10, 2012 05:19

Russian Intel: Listen

Israel PM Netenyahu told his Chief Priest on You Tube that he will bring about Armageddon and the Messiah - Netenyahu: "I will do my best."
Just after Netenyahu arrived home in Israel within the last 24 hours Israel has been fired on by over 100 rockets, from these locations:
1) 30 were fired from an area just East of Southern Lebanon. Unfortunately Syria is busy killing English and French Special Forces in Damascus and other key cities in Syria so they cannot patrol their boarders.
The Money the UK Embassy has provided for the Terrorists in Syria is stirring up quite a mess. These Terrorists were recognize formally by the UK as the new Syrian Government and have been awarded unlimited funds by David Rothschilds in London.
2) About 70 rockets were fired on Israel form the Eliot (Akaba) region. These rockets were provided to those in Jordan by the "Israeli Friends "Saudi Arabia." They were provoded to these terrorists without the Saudi King's Knowledge.
Check the manufacturer's of these rockets - they look Russian, kind of like what left Egypt and Syria during their revolts? Chenck the serial Numbers.

The President of Israel was knighted by the Queen of England and has sworn loyalty to her. The English Queen bowed to the Roman Pope. So this was is the "Pope's War."
Netenyahu will have his war, even if he has to create his own Pearl Harbor of 9/11.
In a second incident to create a "Pearl Harbor" about 23 hours ago on a American Airlines Flight 2332 flight from Dallas to Chicago one flight attendant announced: "We are about to die in another 9/11 incident. Captain, I am not responsible for crashing this plane."
Someone from Ground Control took over the controls of the plane using the QSR-11 Gyroscopic Microchip in every American plane.
Well - too many people have cell phones on planes now - they could not get away with this any more - so Ground Controlled scrapped the idea of crashing this plane and gave control back to the Captain of the Plane and the Captain immediately turned around and landed the plane in Dallas.

Twp Flight Attendants (Stewardesses) were immediately arrested for revealing the plot to the entire crew.
It's OK to kill the passengers and crew, but to reveal the plot before people are killed is a crime in America.
Immediately after the arrests a US military "Exercise" was cancelled. Operation "Atlantis 2012-02." This exercise involved allot more that just firing a few missiles in the Atlantic - in fact, it involved Turkey - you can fill in the blanks.
So rather than a Nuclear Weapon going off 12 March 2012 they tried a Plane with a small nuclear device in the luggage area - to be detonated on Impact in Chicago.
FBI - I hope like heck you search the luggage and wheel wells for nuclear weapons in this plane.
Rothschilds - you are dirty. This attempt at murder and starting WW3 will cost you dearly, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. Your kingdom will be ripped form you forcefully, you murdering RATS, this is GOD's word for you.
These nuts really want a war, right now.


Pray with me right now - Visualize - that these characters who tried to start this war are permanently removed from Planet Earth immediately.
You prayed for Gentle Rain in Central Texas are being heard. They are having Thunder Showers today.
APFN Readers - you are awesome and you deserve the truth.
Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - A real one, not a Catholic Pretended
Cpt (EN) USA

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